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For the nineteen-year-old me|One article to see the cause and effect of the two key points: former principal and parent consent


After ten years of production and directed by the famous director Maggie Cheung, the Yinghua Girls' School reconstruction documentary "For My Nineteen-Year-Old Me" aroused controversy over the ethics of the documentary. "Hong Kong 01"

After ten years of production and directed by the famous director Maggie Cheung, the Yinghua Girls' School reconstruction documentary "For My Nineteen-Year-Old Me" aroused controversy over the ethics of the documentary.

"Hong Kong 01" organizes the ins and outs of the incident, and understands the cause and effect of the controversy and the opinions of various parties in one article.

There are two key points in the incident. One is the details of Li Shiyuru, the then principal who initiated the filming of the documentary, and discussed the details with Maggie Cheung. The other is the terms of the parents’ consent letter empowering the school to handle the documentary in any way, but whether it was mentioned back then will not be made public. show.

▼Screenshot of "For Me at Nineteen"▼


Former principal Li Shiyuru took the initiative to find alumnus Zhang Wanting to film

The documentary "For Me at 19", was commissioned by Li Shiyuru, the former principal of Yinghua Girls' School, in 2011 to make a film by Zhang Wanting, an alumnus. The filming and production took ten years.

"To" traces the growth experience of six girls born in the millennium with different personalities and family backgrounds in the school, during the period of temporary relocation and reconstruction of the school building, and even when they entered the university.

The production team initially invited more than 30 Form 1 girls to "audit", and then a total of 12 people participated in the filming, and finally six castings were born.

Maggie Cheung revealed in an interview that the video material has a total of 300,000 hours, and it took three years to edit more than six versions, and finally compiled the current 136-minute movie version.

Maggie Cheung launched a new documentary "For Me at the age of 19". After being negatively commented by the first audience on the Internet earlier, after Director Zhang joined the "Task Force for Promoting Hong Kong's New Advantages", netizens called for a boycott.

("To Me at Nineteen" movie poster)

2021 Hong Kong International Film Festival premiere

In addition to tracking the growth and changes of the girls, the video also covers the anti-revision incidents in Hong Kong in 2019. It also includes the views of the interviewed girls and the school on the anti-state religion demonstrations in 2012 and the Umbrella Movement in 2014.

The film will be screened for the first time at the 46th Hong Kong International Film Festival in December 2021. Among the five interviewees, Aque (Lun Kaiyi), Ma Yanru, Shirley (Chen Keer), Ah She (She Liwei) and Madam ( Luo Xiaochun) attended the ceremony, but Ah Ling who wrote the confession in the 4-character text was not included.

"Give" also held several private screenings and charity screenings afterwards, which attracted public attention, and many priority screenings were sold out immediately.

"To" won the Best Film Award at the 29th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards last month.

Maggie Cheung: All proceeds from raising funds for her alma mater will go to the school

Maggie Cheung appeared at the post-screening sharing session of "To My Nineteen-Year-Old Me" on Sunday night. The reporter asked her that the original intention of filming the documentary was to raise funds for her alma mater, Ying Wa Girls' School, and all proceeds would go to the school.

She specifically mentioned the construction of the swimming pool, but hesitated to speak: "The girls in our school are really working hard. They work so hard to go down the long stairs and go back up the long stairs after swimming, but the school is actually very busy. There is still a lot of money, and I am not good at talking about the school...there is a new school building, but there is still some money to give.”

Li Shiyuru, who was the principal of Yinghua Girls' School at the time, also appeared in the movie.

(movie stills)

Key: How to understand the video for fundraising purposes

The key point here is whether Li Shiyuru was discussing with Zhang Wanting to raise funds for the reconstruction of the school, and whether the participating students knew about it; if the film was not released, how did they plan to raise funds through this film?

In the letter Li Shiyu distributed to her alumni on Sunday, she mentioned that as the initiator of the documentary project, she is duty-bound to face challenges and disputes, and she is deeply sorry for causing all kinds of difficulties to students and the school.

▼Response to the incident by Zhang Wanting, the director of "For Me at Nineteen" on February 5▼


The girls tried to learn the content of the editing and the outline of the story before it was released, but failed

"Mingzhou Culture" reprinted the full text of Ah Ling's 4-character confession last Saturday night (4th). She expressed her dissatisfaction for the first time. The purpose of the money", never mentally prepared for the release.

Ah Ling also mentioned that half a year to a few months before the premiere, Shi first learned that the school and the director were planning to release the film, and had repeatedly reported it indirectly through the school and directly to the director, hoping to learn about the editing content and the outline of the story, but to no avail, " The director refused on the grounds that everyone asked to delete this section or that section, and the documentary would not be able to be edited." During the period, he also negotiated with the school many times to no avail. The school even used the "consent letter" signed by his parents in 2012 as an excuse. It means that "if you continue to stop it, you may have legal responsibility."

Ah Ling also disclosed that the production team had sent the police for inspection without the knowledge of the interviewees.

In the video, there is a scene of being secretly photographed smoking, and another girl has no choice but to accept it

Another interviewee, Charmaine Charmaine, was also interviewed. She said that she had opposed the release, and believed that the film revealed all the sadness in the past and caused emotional ups and downs. In addition, the scene of being secretly photographed smoking in the film was "a bit not good", and she was also dissatisfied with the film. I was arranged to watch the "Final Cut" version in advance, but in the end because I thought the release was a foregone conclusion, I reluctantly accepted: "I will sign it. It is purely because I can't change others, but I can only change myself. I have such an attitude."

Crucial: Parental Consent Forms Empower Schools Like Using Documentaries

Another key is the parental consent form.

According to the "Consent Letter for Documentary Filming of the Yinghua Girls' School Reconstruction Project" signed by the parents in April 2012 presented by the students, the text mentions that the copyright of the documentary is owned by the school, and the signatories agree that the school will display it in any way and anywhere, " I absolutely allow Yinghua Girls’ School to carry out the above-mentioned activities for the purpose of publishing, screening, broadcasting, public display or distribution of the products or any part thereof, and the school has full rights to decide how to deal with it.

There are obviously different interpretations of the "screening" mentioned in it.

Ah Ling pointed out that it has always been understood that it was broadcast in schools and produced DVDs for fundraising purposes, rather than showing them in theaters.

According to barrister Lu Weixiong's opinion, the parents' consent letter has legal effect, but the minor's signature is not; to file a lawsuit, it is necessary to prove that the relevant party has made a written or oral promise to use it.

Maggie Cheung replied on Sunday night: "The most important thing at this stage is the situation. I have to understand with all parties. There is a gap in everyone's understanding. It has been ten years since the incident, time flies, personnel changes, and there may be gaps in all aspects."

▼On February 5th, the day before the suspension of the release of "For Me at the Age of Nineteen"▼


Showings suspended from today

The incident escalated to the extreme on Sunday. Some netizens called for a boycott of the film, while others urged the film to be withdrawn.

"Girl Car God" Li Huishi also posted a post on Facebook on Sunday afternoon, dissatisfied that she was not informed that she would be "appeared", expressing her anger: "I don't know how to watch this movie".

As the controversy escalated, director Maggie Cheung announced that the screening would be suspended from today when she attended the ticket appreciation venue in the evening.

She personally explained Ah Ling's situation, saying that the two parties had communicated many times about the incident, and the other party agreed to participate in film festivals and private screenings of the documentary, "According to the school recently, his father said that he has calmed down his emotions. See Now that the response is so good, I think it's almost time for the release." She also denied putting her own interests above others, saying that the school board decided to release it after balancing all parties and careful consideration, "I am also only one Director, I can’t even decide whether to release it or not. The school board will listen to everyone’s statements and make a decision. So when it comes to this, I have to sit down again. I think for the school, people are important trick."

For me at the age of 19|One article to see the cause and effect two key points: the former principal and parents’ consent letterFor me at the age of 19|The former principal of Yinghua Girls’ School apologized to the alumni: as the initiator, I have the duty to give to the 19-year-old me|Large Said that the document signed by the minor is invalid and the public screening needs to be signed to the 19-year-old me|Zhang Wanting speaks out: The girl involved agreed to participate in the film festival and the private screening for the 19-year-old me︱Li Huishi did not agree to the interview film collection: I I don’t know how to watch it and I don’t encourage you to watch it for me at 19︱Wanting Cheung’s "Autumn Fairy Tale" became famous "The Thief of Time" was filmed in Hong Kong for me at 19︱The two protagonists expressed their opposition to the release of A Ling. Student wishes

What controversy happened in "To Me at Nineteen"?

An article to see the timeline of the incident of "To Me at the Age of Nineteen". The two protagonist students who were photographed both pointed out that they did not agree with the release of the film, and even wrote a long article questioning that rights and interests were not taken seriously. One of the students, Charmaine, pointed out that the school Using a ten-year-old notice as evidence, she finally... Please read for details.

What is Zhang Wanting's response to the incident of "For Me at Nineteen Years Old"? Didn't communicate with Li Huishi before the interview?

Zhang Wanting was interviewed for the first time after the turmoil. Director Zhang admitted that some of the participating students did not sign the consent form. When Zhang Wanting was interviewed last month, she blew herself up that she was not allowed to enter the venue and secretly took pictures, and tried to pretend to be the mayor to sign.

Interviewing Li Huishi's incident, Maggie Cheung pointed out that there was actually communication before filming: or there was a leak in the middle.

All proceeds from the movie will be... Please see for details.

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