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Real estate: Leova, the turnkey rental investment start-up


Real estate remains unquestionably the favorite investment of the French. Leova, the start-up specializing in the sector, recently carried out a capital increase of one million euros to develop in terms of tools and networking at the national level. Created in 2015, the...

The co-founders of Leova wish to demonstrate that rental investment is accessible, provided that the property to bet on is carefully and skilfully selected.

These two businessmen, subscribers to success since the creation of Keobiz in 2012, share with us today the operation of their different formulas, all turnkey, and much more.

Our clients are mainly first-time buyers, part of this middle class who do not necessarily have the means to buy their main residence, but who still wish to become the owner of a property.

What is “turnkey rental investment” with Leova?

Namely that Leova offers, in the same way as other traditional agencies, support in most stages of the rental investment.

From the first interview, a single contact person is assigned to the file.

So that it is able to properly support the client at each stage, Leova has chosen to only work with specialists in the field.

The latter therefore apply to help their respective clients in the purchase of the property, in particular with regard to the administrative formalities, and this until the signature at the notary;

but above all by directing them in their wishes, on the budget to invest and the region best suited to the project.

The search for the property is thus carried out according to the client's profile.

In order to ensure its success,

Leova relies on the quality of the goods offered and their exclusivity.

To do this, the real estate agency has two major assets: firstly in the new, it has forged over the years a relationship of trust with the partner developers, then in the old, Leova collaborates with hunters properties that are continually dedicated to prospecting for nuggets across the regions of France;

finally, the agency has access to so-called “off market” goods, in other words products which are not available on the market, of which it is the prerogative.

Once the property has been selected, the professional then works to guide the investor in setting up financing with his bank or redirects him to a partner broker.

If necessary, the

Finally, Leova takes over the rental management of the property in order to complete the all-inclusive service.

In addition, beyond the contact with the privileged interlocutor ready to inform you, it is possible to follow the progress of the project remotely, on a mobile application or online by connecting to a personal account.

This platform also gives access to a financial summary of the file such as the costs incurred, the future profits, the various deadlines involved, information relating to taxes, etc. In addition, the agency has decided to provide a tax lawyer on site. who makes sure to answer questions and provide the right advice for optimal performance, at no additional cost.

However, the rental investment expert stands out brilliantly from its competitors by its focus on systematically obtaining high profitability, as the founder Benjamin Lellouche explains to us: “

Investing in a good location and obtaining above-average profitability is the goal of the game


To do this, the Parisian start-up thinks outside the box and distinguishes itself by offering multi-card services to tenants, which triggers greater income than a simple rental.

In any case, these innovative ideas do not seem to displease given the number of young couples who came to submit their application during our interview on their premises!

The bet seems to have paid off for this innovative agency, which is adapting to the success of its concept by deploying a permanent search for new collaborators to come and expand its teams.

We did not think that with few means and money aside we could become owners with my wife and what is more, obtain a good return [...] added to the fact of letting only one actor manage the whole project: the works, the furnishing, the management of the tenants and not having to add too much money every month… that convinced us.

Ludovic and Sandy Rubin

Democratize rental investment for as many people as possible

In order to popularize and encourage rental investment, Leova has set up three distinct offers, each adapted to a specific project.

Together, they cover the rental investment in the old but also in the new and are suitable both for investors who wish to become owners free of charge, and for those who wish to receive monthly annuities.

Anyway, the agency offers a

complete service by managing the project from A to


A way to meet everyone's expectations despite the disparity of profiles interested in rental investment.

Leova thus presents three offers to the general public, let's sift through the services of the start-up.

The first proposal, called "0 expense"

, is addressed to those who wish to invest without having to pay a contribution, a boon for future donors who do not have capital or who wish to reserve it for another project.

It is with a certain ease that one of the founders, himself a chartered accountant and formerly at the head of an accounting firm that he co-founded more than 10 years ago, offers us a first solution to obtain financing from a bank when you do not have a sufficient contribution:

"All you have to do is buy a property via an SCI with a solid and profitable financing plan, to set up the file as if you were doing a business plan for a company and you were looking for funding”.

The “0 spend” offer exempts its subscriber from paying additional costs or supplements to the purchase.

Here, the banking establishment finances the project and the tenant reimburses it;

in other words, the acquisition of the property is 100% self-financing.

It remains to be seen if you are eligible because a few conditions must of course be met, in particular having signed a permanent contract.

To do this, simply contact the agency, which will inform you whether or not you will be able to benefit from it.

Our objective is to give access to property to people who do not have the sufficient contribution to be granted credit.

It suffices to obtain a rental income greater than the repayment of the credit, which makes it possible to reduce the monthly effort to be provided;

sometimes we even get positive cash flow, so everything becomes possible for modest incomes.

An attractive offer that appeals to many future buyers and therefore synonymous with waiting: unfortunately there are more requests than products available.

It will then be necessary to be armed with a certain patience in order to be able to take advantage of it, and above all to be reactive in the event of the availability of a property.

The second offer, called "guaranteed rate of return", has a name that speaks for itself.

Here, the interests of the agency and the client go in the same direction because his commission is correlated to the interest rate of the owner.

This coupled with the obligation of result to which they are subject, you are in fact guaranteed to obtain a quality service: everything necessary will be implemented to find the property and the tenants who ensure a sustainable and profitable rental.


second offer is aimed primarily at those who have a certain amount of capital

and who wish to generate monthly pensions in addition to their income.


It's like the Livret A except that you are the owner and the interest rates are much higher"

they say.

Today, people want to build up a heritage, a future income... With all the uncertainties around retirement, they know that the best way to be serene is to be an owner when it is possible of course

” confides to us the one of the founders.

To obtain correct profitability and bear in mind the potential for added value on resale, the start-up favors medium-sized cities.

Emphasis is placed on municipalities whose price per square meter is not too high and with strong rental tension to secure profitability.

A great way to secure your future and slowly but certainly prepare for your retirement.

The third and final offer concerns new-build rentals


This gives access to the catalog of the largest developers in France at preferential rates and allows you to furnish the property but also to carry out work if necessary in order to create an additional room in the accommodation, without adding €1 to the price of the property. initial purchase.

In the end, going directly through the developer or Leova comes to the same in terms of costs, so you might as well take advantage of their services because the furniture is included in their home, that's around €5,000 in savings compared to the developer

” argues Hugo.

Leova advises in particular to set up a joint tenancy there or to offer optional additional services to tenants in order to optimize rents such as a Netflix subscription made available, a gym package or a laundry service which would be included in the amount. rent.

It is clear through these many suggestions that Leova has a solid innovative identity.

Its founders rely on innovative methods to seduce new generations in perpetual search to save time.

Everything is done to boost profitability and thus extract the best profits in order to obtain rental income well above credit.

Leova makes rental investment accessible

In a nutshell, Leova is a real estate agency that provides everyone with a turnkey solution for rental investment.

The offers offered cover investments in both old and new buildings and are suitable for investors wishing to become owners free of charge or to receive monthly annuities.

The agency manages the entire project, from the first interview to the signature at the notary, relying on specialists and offering exclusive properties thanks to the relentless prospecting of its hunters, combined with an address book. well fleshed out.

It also takes care of the rental management of the property and allows customers to follow the progress of the project remotely via an online platform.

Leova wants to be avant-garde in its way of working and in the services offered.

Aware of the many difficulties encountered by investors, the two gifted businessmen have worked to find ingenious and modern solutions.

Thanks to the adjusted offers, rental investment is now open to everyone;

a real boon for novices in the field.

It is without difficulty that the creators of Leova gave themselves up to us in order to reveal the keys to their success.

The company, which is experiencing rapid growth, does not intend to stop at the borders of France:

Before deploying to our European neighbours, we still have a few new features to test on the French market, such as an offer that we will be releasing soon: offering between -5 and -10% on all list prices for new apartments in France.

Melanie Derueda

Source: lefigaro

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