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Primary election case|Wu Zhengheng is accused of being a key player who acts in the name of Li Bolu and has a part in the design plan


Pan-democracy 47 is suspected of holding primary elections in 2020 to subvert state power. 16 defendants denied the charges and the trial continues. Wu

Pan-democracy 47 is suspected of holding primary elections in 2020 to subvert state power. 16 defendants denied the charges and the trial continues. Wu acted in the name of "Li Bolu" at the time of the case. He not only assisted Dai Yaoting in designing the entire primary election plan, but also initiated the "Three Votes, Three No Votes" joint signature, calling on the public to "not support, not participate, and not obey."

The remaining 15 defendants mainly participated in the primary election, and some of them won the election but were disqualified from formally participating in the election;

The prosecution's opening statement will continue (8th), and it is expected to detail the behavior and remarks of the remaining defendants in the trial.

After the trial ended today, more than a dozen people had already started queuing outside the West Kowloon Court.

In the evening, more than a dozen people lined up outside the West Kowloon Court.

(Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Some of the bailed defendants appeared in court this morning.

(See the picture below for details)


Wu used to be a volunteer of Thunder Project

The prosecutor continued to read the opening statement in the afternoon, and also listed in detail the roles of the defendants who did not plead guilty in the case.

Regarding the fifth defendant, Wu Zhengheng, the prosecution alleges that he acted in the name of "Li Bolu" at the time of the case.

In 2016, he served as a volunteer for Dai's "Thunder Project", saying that he was responsible for the "key role" in planning the primary election, including: designing the mechanism of the entire plan with Dai, and launching the "Three Votes, Three No Votes" joint signature, appealing to voters Do not vote for any "no support, no participation, no submission" primary candidates.

Once blamed street workers for refusing to follow the primary election results

The prosecution alleges that Wu once published a front-page advertisement in "Apple Daily", wrote to public figures seeking support, and opened a YouTube channel to promote his movement. .

Defendant Wu Zhengheng proposed "three votes and three no votes" during the primary election.

(profile picture)

The prosecution also played Wu's promotional video in court, mentioning that the purpose of the primary election is to avoid wasting votes, calling on everyone to respond to the joint signature, describing: "Your signature, your votes, are powerful weapons."

In addition, Wu explained the "primary election map" in another clip, providing the locations of polling stations.

He also pointed out that his team, including himself, will serve as a volunteer and observer of the Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute on the polling day of the primary election.

600,000 people voted in a video released the day after the primary election

On the day after the primary election, Wu posted a video showing that more than 600,000 people voted, describing the participation as "very enthusiastic", and the result was better than expected. He also said: "Very encouraging." , still will not be afraid, thank Dai Yaoting and Au Nuoxuan for taking the lead in making the primary election a success, and reiterated that they do not agree with the "non-binding" primary election mechanism.


8 defendants lost in primaries

The remaining 15 defendants were all candidates, and more than half of them lost in the primary election, including: Yang Xueying, Peng Zhuoqi, Liu Weicong, Huang Biyun, Shi Delai, Liang Guoxiong, Ke Yaolin, and Li Yuxin. Among them, Yang and Li were in the same region or sector. Candidates who are DQ are allowed to be replaced as "Plan B".


7 people won the election as planned

The other seven defendants: Zheng Dahong, He Qiming, He Guilan, Chen Zhiquan, Zou Jiacheng, Lin Zhuoting, and Yu Huiming, qualified in the primary election and ran for the Legislative Council as planned.

Yang Yueqiao said that if Lin Zheng refused to respond, he would not be polite

The prosecution also pointed out that the defendant Zheng Dahong continued to carry out the conspiracy plan by relying on him as a Southern District Councilor and a member of the Civic Party at the time, and broadcast the press conference held by the Civic Party in March 2020. The then party leader Yang Yueqiao said that through the "35+" After gaining more than half of the seats in the Legislative Council, then Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor would be required to respond to the five major demands in her policy address, otherwise: "You will not be polite." Every bill and application for financial appropriation will be vetoed, emphasizing that this is a solemn commitment.

The defendant Zheng Dahong once said in a radio interview that he had lobbied the European Parliament on behalf of the Civic Party to propose a lifeboat plan.

(Photo by Lu Xiangming)

Zheng said he was involved in lobbying Europe to provide lifeboat plans

In addition, after Zheng announced his candidacy for Hong Kong Island, he appeared on the radio program "Tea Cup in the Storm", explaining that the common goal of the primary election is to obtain "35+" seats to "shake the regime", and he was mentioned in the primary election forum He intends to join the "Parliamentary Front", and revealed that under the shadow of the National Security Law, he represented the Civic Party to lobby the European Parliament to provide a "lifeboat plan" to young people with criminal records.

After the court hearing was over, people began to line up outside the West Kowloon Court in the evening.

(See the picture below for details)


16 defendants pleaded not guilty.

(See the picture below for details)


16 defendants: Wu Zhengheng (44 years old), Zheng Dahong (34 years old), Yang Xueying (36 years old), Peng Zhuoqi (28 years old), He Qiming (34 years old), Liu Weicong (55 years old), Huang Biyun (63 years old), Shi Delai (40 years old), He Guilan (32 years old), Chen Zhiquan (50 years old), Chow Ka-shing (25 years old), Lam Cheuk-ting (45 years old), Leung Kwok-hung (66 years old), Or Yiu-lam (51 years old), Li Yuxin (29 years old), Yu Huiming (35 years old).

The charge alleges that the defendants conspired to subvert state power between July 1, 2020 and January 7, 2021.

31 defendants pleaded guilty.

(See the picture below for details)


31 defendants who have pleaded guilty: Dai Yaoting, Au Nuoxuan, Zhao Jiaxian, Zhong Jinlin, Yuan Jiawei, Liang Huangwei, Xu Zijian, Cen Zijie, Mao Mengjing, Feng Dajun, Liu Zefeng, Huang Zhifeng, Tam Wenhao, Li Jiada, Tan Dezhi, Hu Zhiwei, Zhu Kaidi, Zhang Kesen, Huang Ziyue, Yin Zhaojian , Guo Jiaqi, Wu Miner, Tan Kaibang, Liu Yingkuang, Yang Yueqiao, Fan Guowei, Lu Zhiheng, Cen Aohui, Wang Baiyu, Lin Jingnan, Wu Jianwei.

The 13 defendants to be released on bail and their bail conditions.

(See the picture below for details)


Case number: HCCC69/2022

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