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Change of trend in cosmetic surgeries: breast augmentation lost first place


For the first time it was surpassed by liposuction, according to figures from the latest international survey.

"Liposuction became the

most performed surgery.

For the first time, breast augmentation ceases to occupy the podium worldwide and moves to second place."

This is how the beautician and plastic and reconstructive surgeon Fernando Felice summarizes one of the most relevant data produced by the latest survey of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) on what happened in 2021.

ISAPS is the world's leading professional body for board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons.

In the absence of local data, their results

are often carefully observed

, and many professionals even take care of verifying whether they coincide with local reality.

As Felice explains, taking all ages and both genders, historically breast augmentation was the most performed cosmetic surgery.

This time, he ranked



Liposuction was the most performed cosmetic surgery in 2021. Photo Shutterstock.

Even so, if only the surgeries performed by women are taken, breast augmentation

remains the most frequent surgical intervention

among them, even with a slight increase of 0.5% in the last four years.

However, a second result confirms what could be seen as a trend: for the first time, the practice of

removing breast implants

is increasing: it increased by 22.6% since the last survey and by 49.6% if they are taken the last four years.

Has the big bust ceased to be an aspirational?

It could be answered with “it depends”.

According to the look of the beautician, changes are perceived that could lead to think that there is a

paradigm shift


“Today, women are looking for a

more 'natural' 

than exuberant result, especially if we go back to what happened ten years ago, when breast augmentation was something that many women demanded.

Breast augmentation surgeries continue to be performed, but the volumes that are placed are less than those that were placed seven years earlier”, reflects Felice.

In this sense, it alludes to the fashion that years ago starred stars, from which many women who perform this type of practice sought to emulate their bodies.

Filters on Instagram and other networks have an impact on self-perception.

Photo Shutterstock.

What the new survey says

"We have observed an

interesting increase

in surgical interventions related to the so-called 'body contouring', such as liposuction, which is now the most frequent intervention, ahead of breast augmentation for the first time in many years", says Gianluca Campiglio. , editor of the world survey and plastic surgeon in Italy.

And he continues: “also, a similar emerging trend for tummy tucks, thigh lifts and buttock augmentation.

The slower growth of breast augmentation, and the consequent

increase in implant removals

, also reflects our experience following the publication of reports on BIA-ALCL the previous year.

The report details the


most popular surgical procedures:

  •  liposuction,

  • breast augmentation,

  • eyelid surgery,

  • rhinoplasty (nose job)

  • Abdominoplasty (abdominal wall surgery).

  • Meanwhile, the first five


    procedures are

  • botulinum toxin,

  • hyaluronic acid,

  • waxing,

  • skin tightening and

  • fat reduction.

  • Implants: The FDA Warning

    When interpreting the survey data, the warning issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cannot be ignored, stating that those who have breast implants or are considering having them may develop certain cancers in the scar tissue that forms around them. thereof.

    However, he clarified that these are rare cases.

    Although a direct relationship cannot be established, the ISAPS survey showed that in 2021 breast surgery did not reach the figures of previous years, but that

    the number of interventions to remove implants also grew


    "The statistics of tumors from breast implants are extremely low worldwide,

    however they exist.

    As it is negative and worrying news, it may have had a negative impact on the use of implants, but I believe that the trend goes more hand in hand with a more natural image at the body level than because of the fear of suffering from a tumor", says Felice.

    For the first time in many years, surgery to enlarge the breasts does not occupy the first place, Photo Shutterstock.


    "Liposuction was the most common cosmetic surgical procedure in 2021, with more than 1.9 million procedures and an

    increase of 24.8%

    , surpassing breast augmentation," states ISAPS.

    Felice argues: "Regarding the body, the perception I have is that there is greater care for body image, especially regarding the

    abdomen and waist

    , both in men and women," she introduces.

    And he refers to HD liposuction, according to his eyes, a "fad" that will also pass soon and that he

    advises against

    from an aesthetic point of view.

    Non-surgical procedures increased by 54.4% in the last four years.

    Photo Shutterstock.

    "It's about sculpting the body so that it simulates an abdomen worked out in a gym, but I disagree with this type of surgery, and in fact I don't do it, because I like the hypernatural image, leaving squares of fat so that pretend to be an abdominal and when you touch them they are soft it seems ridiculous to me", he ironically.

    He also suggests being very careful about how liposuction is performed: "When the abdomen is liposuctioned a lot, there are sectors in which the skin comes into contact with the muscle, and it is natural that there is a minimal layer of fat, because if you leave the liposuction so pronounced, the skin heals with the muscle".

    The problem in this case would be the inability to sustain that weight over time.

    "Those patients today are 20, 30 or 40 years old, and it is impossible for them to maintain a hyper-slim silhouette throughout their lives, so how do they evolve? They gain weight

    in an asymmetrical way

    with retractions in the body, and these retractions have no solution", Explain.

    The professional highlights the importance of accompanying these interventions with a balanced diet and exercise.

    Young people and the impact of network filters

    Felice admits that younger people frequently seek more results at the


    level , in line with the filters that Instagram and other networks propose, which "gets the eye used" to an image that later contrasts with the real one.

    However, the practice of filling the lips would not be so innocuous.

    "I think that the vast majority of all young people who do lipstick, especially excessively, are going to end up with complications in the medium and long term," she warns.

    "I see it every day with young girls,

    between the ages of 18 and 24

    , who have extremely large, lush lips, and they say 'I put hyaluronic acid on because it is reabsorbed afterwards', and that's not the case," she says.

    And he continues: "hyaluronic acid is reabsorbed, but if I place it inside a patient's body I will get a biological response that begins with an inflammatory process, and any inflammatory process heals with a scar."

    "When you place a filler, that inflammatory process attracts collagen to the region, and collagen is neither more nor less than an internal scar, so

    the acid ends up trapped

    inside that new collagen that was formed and the lips are left with that volume permanently, and those patients who believed that the filler would disappear after a year, continue to have volume after a year," he explains.

    For this reason, he points to what he calls "unscrupulous doctors who do not think about the health of the patient, but about billing."

    "Ten years from now

    we are going to see a lot of problems

    with lip fillers," he warns.

    Although aesthetic treatments are growing, there is a tendency to achieve a "more natural" image.

    Photo Shutterstock.

    men and gynecomastia

    The report reports an increase in gynecomastia in men, that is, reducing the volumes of the breasts, which can be caused by

    excess adipose tissue

    , genetic causes or as a consequence of the consumption of anabolic drugs, often recommended in the gym. and not by health professionals, details the surgeon.

    Age and botulinum toxin

    Finally, Felice analyzes the reasons for the increase in botulinum toxin (popularly known as “botox”), as the most widely used non-surgical intervention.

    "Botulinum toxin remains the most common non-surgical procedure in both men and women and in all age groups, with more than seven million procedures performed by plastic surgeons worldwide. It also becomes the most common cosmetic procedure. common

    in patients 18 years of age

    or younger," the report details.

    Once again, the influence of social networks seems to have a great impact.

    "Before, only actors and actresses had it, but today everyone is subject to


    everyone is a communicator and has the right to a camera because they turn on their cell phones, film themselves and upload them to the networks, that's why since girls and boys want to get their wrinkles out at a very early age," he says.

    Although he describes that in his office this procedure is demanded from a very early age, he insists that


    trend is changing

    little by little, towards a more natural image.

    "Today the trend is not to be ironed, wrinkles do not age, a baby raises his eyebrows and has wrinkles, the concept is changing and will change more and more towards the natural", he analyzes.

    On the other hand, he warns that many professionals

    exaggerate with filters

    the "before and after" that they show in their networks, worsening a trend that shapes the eye and the parameters of many people, with images that do not correspond to reality.

    "They sell something that is not", she closes her.


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