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Government demolition. Simple public housing|Someone warmly mentioned "don't be used"-members can only "live first"?


"Simple public housing" continues to cause thousands of waves due to high construction costs and site selection disputes. Supporters and opponents have launched public opinion attacks and defenses for days.

"Simple public housing" continues to cause thousands of waves due to excessive construction costs and site selection disputes. Supporters and opponents have launched public opinion attacks and defenses for days. On this side, some high-ranking officials offered "to help each other in the same boat under the Lion Mountain" and "Great-level benefits are immeasurable" The theory appeals to emotion, and there are polls by the Federation of Trade Unions to support the project, which is very popular; on the other hand, there are also affected residents who have launched demonstrations and collected tens of thousands of signatures, and many people who are concerned about public administration have written articles urging the government to "stop Bureaucratic games", "Stop moral kidnapping", "Rational persuasion of the citizens", even Shao Shanbo, the former chief adviser of the Central Policy Group, joined the battle group, pointing out that the government should not ignore cost-effectiveness.

The Public Works Subcommittee of the Legislative Council will deliberate the first batch of projects involving 15 billion yuan tomorrow (February 8). Under the turbulent public opinion, will the "simple public housing" be overthrown?

The housing issue involves deep-seated contradictions, and the unequal distribution of land and wealth must be resolved structurally, and long-term problems cannot be solved through short-term thinking.

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Li Jiaban "Defend every inch of land"

"It is a noble sentiment to help poor families regardless of the cost. Individuals can do this, but it is not the behavior of a responsible government. The government's primary responsibility is to make good use of public funds." Shao Shanbo wrote in a newspaper yesterday (February 6) Published the article "The Fallacy of the Simple Public Housing Project", pointing out that the land shortage is not unsolvable. "What is needed is not only compassion and bodhisattva-like feelings, but also courage and courage to break through the rules."

The article aroused echoes and conjectures from many politicians, including some members of the Legislative Council who tend to vote for "simple public housing", and also admitted that Shao Shanbo "rarely speaks out everyone's heart."

Some people joked that it was widely rumored in the political circle that Shao Shanbo was once recommended as the hottest candidate to lead the new "Chief Executive Policy Group". Some people judged that Shao Shanbo, known as the "King of the Left", had already stepped back from the line of fire, "Sudden fire is no small matter", especially since he had bombarded the lack of unity within the establishment in his early years, but now he is willing to challenge Li Jiachao at the risk of "undermining unity" "There is no guarantee that he was not instructed by someone to put pressure on the Hong Kong government."

The outside world does not know Shao Shanbo's intention of firing, but it makes people think: if he successfully fires the "first shot", will the "simple public housing" be overthrown?

In this regard, some analysts are worried that the SAR government is currently at a loss, "does not get too many points in terms of legitimacy, and is deducted too many points in terms of rationality"; and once the project is "aborted", it will be difficult to govern in the future Heavy.

However, some sources pointed out that Li Jiachao's team has no intention of backing down, that is, "simple public housing" is imperative.

Councilors can only "live first"

It is understood that although Li Jiachao was once dissatisfied with the Secretary of the Housing Bureau, Ho Wing-yin, for his "poor explanation" and "ineffective implementation", he still has sufficient confidence to continue to promote the project: First, he believes that "simple public housing" is the fastest and most effective way to relieve subdivided housing. I believe that Hong Kong people and the central government will be happy to see the results of the miserable housing situation. Secondly, relevant officials have been "canvassing" in recent days. They are currently optimistic about the appropriation, because the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong and the Federation of Trade Unions have expressed their support. The Democratic League and the Liberal Party have not seen much opposition. It is expected that most "single" MPs will vote for it based on "identity concept".

As for the Kai Tak siting controversy caused by the Housing Bureau and the Development Bureau due to "insufficient political sensitivity", it is reported that the government has repeatedly instructed officials in charge, including political assistants, to actively do a good job in policy explanation and regional communication.

In fact, although many Members have doubts about "simple public housing", in addition to the high cost, it is generally believed that "simple public housing" is "better than nothing", and it is actually difficult to solve the housing problem.

However, most of them tend to vote for appropriation because they "can't see a better solution" and "live first and change slowly".

Another source revealed that Li Jiachao has always attached great importance to the spirit of unity and advocated "seeking common ground while reserving differences." Hong Kong-related organizations also tend to support the maintenance of "administrative-led" authority, and hope that all walks of life will positively view the administration of the SAR government.

It is said that someone received a "warm reminder": Do not be used by people with ulterior motives.

Less opposition, more cooperation, difficult to perfect

It can be predicted that "simple public housing" will not face much resistance in the council.

However, after this battle, it can be seen that the new SAR government still has a lot of room for improvement.

First, no matter how good the intention of the policy is, it must still be supported by sufficient grounds. It cannot just appeal to "political correctness", let alone stir up "class conflicts". Balance and wealth distribution are unfair, and we should not try to solve long-term problems through short-term thinking.

As for members of the Legislative Council after the "improved electoral system", they also face many tests.

Because under the "administrative leadership", some councilors privately reported that they feel that there is less room for "opposition", and it is inevitable that they need to "cooperate" with the government and can only "perfect" policies as much as possible; however, if the officials in charge are still not used to thinking about "structural problems” and carry out “structural reforms”, then deep-seated contradictions will be difficult to resolve, and the meaning of existence of representatives will disappear.

Just like the "Landlord and Tenant (Consolidation) (Amendment) Ordinance 2021" ("Subdivided House Rent Management"), which was passed in 2021 and came into effect last year, because there is no "starting rent" and it is unwilling to determine a "reasonable rent level" , There is no mandatory written standard lease agreement, no strict regulations to strengthen enforcement, etc., and it is still unable to provide sufficient protection for the grassroots.

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