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Big Brother, LIVE: Marcos' strange attitude when asked about his father


I followed the hottest debates and the repercussions of coexistence in the most popular reality show in Argentina.

A new edition of

Big Brother

It can be enjoyed on the Telefe screen, with

Santiago del Moro hosting.

 Each of the participants aspires to win the prize of 15 million pesos.

The "most famous house in the country" has 2,200 square meters, 65 cameras and 87 microphones.

Big Brother

can be followed by Telefe on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it can also be seen live 24 hours a day on Pluto TV channel 141. 

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08.02.2023 10:31


The test of the leader yielded in the rating

Julieta's consecration as leader of the house generated a lot of expectation.

And that could be seen in the rating that the program generated this Tuesday, February 7.

It is that the cycle was the most viewed of the day and averaged 19.9 points.

08.02.2023 09:11


Marcos's strange attitude when Juliet asked him about his father

Marcos was talking to his classmates when he suddenly left the conversation.

The reason?

According to him, because he wanted to eat ice cream, although in reality he left just when Juliet asked him about her father, something that generated suspicion and speculation about her attitude.

LIVENews in Development

07.02.2023 23:09


Julieta won the test and is the leader of the week

After a vibrant one-on-one,

Julieta finally beat Nacho and became the leader of the week


For this reason, she achieved immunity, in addition to having the power to save one of her companions from her house.

"It is the first time that I am a leader. I am very happy", she told Santiago del Moro as soon as she finished the test.

Nacho for his part was very angry

with himself, for having lost. 

Julieta is the leader of the week.

TV Capture

02.07.2023 21:23


Ariel was encouraged to talk about sexual issues in LAM: Is he a swinger? 

07.02.2023 21:24


The former participant of

Big Brother

(Telefe, at 9:45 p.m.) responded to questions of a sexual nature during his visit to LAM (America, at 8:00 p.m.). 

At one point in the interview, Ángel De Brito asked him: "Do you like swingers?"

Far from denying it, Ariel left the possibility open: "I don't know... I like theater, art... I am very open minded." 

Then he told how the dream he had in the Big Brother house with Romina was. 

02.07.2023 21:16


Ariel told how she met Marixa Balli almost 20 years ago

In a note with LAM (America, Monday through Friday at 8:00 p.m.) in which he opened his heart and talked about many issues that occurred inside the Big Brother house,

Ariel was surprised when he recalled an anecdote that he lived several years ago with Marixa Balli


With Marixa once we did

Skating for Depo

in Berazategui.

Do you remember that you came to Deportivo in front of a police station? I was the one who had the party. It was the little blonde with long hair. She was in


and came to the club" Ariel remembered.

Between laughs ,

Marixa acknowledged having been in that club

and acknowledged that the story she was telling was real. 

Ariel recounted a meeting she had with Marixa Balli many years ago.

TV Capture

07.02.2023 20:03


Ariel and her plan with former GH teammates

Ariel said that she has in mind putting on a theatrical show with former classmates inside the Big Brother house.

"It's something that we talked about with Nacho, Thiago and Maxi. I would love to be able to do a play with them. I would help write some monologues... we'll see if it can happen

," said the grill man in a note with the PrimiciasYa site.

07.02.2023 19:15

7:15 p.m.

A drone flew over the house and Alfa tried to knock it down with a cushion

A TikTok user uploaded the images that his drone captured after flying over the Big Brother house.

"I threw my drone over the weekend. This was the reaction of the Big Brother guys!

Alpha next time I'll throw you some clown glasses!!!"

, assured the user.

In the video you can see how

Alfa throws a cushion at the drone, trying to shoot it down.

07.02.2023 18:28


A cry that alerted everyone

While sunbathing on the patio, the participants heard a scream that alerted them.

"El Primo and Juli to the final!"

they all listened.

07.02.2023 17:33


Did Lali get off Big Brother?

The truth is that there was no official version, but

the rumor that Lali Esposito was going to enter the Big Brother house was installed. 

However, on her Twitter account, the singer released a publication that would destroy this possibility.

"The only house I'm going to enter..."

said Lali, along with a photo of the Vélez stadium, where he will perform on March 4.

02.07.2023 17:01


Alfa criticized Alberto Fernández for the celebration in Olivos in full quarantine

In dialogue with his colleagues, Walter Santiago recalled the famous photo in Olivos for the birthday of Fabiola Yañez, wife of Alberto Fernández, in Olivos, in full quarantine due to the coronavirus, in July 2020.

"They were in Olivos partying and partying The prez, the wife, the hairdresser, the hairdresser, the one who took care of the dogs...

You don't know the riot that was put together, one took photos and published them... The Olivos party," said the participant.

"He said 'I'm going to put a strong hand and I'm going to make them respect the law' and they were all partying

," Alfa added, criticizing the president. 

At that moment, Telefe decided to stop showing the conversation of Alfa and the rest of the participants in the living room and focused on Romina, who was alone in the patio.

07.02.2023 16:25

4:25 p.m.

Agustín and the plan he had to make to go on a love date after leaving GH's house

Agustín, in the

Biri Biri

(República Z) cycle, told how his first love date was after leaving GH's house.

"I already had a date, I spent 4 months without seeing anyone. I'm not that in love, I'm more of a touch and go, but when I fall in love,

I fall very hard"

, said "Frodo" first. 

And then, about his date, who said that it was "undercover", he explained: "Now I have to be very careful, I was accompanied by people from my environment, because I could not go anywhere.

A friend accompanied me.

I took all the time to verify that this person wanted to meet me and nothing more.

I have a very high level of exposure, people come at you and anything can happen”.

02.07.2023 15:27


Ariel spoke with Clarín: "Alfa puts his foot on you and turns people off"

"I am gradually returning to reality and with a lot of self-criticism," describes

Ariel Ansaldo

, the most recent elimination from Big Brother, about his time on the Telefe reality show.

"I get a lot of love from the people, but they all reproach me for not having played more."

After overcoming several plaques, Ariel seemed better planted inside the house, especially due to his confrontation with Alfa, less and less popular inside and outside the reality show.

"Everyone expected me to do the knockout and I had thought about it, but the truth is that lucidity inside, in confinement, is not the same as outside,"

he explains.

She adds, "I had a lot on my mind: Alpha's hostility, food fights, and my own battle to keep from gaining weight. Other than that, the rest is beautiful."

Ariel assures that

when he entered the reality show he weighed 141 kilos and when he left he dropped to 114.27 kilos less.

Read more.

Ariel Ansaldo, the last eliminated from "Big Brother".

07.02.2023 14:35

2:35 p.m.

Marcos did not want to participate in a talk and his colleagues were outraged

When they talked and debated about jealousy, the participants told different anecdotes about it.

However, when it was Marcos' turn, he didn't want to say anything and provoked the ire of his classmates.

07.02.2023 13:28


Marcos made fun of Julieta when she talked about her boyfriend

In the last few hours, a talk in which Julieta, Marcos, Nacho and Lucila discussed who was the most jealous both inside and outside the house, was published on the networks.

The truth is that after exchanging opinions for a long time on Monday night, the boys

asked Julieta if she was jealous of her and if she checked the cell phone of Lucca Bardelli, her boyfriend.

She said no, without hesitation for a second, and kept talking about it.


Marcos, jokingly, told Nacho that her boyfriend sure "didn't have a cell phone"

, as if to say that he didn't really check it for that reason.

And then

the boys started laughing, while the


did not understand what was happening.

"What happened? What are they laughing at? Dale! What did they say?", he complained to the complicit laughter of his companions.

​Read more

02.07.2023 12:19

12:19 p.m.

How measured was Ariel's presence in the studio after her elimination

Ariel visited Santiago del Moro in the

Big Brother

debate after being eliminated from the house.

And despite the fact that the program was not entirely attractive, it

accumulated an average rating of 19.7 points

 and once again became the most watched cycle of the day.

02.07.2023 11:32


There was a debate about jealousy

Participants got into a discussion about jealousy, and there were all kinds of responses.

While Romina and Tora admitted that they usually have that feeling, others, like Nacho, claimed to be less possessive.

07.02.2023 10:26


Alpha keeps hitting Ariel

Despite the fact that Ariel has already been eliminated from the house, Alpha does not forget and continues to hit his partner.

Now, the 61-year-old player assured that he does not feel "the absence" of the native of Berazategui, implying that his presence was insignificant for him.

07.02.2023 09:11


Lali Esposito, closer and closer to entering the house

Intense weeks are coming in the house.

This Thursday, on his birthday, 

Santiago del Moro will

enter .

And next week, as confirmed by

La pavada de Crónica

, who finally (it had already been rumored) will visit the participants will be none other than Lali Esposito.

07.02.2023 08:26


Marianela Mirra and a request for her followers

Marianela Mirra

, winner of

Big Brother

in 2007,

began to comment on the current edition of the reality show

almost from its beginning.

And it seems that

her criticism

of the different participants was


among her followers.

It is that the media targeted everyone (Thiago, Marcos, Alfa, Julieta and Ariel, among others) and that

caused a very similar feeling among her fans

, who began to express their hatred of her and send her

different requests.

"Well, the morning begins and while I have breakfast I read them. Monkeys, you don't want anyone. Then they want to kill me for my jokes,

they want to get the whole house out together, I don't know how we're going to do it.

Calm down the violence, please

," she wrote when reading the huge number of messages she had received.

Marianela Mirra's request to her followers.

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