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Emergency action plan


The Ministry of Awqaf: Opening halls and mosque services in the affected places to receive those affected by the earthquake, and to collect dust

  • The Ministry of Endowments: Opening mosque halls and services in the affected places to receive those affected by the earthquake, collecting donations in mosque funds for the benefit of those affected as part of the national donation campaign launched by the Syrian Trust for Development, and disrupting Sharia schools and safety homes for the end of this week.

  • The Ministry of Finance: Immediate mobilization of the insurance sector to limit material and physical damages, and to emphasize companies to expedite the disbursement of compensation, and to facilitate the access of those affected to the necessary health services as quickly as possible.

  • The Ministry of Tourism calls on the owners and investors of tourism establishments to put all the capabilities available to them at the disposal of the governors and heads of city councils and administrative units, in order to secure the possible assistance, in order to contribute to alleviating the suffering of the injured citizens in the governorates affected by the earthquake and the resulting damages.

  • The Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade: Putting all engineering machinery and equipment with the human cadres in the General Organization for Free Zones at the disposal of the governors to contribute to the rescue operations and the removal of rubble in the areas affected by the earthquake.

  • Al -Areen Humanitarian Foundation:

    - The Foundation takes care of health cases resulting from the earthquake in the governorates of Aleppo - Lattakia - Jableh - Tartous - Homs - Hama - Masyaf.

    Anyone who wants to know more information should contact the page's mail or through the following numbers:

    Lattakia: 0933880014 Aleppo: 0944332426 Hama: 0936462649 Tartous: 0944433094 Homs: 0951947048

  • Damascus Governorate: Sending heavy machinery and equipment, including trucks, drilling compressors, tippers and trucks, in addition to five ambulances and a mobile clinic with staff to the governorates affected by the earthquake, and placing all the governorate’s cadres, mechanisms and technical capabilities at the disposal of the earthquake-affected governorates to carry out rescue operations and contribute to removing rubble and providing assistance to the people affected.

  • President of the General Union of Peasants, Ahmed Saleh Ibrahim: The governorates that have government irrigation projects have been instructed to inspect if there is damage to dams or government irrigation facilities and to provide the necessary support.

  • Revolutionary Youth Union Organization: Carrying out blood donation campaigns in the Syrian governorates affected by the earthquake and providing assistance in removing rubble and providing first aid to the injured, in addition to preparing some of the links’ headquarters for shelter.

  • The Ministry of Finance: directing the General Customs Directorate to distribute food and clothing in its warehouses, at full speed, to the affected people in the governorates of Aleppo, Lattakia and Hama, in coordination with the concerned authorities.

  • The Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry calls on all industrialists in all governorates to provide assistance in all its material and in-kind forms, including medicines, medical equipment, taboos, and foodstuffs to all citizens affected by the earthquake.

  • Jarih al-Watan Project: specifying phone numbers to communicate with the coordinators of Jarih al-Watan in the governorates of Aleppo, Lattakia, and Hama, to provide aid and assistance to those affected by the earthquake, and to follow up on the conditions of the wounded at any time.

    The numbers are: /0943043540/ in Aleppo, /0943043533/ in Hama, and /0943043450/ in Latakia.

  • The Syrian Trust for Development: Opening the doors of all its community beacons in the governorates of Lattakia, Aleppo and Hama to host the people who lost their homes, and to provide everything necessary for their stay during this critical period.

  • The Ministry of Finance: Coordinating with the concerned authorities to hand over all heavy machinery in the free zones, and placing them at the disposal of the governors, to carry out rescue operations, contribute to removing rubble, and provide a helping hand to the people affected by the earthquake.

  • Ministry of Public Works and Housing: Professional workers in companies with their tools are fully prepared and continue to work with mechanisms to remove rubble from buildings destroyed by the earthquake.

  • President of the General Confederation of Trade Unions, Jamal Al-Qadri: Mobilizing all trade union cadres and putting them at the disposal of the concerned authorities to provide aid to those affected by the earthquake, organizing blood donation campaigns, and sending volunteer teams to participate directly in relief operations and help remove rubble.

  • The Ministry of Industry: In coordination with the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry and Chambers of Industry in the governorates, immediate assistance will be provided to the people affected by the earthquake, and shelter centers in the governorates will be supported with the necessary supplies. It was agreed to open a special account to receive donations from industrialists to help those affected.

  • The Ministry of Culture:

    – All cultural activities and events are postponed until a date to be determined later. All directorates of culture and their affiliates in the governorates affected by the earthquake direct their buildings and all their capabilities to serve relief and shelter work.

  • The Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Dr. Amr Salem, asks all directorates and institutions in the governorates to continue the work of private and public bakeries, branches of Syrian trade institutions, and internal trade and consumer protection patrols, to secure foodstuffs for those affected by the earthquake and to secure supplies for rescue and ambulance teams

  • Ministry of Transport:

    - The technical teams in the road and railway transportation institutions and the construction of lines began to inspect the road, bridge and railway networks.

    - Placing residential apartments in the railway housing in Aleppo to serve the governorate to shelter the affected people and provide them with the necessary supplies.

    Forklifts and large-tonnage cranes located at the port of Latakia have been supporting debris removal operations in Latakia since the early morning.

    - The technical teams in all the Corporation's buildings, companies and directorates evaluate the cracks in the buildings and the technical detection of their safety and the safety of work in them.

  • The General Sports Federation suspends all sporting activities and events until further notice and devotes all efforts to help the citizens affected by the earthquake that hit Syria at dawn today.

  • The Ministry of Education:

    – Mobilizing all educational cadres and institutions in all governorates to provide assistance to the people affected by the earthquake, secure shelter, provide awareness sessions and psychological support for them, and encourage community and voluntary initiatives in this field.

    Employing educational media (educational satellite channels and the official page in the ministry and its directorates) to start an awareness campaign about earthquakes and the mechanism for correct action towards them.

  • The National Union of Syrian Students: Blood donation campaigns in all blood transfusion centers and hospitals are carried out by students for a quick response to any emergency need. Students can review the branches of the Union and student bodies to receive blood donations from all groups. We call on all doctors, students, paramedics and studies students to join immediately to provide aid and assistance to hospitals and health centers .

  • The Ministry of Electricity: Alert the workshops of the public electricity companies in the governorates and the operational operations units to support the workers of the electricity companies in Aleppo, Lattakia, Tartous and Hama and provide them with the necessary materials to repair the earthquake damage on the electrical network

  • The Ministry of Communications and Technology instructs the bodies associated with the ministry to mobilize all its cadres, mechanisms and technical capabilities in each of the governorates (Aleppo - Lattakia - Hama), and put them at the disposal of the governors, to carry out rescue operations and contribute to removing the rubble, and to provide a helping hand to the people affected by the earthquake that struck Syria at dawn today. .

    The ministry also emphasized maintaining high readiness for terrestrial and cellular communications in the affected governorates, especially in the affected sites determined by the Central Operations Room at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and preparing and equipping mobile wireless stations to be installed in these sites.

  • The Ministry of Industry directs all its affiliates to put their mechanisms at the disposal of governors and operations rooms in the governorates to help remove damage.

  • The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor directs its directorates in the governorates and all NGOs operating under the supervision of the Ministry to deal with the effects of those affected by the earthquake and mobilize all its energies to assist in rescue operations, remove rubble, secure shelters for those affected, and provide all urgent health, relief and care services to those affected by the earthquake.

  • The Syrian Trust for Development announces the cessation of all its work and activities, and the mobilization of all the staff of the Trust to provide assistance to our affected people in all areas that were exposed to the earthquake. The Trust also put all its staff from the first moments at the disposal of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent;

    To provide basic needs as part of its initial response to those affected in the governorates of Lattakia, Aleppo and Hama, as the governorates most affected by the earthquake

  • Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources:

    – The Ministry has provided all governorates with additional quantities of oil derivatives (gasoline and diesel) in order to enhance rescue and aid operations and remove rubble, with its readiness to respond immediately to any emergency needs around the clock.

    A crack occurred in the chimney of the power unit in the Banias refinery, a subsidence in the brick lining of the furnaces, and some smuggling of petroleum materials occurred from the flanges and cracks in the buildings, which necessitated stopping the refinery to deal with the damage and return to the expected operation within 48 hours.

    Gas compressors stopped at the South Central Region plant, and they were detected and restarted immediately.

Source: sena

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