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Full customs clearance. Latest|About 280,000 people entered and exited the country on the first day, set up a special counter to help cross-border students


Hong Kong and the Mainland have fully cleared the customs from February 6. Citizens do not need to make an appointment for quotas and provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate to pass the customs. Mainland tour groups and independent travelers have also resumed entry to Hong Kong. Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau Boundary Ports Resume Services, Hong Kong

Hong Kong and the Mainland have fully cleared the customs from February 6. Citizens do not need to make an appointment for quotas and provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate to pass the customs. Mainland tour groups and independent travelers have also resumed entry to Hong Kong.

Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau ports resumed services, and Heung Yuen Wai Port (Liantang Port) started passenger clearance services. On the first day, about 200,000 passengers entered and exited Hong Kong and the Mainland via various land routes.

The MTR East Rail Line resumed carrying passengers to Luohu Station. Nearly 100 people took the first train and waited on the platform of Luohu Station.

At 6:30 in the morning, the staff of the Immigration Department pulled up the iron gate of Luohu Pass, which finally reopened after three years. Hundreds of people dragged their suitcases into the departure hall of Hong Kong.

▼Comprehensive customs clearance on February 7th.

Epidemic Report▼

Full customs clearance.

Cross-boundary students︱Citybus B7, KMB B1 and 79K routes will resume classes on Wednesday

[10:00] Hong Kong and the mainland have fully cleared the customs, and the Xiangyuanwei Port has been opened for the first time.

Andy Tsang, Citybus Corporate Communications Manager, said that there were more passengers than expected, mainly office workers and students, and the overall ride was generally smooth, and the number of trips would be increased depending on the situation.

KMB said that the number of bus passengers traveling between Sheung Shui and Heung Yuen Wai and between Tin Shui Wai and Lok Ma Chau has increased. In response to the resumption of classes for cross-border students tomorrow (8th), services on both routes will be strengthened tomorrow.

▼On February 6, Citybus departs for bus line B7 to Xiang Yuen Wai Port▼


[09:42] Acting Chief Executive Chen Guoji met with reporters before attending the guild meeting. He pointed out that on the first day of comprehensive customs clearance, about 280,000 people entered and exited yesterday, of which about 220,000 people entered and exited through land ports. Half, among which the Lo Wu Port has the largest number of passengers, with about 64,000 passengers, followed by the Lok Ma Chau Port, with about 54,000 passengers.

▼On February 7, Acting Chief Executive Chen Guoji met the media before attending the guild meeting▼


▼Comprehensive customs clearance on February 6th.

Epidemic Report▼

Full strategy for comprehensive customs clearance|The opening hours of each port, the train schedule of the East Railway, and the details of customs clearance can be seen in this article

[23:06] The new crown epidemic has been raging for three years, and Hong Kong and the mainland finally resumed full customs clearance today (6th).

According to the data from the Immigration Department, as of 8:00 p.m., the number of people entering Hong Kong reached 114,904, and the number of people leaving Hong Kong reached 128,529, an increase of 15.2% and 75.6% respectively from yesterday, with a total of more than 240,000 people.

Deducting the number of people entering and exiting at airports and water ports, 190,000 people entered and exited through land ports.

Among them, Luohu Port, which was reopened after three years, was the busiest, with a total of 54,000 people entering and exiting; Xiang Yuen Wai Port had about 5,000 people entering and exiting on the first day.

The contractor of the Penny’s Bay Isolation Center was involved in 40 cases of defaulting on the MPF China Overseas Property: there is proof of contribution

[18:56] In April last year, the contractor of the Penny’s Bay Isolation Center revealed that it was in arrears with employees’ salaries and MPF. Until recently, another center employee claimed to have been induced to sign a voluntary resignation document, worrying that he would not be able to obtain severance pay and contract expiration remuneration.

According to the MPFA, since April last year, it has received a total of about 40 complaints involving the default of MPF contributions by the contractor China Overseas Property Services Co., Ltd., of which 25 cases corrected registration problems, and the remaining complaints received recently are still under investigation middle.

China Overseas Property stated that it has been providing MPF contributions to all eligible employees on time, and has corresponding record certificates.

Customs Clearance|Pharmacist Street in Sheung Shui is coming again

【17:37】Three years after the epidemic, Hong Kong and the mainland have finally cleared the customs. However, the bustling "Pharmacy Street" in Sheung Shui is not as good as it used to be. Although some customers come back, some shops say that they are prosperous but not prosperous. .

Some beauty and makeup shops are very popular, and there are smugglers wrapping "trophies" outside the shop.

Some mainland tourists said that they made a special trip to help friends sweep the goods, stuffed boxes of well-known cosmetics into their suitcases, and then transported them back to the mainland through the port.

▼On February 6th, "Pharmacy Street" in Sheung Shui will reappear as a dragger▼


【17:00】According to the website dedicated to the Hong Kong government’s coronavirus disease 2019, 291 new confirmed cases of nucleic acid testing were added today (6th). Since January 30 this year, the cumulative number of positive nucleic acid tests in laboratories is 3,249; There are 5 new deaths related to the new crown virus disease today (not the total number of deaths). Since January 30 this year, the cumulative number of deaths related to the new crown virus disease has reached 60.

▼On February 6, ten rooms and nine empty shops in Liantang Commercial City finally waited until customs clearance▼


Liantang Xiangyuanwei Port|Ten rooms and nine empty tenants in the commercial city: Some people rent at a high price and become bankrupt and close the customs clearance|Liantang Port is 5 minutes to the subway station by bus to Dameisha and Xianhu Botanical Garden

[16:45] Today (6th) the Xiangyuanwei Port/Liantang Port finally started the passenger clearance service, connecting the Liantang Port Commercial City in Shenzhen, and finally ushered in the first batch of cross-border passengers. Part of the "Ji Pu" is for lease.

Some merchants lamented that in the past three years, customs clearance days are nowhere in sight. Many of the first batch of merchants moved in with great ambitions and spent money on renovations, but eventually paid the rent for nothing and "leaved at a loss." , If the port is not opened, there will be no commercial value at all.” It is estimated that there will not be many people in the first stage, but “I have to wait so long,” and I am optimistic about the future.

[16:04] Comprehensive customs clearance between China and Hong Kong. The Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Port, which has been in operation for many years, finally opened the customs clearance service for passengers today (6th).

After arriving in Liantang, tourists can walk for about 5 minutes to the subway station through the Liantang Port Commercial City, and then go to various places in Shenzhen; tourists can also take a bus to Dameisha Seaside Park, a tourist attraction in Shenzhen, or to the "Shenzhen Green Heart and Lung" park. The so-called Fairy Lake Botanical Garden.

▼On February 6th, Shenzhen Luohu Port had a busy flow of people in the morning▼


Customs clearance|Nucleic acid-free negative certificate As of noon, 83,000 passengers came and went to and from Luohu Port. The most people cleared customs|Luohu Commercial City reproduced the customers and store owners put down their "wage earners" status and resumed work. Clearing the customs directly|It only takes 15 minutes to pass the customs at Luohu Port. A new computer is installed to fill out the health declaration

[13:33] Hong Kong will fully clear customs today (6th). No appointments and negative nucleic acid test certificates are required for transit. The Luohu Port will also be reopened after three years.

The Secretary for Security, Tang Bingqiang, inspected the operation of the Luo Wu Port on the first day today, describing it as having reached the "return to normal stage".

He said that as of 12:00 noon, a total of 83,000 passengers traveled southward and northward, and the largest number of them used the land port Luohu Lake, recording 14,000 passengers, while the newly opened Xiangyuanwei Port had 1,400 passengers.

[13:03] After three years, the exchanges between the two places have finally returned to normal. From today (6th), Hong Kong people entering the mainland do not need to make an appointment for a quota and show a negative nucleic acid test certificate. From then on, they can freely enter and leave Shenzhen for business, visiting relatives, eating, drinking and having fun.

According to "Hong Kong 01", it can be completed within 15 minutes from Hong Kong to the Mainland via Luohu Port.

Although the Hong Kong government has lifted most of the restrictions on entering the mainland, don’t forget that when entering the mainland and returning to Hong Kong from the mainland, you still need to complete a health declaration and obtain a “black code” before you can successfully pass the border.

However, there is a new facility at the inland border of Luohu Port. Before entering the border, many computers are placed at the border for those who cannot access the Internet or use their mobile phones to complete the health declaration. ".

【12:56】Three years later, Luohu Port finally "sees the sun again".

Last week, Luohu Commercial City, which was still ten rooms and nine empty, became popular today (6th). The reporter went to the scene to see that some restaurants have opened, and there are more shops open today than before customs clearance. However, the commercial city is still crowded Mainly "Jipu".

Many shops have been forced to rest for three years, and they are starting to open today. Some owners have "changed their status" in the past few years and become "wage earners" to make ends meet. They can finally regain their status as bosses. It is expected that 30% of the business will recover within half a year. I hope that the Chinese New Year has already bought Goods received can be sold.


[12:00] The MTR stated that the overall operation of the East Rail Line Luohu Station was generally smooth and orderly. As of 12:00 noon, about 22,000 cross-border passengers used the Luohu Station.

Customs Clearance|Luohu Travel Agency welcomes group members with a throng of people

[10:30] Luohu became more popular this morning. Some Hong Kong people arrived in Luohu after passing the customs, and they were excited to take selfies.

A mainland tour group that received Hong Kong people departed for Foshan for the first time today. The tour guide greeted the group members at the port. He described the response to the registration as overwhelming. "The company phone kept ringing." Three to four more tour groups will depart in the next week.

Hong Kong people who haven't set foot in the Mainland for three years are excited and happy, "the piano is late and the night is late."

▼After the reopening of Luohu Port on February 6, the first batch of citizens and tourists left the country▼


[09:39] China and Hong Kong have fully cleared the customs today (6th), and the Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Port will also be put into passenger service from today.

Citybus has launched a new B7 route between Sheung Shui and Heung Yuen Wai. It takes about 20 minutes to get on the bus at Fanling and arrive at the destination.

Many residents who live in Sheung Shui or Fanling said that the new port is very convenient. Some Hong Kong people who live in Liantang said that they will use the new port when they return to their hometown in the future; It is also more remote than where he lives, and he will go shopping in Sheung Shui, Fanling more in the future.

▼The government announced that it will resume full customs clearance with the mainland on February 6▼

Cross-border students|Academic circles predict that all middle school students will return to school no later than next week. They will be late at the beginning of the school or handle customs clearance as appropriate︱Sec.

【09:11】From today (6th) China and Hong Kong will fully clear the customs. The Education Bureau recently stated that it will resume the quota-free and test-free arrangement for cross-border students to go to school in Hong Kong in two phases. From February 8th, middle school students will be covered first; 2 On March 22, it will be extended to primary school students, kindergartens and special schools.

Fang Yiliang, chairman of the North District Secondary School Principals Association, said on a radio program this morning that the school is ready to welcome cross-border students back to school. Some schools choose to allow students to return to school in batches, and all students will return to school for face-to-face teaching by next week at the latest.

As for the construction in Luohu that may affect the time of customs clearance, Fang pointed out that a notice has been issued to remind students to "pre-loosen" the school time, and believes that "the port is a little roundabout, and the procedures may be a little different from the past", but it will not have much impact .

He also pointed out that if a student is late in the early stage of customs clearance, the school will deal with it according to the circumstances.

[07:45] Some cross-border students were eager to return to Hong Kong to meet their teachers and classmates, and they returned to Hong Kong to attend face-to-face classes this morning. There were also students who had not returned to Hong Kong for a long time and had no balance on their Octopus. The first thing they did after crossing the border was to add value to their Octopus.

▼On February 6, cross-border primary and secondary school students returned to Hong Kong to attend classes in the first place▼


Luo, a student in Form 3, has never met his classmates in person since he was promoted to secondary school.

He took the lead in returning to Hong Kong this morning, and said frankly that he was anxious to see his classmates and teachers, he was very excited and happy.

Regarding the route back to school, he said that he still has some impressions, but he is not very familiar with it.

▼On February 6th, a passenger came to Hong Kong via Luohu Lake▼


Penny's Bay Isolation Center 3.1 Suspended Workers Was Early Dismissed by Contractors and Plans to Sue the Labor Department

[07:00] Labor disputes broke out in the Penny's Bay Isolation Center recently.

The Hong Kong government revoked the isolation order arrangements for confirmed cases from January 30, and the community isolation facilities will operate until the 28th of this month.

"Hong Kong 01" learned that some employees of the Penny's Bay Isolation and Quarantine Center said that the management required a large number of outsourced security guards and cleaners to work until the 12th of this month on the grounds of the Department of Health's request to reduce the manpower establishment, which caused employee dissatisfaction capital.

Some employees claimed that they were induced to sign a voluntary resignation document, and worried that they would not be able to receive severance pay and contract gratuity. They are planning actions including mobilizing to the Labor Department today (5th) to claim for help.

Some employees estimate that half of the 500 security guards and cleaners are facing layoffs.

The dismissal letter from China Overseas Property Services Co., Ltd. stated that the Department of Health requested a reduction in manpower.

(Picture provided by staff)

▼On February 6th, the first East Rail train departs from Sheung Shui Station to Luo Wu Station▼


Customs Clearance︱Luohu Port reopened after three years, the elderly rushed back to their hometowns to visit their relatives: the wait was so hard

[06:47] Hong Kong and the mainland will have full customs clearance starting today (6th). No appointment is required to return to the mainland and a negative nucleic acid test certificate is required. All ports are open, including the most commonly used Luohu port by Hong Kong people.

The MTR East Rail Line resumed carrying passengers to Luohu Station. Nearly 100 people took the first train and waited on the platform of Luohu Station.

At 6:30 in the morning, the staff of the Immigration Department pulled up the iron gate of Luohu Pass, which finally reopened after three years. Hundreds of people dragged their suitcases into the departure hall of Hong Kong.

Regarding the nucleic acid exemption and quota exemption, the elderly who have not returned home to visit their relatives for two years said: "I have waited so long, I feel that the wait has been very hard!"

▼On February 5th, citizens watch the Lantern Festival▼


▼Full customs clearance on February 5th.

Epidemic Report▼

Comprehensive customs clearance|Maple Street inspection station will explode and become deserted within half a month

[18:20] Hong Kong and the mainland will be fully cleared from Monday (6th), citizens returning to the mainland will no longer need to undergo nucleic acid testing.

Reporter today (5th) went to the testing station at the Maple Street Playground, which was exploded half a month ago. Nucleic acid testing, it is hoped that the relevant regulations can be lifted as soon as possible.

In addition, some citizens are also worried that as the demand for testing decreases, the number of community testing stations will also be greatly reduced. They hope that some testing stations in urban areas can be retained until all epidemic prevention policies are relaxed and testing is no longer required.

[17:50] Entering the first Lantern Festival (5th) when the epidemic returned to normal, the time-honored "Minfeng Noodle Shop" that sells traditional glutinous rice balls has a long queue. It takes at least 40 minutes for customers to successfully line up at the store. outside the door.

In order to avoid group gatherings, some regular customers have not helped for more than a year, so they are willing to wait.

The person in charge of the store revealed that the prices of flour and other ingredients are constantly increasing, but in order to tide over the difficulties with the neighbors, the price will not be increased for the time being.

▼On February 5th, citizens waited in line to buy soup balls from Tsuen Wan’s time-honored brand▼


[17:30] Since January 30, Hong Kong has canceled the quarantine order for people diagnosed with the new crown. Today (5th) there are 400 new positive cases of new crown pneumonia nucleic acid test, which is about 10% lower than yesterday. 2,958 cases.

There were 7 more deaths related to the new crown, bringing the total to 55.

On the eve of full customs clearance︱Famous shops in Tsim Sha Tsui are getting more and more people from the mainland. The service is as friendly as Macau’s tourism industry. Yang Runxiong: Passengers will not search for air tickets from building to building | The effect is expected to be fully recovered in one and a half years|Yang Runxiong describes the measures as "more power to return and return" to attract tourists, but it is difficult to predict the degree of recovery

[16:20] The mainland and Hong Kong will be fully cleared tomorrow (6th), and the nucleic acid testing requirements and quotas before entry and exit will be cancelled. In addition, the Luohu Port will be reopened, and the Heung Yuen Wai/Liantang Port will also be opened for passenger clearance for the first time.

At noon today (5th), around Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, the "Famous Shop Street" has gradually become crowded, with mainland tourists coming here to buy designer handbags and clothing.

Some tourists from Shenzhen were satisfied with the shopping experience, thinking that the service attitude was comparable to that of Macau, and said that they would travel to Hong Kong again after full customs clearance; however, some tourists also pointed out that the service attitude of shop assistants has regressed and is not as good as before the epidemic.

▼On February 5th, Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui gradually became crowded▼


[13:16] The epidemic has lasted for three years. Last month, the first international cruise ship finally arrived in Hong Kong. This year, more than 80 routes will visit Hong Kong.

Yang Runxiong, director of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, said in a TV program today (5th) that he will vigorously promote cruise tourism, and consider offering discounts or other discounts to attract cruise ships to Hong Kong. "I hope we can do more.

" The Kai Tak isolation facility is located near the Tak Cruise Terminal, and he thinks it is necessary to move it out. Yang said, "Of course (passengers) will be affected by the surrounding environment when they arrive. Even if it is an isolation facility, the image or building of the isolation facility, or The design can be more beautified, and it can also give them a better understanding of Hong Kong." He also pointed out that tourists will not explore and understand the buildings in Hong Kong one by one, so there is no need to worry too much.

[12:31] The government announced last Thursday (2nd) the launch of the "Hello Hong Kong!"

Yang Runxiong, director of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, said in a TV program today (5th) that the distribution of 700,000 air tickets is a "big" amount, and that "more power (air tickets) to attract everyone is actually a good one." strategy.” As for whether there is an expiration date for the ticket, he pointed out that each airline ticket is different, and the airline will explain the details when promoting or arranging gifts in individual regions.

He also pointed out that it is difficult to estimate the degree of recovery of Hong Kong tourists, because after three years, everyone's habit of going out may have changed.

▼Report on the epidemic situation on February 4▼

[17:11] Since this Monday (30th), Hong Kong has canceled the quarantine order for people diagnosed with the new crown. Today (4th) there were 469 new positive cases of new crown pneumonia nucleic acid test. The number is similar to yesterday. 2,558 cases.

There were 7 more deaths related to the new crown, bringing the total to 48.

▼On February 4th, the Sham Shui Po quick test agent fell below the reserve price as low as $1 box▼


The epidemic is slowing down, the demand for testing is low, and the price of rapid test kits is high, as low as one mosquito box in Sham Shui Po

[13:07] As the epidemic slows down and anti-epidemic measures are withdrawn, the prices of anti-epidemic supplies on the market have also dropped significantly. Although measures such as rapid testing in schools are still maintained, the rapid testing kits are already cheap.

The reporter found in Sham Shui Po today (4th) that there is a rapid test agent as low as a stick of mosquito. Some shop assistants said that compared with the peak of the epidemic, the price difference was 10 times, and some citizens said that they would not hoard the quick test.

Hello Hong Kong|The Tourism Board subsidizes "Hong Kong Gifts" consumer coupons of 100 yuan each, involving an additional 100 million yuan

[12:37] The government launched a series of "Hello, Hong Kong!" campaigns to attract tourists to Hong Kong. The entire promotional cost is about 100 million yuan. The Tourism Board will also distribute 1 million copies of "Hong Kong Gifts" in conjunction with the local catering and retail industries. "Consumption coupons.

Cheng Dingyi, Director-General of the Tourism Board, said in a TV program today (4th) that the "Hong Kong Gifts" coupons are worth at least 100 yuan each, and the Tourism Board will subsidize merchants with 100 yuan for each gift, that is, additional Additional use of about 100 million yuan.

▼On February 2, the government will hold the "Hello, Hong Kong!" launch ceremony to announce the free air tickets▼


Comprehensive customs clearance|Transportation Bureau: 2.6 Cancellation of high-speed rail ticket sales limit is discussing restart of long-distance services

[10:34] China and Hong Kong will fully open customs clearance next Monday (6th). The Secretary for Transport and Logistics, Lam Sai-hung, wrote in his blog today (4th) that the limit on the number of high-speed rail tickets available for sale per day will be closed It will be canceled at the same time next Monday, and it is pointed out that it is discussing with relevant authorities to reopen high-speed rail long-distance services.


▼On February 3rd, the government announced that it will complete customs clearance with the mainland on February 6▼


▼The situation of the testing station in the first three days before the nucleic acid exemption in Beishang on February 3▼


▼Preparation for the reopening of MTR Lo Wu Station on February 3▼


Comprehensive customs clearance|Going north does not require nucleic acid negative, testing business is expected to drop by 60% deployment and reduce manpower to fully clear customs|Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Resume travel agency operations for inbound and outbound group tours from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Comprehensive customs clearance|Travel industry expects group fees for visiting Hong Kong to be available at the end of February Or increase 60% to 1,000 yuan for comprehensive customs clearance|Emperor Bus 2.6 resumes operation every 30 minutes with a bus fee of 10 yuan to support Alipay payment for comprehensive customs clearance|KMB and Citybus plan to launch 3 routes B7, B8 and B9 to and from Heung Yuen Wai Port for comprehensive customs clearance in multiple districts |Luohu City is still ten rooms and nine vacant, and there are shop owners expecting hundreds of thousands of yuan to enter the goods to welcome the switch and complete customs clearance|Luohu Station reopens on 2.6 every 4 to 8 minutes, with two departures from Luohu and one departure from Lok Ma Chau. Comprehensive customs clearance strategy|All ports Check out the opening hours, East Rail schedule, and customs clearance details

What are the arrangements for comprehensive customs clearance on February 6?

From February 6th, there are 4 major measures for comprehensive customs clearance, and after the full customs clearance, the quarantine and testing requirements have also been updated, and 3 ports including Luohu have been opened, and the express test from Macau to Hong Kong has been withdrawn. See details.

Comprehensive customs clearance traffic arrangements?

The government announced today that it will complete customs clearance with the mainland from February 6. KMB and Citybus plan to open multiple routes to the Heung Yuen Wai Port, and the Huanggang cross-boundary shuttle bus (the "Huang Bus") will resume service on February 6. See service details.

The MTR is ready, and the opening hours will be the same as before. For details of the Lo Wu train and Lok Ma Chau train services, please see.

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