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For me at the age of 19|The producer discloses how to set up a road for Zhang Wanting to visit Li Huishi The key middleman is exposed


The Yinghua Girls' School documentary "For Me at the age of 19" has been controversial. Among them, "The Chariot Goddess of the Bull" Li Huishi wrote an article on Sunday (5th) that she was "notified" to perform, and made an interview with director Zhang Wanting in January 2016 she

The Yinghua Girls' School documentary "For Me at the age of 19" has been controversial. Among them, "The Chariot Goddess of the Bull" Li Huishi wrote an article on Sunday (5th) that she was "notified" to perform, and made an interview with director Zhang Wanting in January 2016 Her video is included in the film.

The producer of the film, Huang Hui, issued a statement in the early hours of today (8th), explaining that the team went to Izu, Japan to shoot one of the heroines in the film, Yinghua student Ma Yanru, to participate in the Youth Cycling Championship. The school directly applied to the Japanese authorities in advance and obtained permission to enter the filming was recorded, and was issued an interview card by the conference. Through Chen Zhongyu, the former honorary secretary-general of the "Hong Kong Cycling Federation", Li Huishi was invited to be interviewed after the race to talk about her own experience in participating in the competition, in order to encourage Ma Yanru, emphasizing that she had explained to Chen Zhongyu in advance. Filmed in the name of "Yinghua Girls' School Documentary Film Team".

Li Huishi posted an article on IG to bombard director Zhang Wanting.

(Internet screenshot)

Li Huishi wrote an article on FB to criticize "being notified to be part of the movie"

Regarding the addition of an interview with Li Huishi in the film, director Maggie Cheung revealed earlier that an "honorary director" assisted in entering the Japanese competition venue to interview the heroine Ma Yanru and the "Rider Goddess" Li Huishi.

According to Zhang Wanting, it was like relying on personal connections to enter the venue for interviews and shoots without holding a conference interview pass.

Li Huishi mentioned in an article on Facebook that due to the lapse of many years, I don't really remember the situation at that time, but I only remember two things: "First, the Japanese organizing committee asked me if I would accept interviews with Hong Kong media", "Second, Ms. Zhang asked me a question The content is very weird and has nothing to do with the game."

She said that she kept asking herself whether she had forgotten, "The clips are used for documentaries and movies, how could I forget? What's more, I would never agree to commercial activities and appearances without authorization. If the reporter really told me at that time, They will put the footage on the movie screen, first of all, I will definitely put on makeup, and then I will ask my colleagues in the sports institute to start filming", and finally concluded that "I was notified to be a part of the movie".

Cycling Association: The association has no honorary director and the Sports Journalists Association criticizes interviews without a license

The Hong Kong Cycling Association of China pointed out on Tuesday night (7th) that the association does not have the post of "honorary director". A search of the records shows that in 2016, it sent a Hong Kong cycling team to participate in the Asian Track Cycling Championships in Japan. And staff members, at that time, the Hong Kong Cycling Association did not send any personnel to assist.

The Hong Kong Sports Journalists Association issued a statement on Monday (6th), regretting that Maggie Cheung did not apply for an interview pass in the normal way, emphasizing that the media has always been required to apply for an interview pass from the relevant organizers regardless of whether they are covering international events or local events. , the organizers of major sports events such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games will set quotas for each country or region, and believe that "Director Zhang's behavior may affect the image of the local media industry, and may cause local sports media to apply for other overseas events in the future. There are more unnecessary hurdles in the application process."

▼Screenshot of "For Me at Nineteen"▼


Producer Huang Hui: The school applied to the Japanese authorities for filming permission and was granted an interview certificate

Huang Hui, the producer of "For Me at Nineteen", said in a statement that the photography team went to Izu, Japan in January 2016 to film Ma Yanru's participation in the Youth Cycling Championship. After the filming, a Press Pass (media interview card) and a licensed vest will be issued by the conference to enter the media area and venue for shooting.

Director Maggie Cheung (right) interviewed Li Huishi in Izu, Japan in January 2016.

(Still photo of "For Me at Nineteen")

Chen Zhongyu, then the leader of the Hong Kong team, was the "former honorary secretary-general" of the Cycling Federation

Huang Hui quoted the photography team as saying that the interview with Li Huishi was through Chen Zhongyu, the then Hong Kong team leader and former honorary secretary-general of the Hong Kong Cycling Federation (the former name of the Hong Kong Cycling Association), and invited Li to accept the interview. "At that time, the photography team clearly pointed out to Mr. , We are the filming team of the documentary film of Yinghua Girls' School. At that time, we were going to shoot the competition clips of young player Ma Yanru. We also hope to interview Ms. Li Huishi and let her talk about her experience of participating in the youth championship, especially how to strike a balance between studies and sports , to encourage and inspire Ma Yanru and others."

Huang Hui emphasized that Li Huishi's interview was arranged by Chen Zhongyu after her competition.

However, according to Li Huishi, it was the "Japanese Organizing Committee" who asked her if she would be interviewed by the Hong Kong media. This is not consistent with Huang Hui's arrangement through Chen Zhongyu.

Huang Hui, the producer of "To Me at Nineteen", issued an open letter in response to the interview with Li Huishi.

(online picture)

▼February 6, the first school day after the incident of "For Me at Nineteen" at Yinghua Girls' School▼


▼On December 18, Li Huishi, "The Goddess of Riding Under the Bull", participated in the Cycling Festival▼


For my 19-year-old me|Children’s Rights Committee speaks out and hopes that the society can think about how to effectively protect children. "Unforeseen circumstances" to me at the age of nineteen|Signing the consent form becomes the protagonist of the dispute Barrister: non-contract can be withdrawn at any time

What controversy happened in "To Me at Nineteen"?

An article to clarify the timeline of the incident of "For Me at the Age of Nineteen". The two protagonist students who were photographed both pointed out that they did not agree with the public release, and even wrote long articles questioning the lack of attention to their rights and interests. One of the students, Ah Sheh, pointed out that The school used a ten-year-old notice as evidence, and in the end she... Please read for details.

What is Zhang Wanting's response to the incident of "For Me at Nineteen Years Old"? Didn't communicate with Li Huishi before the interview?

Zhang Wanting was interviewed for the first time after the turmoil. Director Zhang admitted that some of the participating students did not sign the consent form. When Zhang Wanting was interviewed last month, she blew herself up that she was not allowed to enter the venue and secretly took pictures, and tried to sign the mayor.

Interviewing Li Huishi's incident, Maggie Cheung pointed out that there was actually communication before filming: or there was a leak in the middle.

All proceeds from the movie will be... Please see for details.

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