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Opinion The rules of the neighborhood dictate the rules of the struggle Israel today


When we were children we were told that the ability to say "sorry" is strength, that those who are strong can put their ego aside and apologize. In retrospect, it turns out that in Israel, apparently, no one has a reason to apologize for anything

14 years ago, an Israeli film called "Walls" was released, starring the James Bond girl Olga Kurylenko and the singer Ninet Teib.

Kurylenko played a prostitute who manages to escape from the brothel where she works, and after she is caught she is forced to become a hired killer to get her passport and her life back.

Ninet played a battered woman who lives next door to her and works in a supermarket.

Between the two, despite the difference, a brave friendship develops against the background of the exploitation and violence they experience.

In one of the scenes Kurylenko comes to the supermarket where Ninet works to buy milk.

Like many who did not grow up in Israel, she takes the first carton of milk on the shelf.

But Ninet is Israeli and learned from a young age, like the rest of us, to always take the last milk in the column, because its validity is longer.

She is shocked and explains to Kurylenko the technique and what is behind it.

She teaches her one essential sentence in Hebrew: "I am not a sucker".

This is a small scene, which tells the Israeli story in a big way: we are not suckers.

Every action, statement or going out into the street is no longer something trivial in life, but a heroic struggle: from exchanging something you bought that you are not interested in, or that is not what you ordered, to driving - everything is forceful, violent, rude.

Any concession, even out of politeness, is seen as weakness.

That is why Israelis do not apologize.

Apologizing means being a sucker.

When we were children, we were told that the ability to say "sorry" is strength, power, that those who are strong are able to momentarily put their ego aside and apologize for a bad deed they did or for hurting another.

In retrospect, it turns out that in Israel, apparently, no one has a reason to apologize for anything.

We are so perfect and in order all the time, that even when we are wrong - we are right.

was i wrong

Come on, little one, browse.


come on.

Are you hurt by me?


An entire political campaign was based on this worldview: in the 2015 elections, Naftali Bennett and the Jewish Home declared that enough is enough, they stop apologizing.

They even invited the public to send them videos where people are proud of not apologizing.

In the name of "not apologizing" - everything is normal: I am an adult and I was convicted of an indecent act in a soldier?

So what, I can sit in the studio and criticize someone else's apparently obscene act.

I was prime minister and I sat in prison for accepting a bribe?

This does not prevent me from criticizing the behavior of another prime minister.

I was a minister, was I convicted of accepting bribes and fraud and breach of trust?

This does not prevent me from returning to the same position, and from the entire government enacting a law just for me.

I retired the judicial duty because my appointment procedure was considered improper due to the sexual relations I had with the head of the Bar Association?

Not only am I not ashamed - but I am proud of it, and I will even serve as a presenter for brands.

What is your business, righteous, hypocrites, bad people?

With these standards, there is no chance in the world that the Prime Minister will condemn his son in a clear and strong voice, who called the people of the prosecutor's office "traitors" and said "we all know what the punishment for treason is."

And when Likud activists stand under the home of the Farkash family, and one of them shouts at the bereaved mother: "There is a God in heaven, and pay her! I wish her another one like that" - it passes, why would he apologize?

When the court, which trusts the rule of law, becomes a punching bag - how is it even possible to make a distinction between right and wrong?

That's it, friends.

The gloves have been removed, the envelope of culture and law and shame does not exist, from now on everything is good.

everything's permitted.

When this is the general atmosphere, it is no wonder that there are those who see the sleepy and polite demonstrations of the change bloc, and realize that it cannot continue like this because it will lead nowhere.

that the niceties and the gentle words and the kind statesmanship will not change anything.

The demonstrators will wave flags and beat drums, and the convoy will pass.

It's a country that's all passion and fury and power, all outside, a continuous storm.

In a tough neighborhood, the rules of the neighborhood dictate the rules of the struggle.

How did Ninet explain to Kurylenko?

"I'm not a sucker."

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