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Inside a neo-Nazi meeting in Madrid: "We are few here, but millions of Spaniards should shake the streets"


The semi-clandestine act is headed by the Swede Simon Lindberg. Unidas Podemos (UP) requests information from the Government about its presence in Spain

The Nazi movement that intends to conquer Europe, impose Hitler's thought and restore power to the white race, has 300 militants throughout the continent and 80 followers in Spain, who are sitting on the second floor of a hotel in Plaza de Castilla, in Madrid


This Saturday one of the annual meetings of the Nazi movement was held in Spain and its sympathizers came to listen to the main course of European Nazism, the Swede Simon Lindberg.

When Lindberg began to speak at seven in the evening, the first rows were occupied by elderly men who were beginning to yawn after several hours of lectures on National Socialism.

Behind them, thirty other simply dressed, high school teacher-looking people followed his words without blinking.

The rest of the room looked like a convention of nightclub bouncers: thirty young people with shaved heads, black clothes and New Balances listening attentively to the ideas of the guru of European Nazism.

In the environment, no Spanish flags, nor Franco, nor José Antonio.

The elegant champagne-colored walls of the Manzanares room of the Vía Castellana hotel were decorated with imperial eagles and, on the tables in the back, the books for sale were about Wagner, Goebbels, Mussolini, Rudolf Hess or Jorge Mota, one of the Iberian references of the National Socialism.

Feminism also had its place with a book on

The Führer's Women

, from Eva Braun to Hanna Relsch.

Lindberg, the last to speak, shook the room denouncing the decline of the white race, the end of European culture and the power of multinationals.

He told all his Spanish followers that his "enemies are desperate preventing their ideas from spreading among the popular classes" and that the fight must be to the end, even in the streets, "so you have to join a gym and know boxing”.

Also the gentlemen of the third age of the first row.

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The appointment for the celebration of

Blood Day

was this Saturday at 4 in the afternoon.

The day was marked in red among the followers of Devenir Europeo, a legal organization registered as a cultural association, dedicated to promoting Nazism in Spain and which held its annual meeting.

The event consisted of three consecutive talks by two classics of Nazism in Spain, Ramón Bau and Jesús Lorente, a historian from Zaragoza who spoke of Celtic and Viking influences on National Socialism.

For security reasons, the meeting place was a secret until the last moment, so attending the

Day of Blood

turned into an RPG where directions came every few hours.

To access the place, it was essential to have the invitation of a member, receive a confirmation email and, finally, wait for a call three hours before the event with the indications of the exact place.

So it was.

Under the Kio towers, a dozen young people gathered, led by other young people also dressed in black, who led the group to the lounge of a nearby hotel.

The act also had its rules: five euros to access, dress correctly and no photographs.

Inside the room, some 80 supporters, 12 of them women, from Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​Málaga or the Basque Country, talk, smile, tap each other on the shoulder and wonder how the job or the trip from Alicante was.

Old friends tired of seeing each other in small events throughout Spain in bars or hotels where the maximum attendance does not exceed 30 people.

A young man with a shaved head and abundant beard, opened the event with a


against his enemies, who were neither the left nor the police, but rather the media.

The young man advanced to the small platform, stood before the people, showed two covers of the

Público newspaper

, and read the first sentence: “from Stockholm to Madrid with a suitcase loaded with hate…” and said: “We don't care.

The national socialist spirit includes being a martyr.”

Then he tore up the covers in front of the people.

Devenir Europeo defines itself on its website as a nationalist association created "in the face of the general decline of the values ​​of today's society and the need to intervene to show the positive ethical and spiritual values ​​that must be preserved".

One of its objectives is to penetrate neighborhoods and factories and organize talks and political training courses.

This year two people signed up, the founder of a movement that aspires to convince Europe confirmed with regret.

The connection with the youngest comes, however, from the hand of Simon Lindberg, a 39-year-old agitator born in the Kristiana region, in Sweden, leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement (MRN), a group with 300 militants in Sweden , Finland, Norway, Iceland or Denmark, where the new neo-Nazi manual comes from.

His incendiary speeches, his links to attacks on Jews or Muslims or the provocative parades of hundreds of


that he usually leads have made him the Nazi reference in Europe.

In 2018, Finland declared its movement illegal, but in the rest of the countries it operates normally.

When he takes the floor, Lindberg is grateful to be in a country like Spain, "which expelled the Jews and won the Civil War."

In front of the audience, Lindberg raises his voice and shakes his fist to explain the size of his enemies or the propaganda methods he uses, from handing out stickers to creating media.

Lindberg proposes to the attendees, who come from Parla, Usera or Vallecas, to grow their vegetables and raise their own animals "until they achieve self-consumption" or that "the Nazi comrades who own companies only give work to other Nazis".

When he explains the key to his success, he points to “the fanaticism of his members who make his “enemies” nervous, and what makes his movement different.

"It is necessary that fanaticism flourish within you", he asked Spanish sympathizers.

Swedish neo-Nazi Simon Lindberg, leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement in a file image.Nordic Resistance Movement

The ideologue of Nazism in Europe does not hesitate to ask his people to sign up for boxing, learn to fight to "strengthen the spirit" and "recover the streets" and says that the fat ones will end up demotivating the rest.

The man who keeps the room silent was condemned for his Nazi speeches and "contempt for groups based on their race, skin color and ethnic origin," though he said nothing about fat people.

In his speech this Saturday, he interspersed reflections and fuss about the need to recruit new members, to follow Hitler's teachings or the importance of bleeding lips and black eyes as a path to personal strengthening.

The exhibition included slides and a video about some demonstrations and beatings in Sweden.

Before the event, Unidas Podemos (UP) requested in writing from the central government information about Lindberg's presence in Madrid.

Deputies Enrique Santiago and Ismael Cortés warned that, according to the Counter Extremism Project organization, the man with the goatee, shaved head and plaid shirt who captivates the audience, is one of the 20 most dangerous radicals in the world and, according to UP, the act violates the law of Democratic Memory.

The opening acts for the event were Ramón Bau and Jesús Lorente.

Bau, 59, is one of the founders of Devenir Europeo and the last time he appeared in an EL PAÍS article was in 2009 for a trial for illicit association and the dissemination of genocidal ideas from which he was acquitted.

During it, he insisted on his admiration for Hitler.

"He only made a mistake, which was losing the war," he said before the magistrates who acquitted him.

The next speaker was the Aragonese historian Lorente, who spoke for 70 minutes about the influence of the Vikings and Celts.

Five hours after the start of the event, which included three intense lectures on National Socialism, the underground and calls for an uprising, when Lindberg finished speaking with his arm raised,

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