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“By refusing the hijab, the French Basketball Federation is resisting pressure from Islamists”


FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - At the beginning of January, a basketball player playing in N3 (fifth division), was excluded during a competition in the north of France because she refused to remove her hijab. Essayist Fatiha Boudjahlat defends the Federation's decision.

Fatiha Agag-Boudjahlat is the author of several remarkable books.

She has notably published

Combattre le voilement (editions du Cerf), 2019.

Salimata Sylla was prevented from playing a competitive basketball match because she was wearing a hijab, which for being sporty is no less Islamist.

The referee enforced the rules of the FFBB, proscribing headgear but also

“hair accessories and jewelry”


The player is a licensee of the French Basketball Federation and must comply with the regulations of the FFBB, which stipulates that

"Any licensee signing or validating a license application undertakes to observe and respect the various statutes and regulations of the FFBB”


What complicates things is that the FFBB does not give in, and we cannot, as French people, feminists and as women, but rejoice.

The International Federation or the IOC, they gave in in the name of inclusion and tolerance.

Let's stop this bullshit.

These international bodies have given way in the face of dictatorships that oppress women and minorities.

Iran does not defend an inclusive sport, does not defend the practice of women's sport, nor does it defend the values ​​of sport in general and basketball in particular.

He defends a rigorous practice of Islam making the woman a total genital organ that must be covered.

We are in the McDonald's era, “living together” is reduced to a huge “Come as you are.


Fatiha Boudjahlat

But now, we will not talk about Iran.

I would like to know if there is a single Islamist country that guarantees equal rights and dignity to women and minorities.

No, no one will talk about the perpetuation of the Islamist black code applied to women.

We conceal this systemic oppression under the guise of tradition, of religion... Tactically, we evacuate the object of oppression, the Islamic headscarf, to put pressure on those who do not accept it.

There is no bloodthirsty Iran, only Salimata who just wants to play basketball.

There are no more early marriages, rapes transformed into forced marriages, sexual violence, there is our lack of tolerance.

Our so-called "condescension" in the face of these women whose agency is denied,

is the main foothold of the Islamists in France.

If Salimata lives, works and plays veiled, without undergoing what the veil means in Islamist countries with its procession of sexist and sexual violence, it is not thanks to our tolerance, nor thanks to her modernity as a woman playing basketball.

But rather thanks to our rule of law which prevents the Islamists from applying the Islamist black code everywhere.

Let's quickly get rid of the shameful arguments of which the comedian Michaël Youn offered us an anthology in a tweet dated February 5: "

What does it matter if she plays with a veil, a yarmulke, a wig, a thong? under his shorts or tattooed arms?!

As long as she puts on baskets and doesn't hurt anyone with them?!

Let's accept!

Let's move on


Note that the actor puts limits to his acceptance, the thong must be worn under shorts… what prudishness on his part.

Everything is valid, there are no more religious signs per se, just an intention.

And this young woman wants to play basketball, according to her conditions, in fact those imposed by the Islamist patriarchy, which must take precedence over all regulations and laws.

We are in the McDonald's era, "living together" is reduced to a huge "Come as you are!"

The hijab is a religious and political sign.

That it is worn freely in France, on a sports field, does not change its meaning.

Fatiha Boudjahlat

We are ordered to accept a sexist sign under penalty of seeing our intolerance denounced.

The pressure on the FFBB is immense.

The article in Le


speaks of

the “humiliation” felt by this “


young woman


I will not let Salimata's tears harm girls and women.

A freedom that is obtained at the cost of inadmissible concessions for women is not a freedom.

With Annie Sugier, Elisabeth Badinter and all universalist feminists, we ask that the Olympic charter be applied to the Paris Olympics.

And it prohibits the wearing of religious or political symbols.

The hijab is a religious and political sign.

That it is worn freely in France, on a sports field, does not change its meaning.

When Iranian women rose up, being massacred by the Shiite dictatorship, they did not do so to defend the free choice of whether or not to wear the veil.

They did it against the veil and its procession of sexist and sexual violence.

They did so against the second and secondary destiny reserved for women in all Muslim and Islamist countries.

This same continuum of patriarchal violence that woke and intersectional feminists refuse to recognize and denounce,

because they are non-Western and non-Christian.

We will not bow to the demands of dictatorships.

Source: lefigaro

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