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Greengrocers: 5 customer rights that are not always respected and how to enforce them


There are rules that prohibit charging different prices 'according to the face', making weigh-ins that are not very transparent and other traps. What should you know

Fruits and vegetables of all kinds and colors.

In greengrocers there is usually everything to choose from.

What is often missing is something as basic as

price tags

, which appear only on part of the products or

do not exist

at all .

The buyer, then, will be forced to

ask how much

each thing costs.

And he will have good reason to suspect that they do not really handle unique prices, but rather that the seller changes the values ​​depending on who consults them.

Or as it is usually said, 

"according to the face"

of each client.

Actually, there are rules that

prohibit doing that


Non- transparent weigh

-ins  and

deceptive offers

, among other traps that make you spend more,

are also completely illegal .

And yet, in a sector with high informality like this, they keep happening.



, in the City of Buenos Aires,


of the infringement reports issued by the Consumer Defense inspectors for

unfair commercial practices

went to greengrocers.

And so far in


 that proportion has

grown to 31% , according to data from the organization that




What are the

essential rights

of neighbors when they go to the grocery store and how should they be fulfilled?

Here is a guide with the 



rules to remember and claim.

Consumer Defense Inspectors in greengrocers.

Photo: GCBA.

1. All prices, always in view

In the City,

local law 4,827

obliges all businesses to

display their prices

"in a clear, visible, horizontal, and legible manner," either on each product or through listings.


no case will

consumers be prevented from accessing the prices


, prior to the purchase decision," the rule orders, leaving no room for doubt.

2. All prices, per kilo or unit

In addition, in the specific case of businesses such as greengrocers and butcher shops, the same law requires that there be "

prominent and visible

" signage stating "

the prices per sale unit

" of each type of product.

In general, this implies that the

value per kilo

be included , and not just a fancy formula such as "

three kilos for $600

" that fails to clarify how much they charge for carrying only one kilo.

On the other hand, if today a kilo of cherries is at $2,000, this should be reported instead of only indicating that 500 grams are worth $1,000 or that a quarter kilo is at $500, as they usually do to make the 

price appear lower


"Beyond the fact that the greengrocers display


prices , the price per unit of measure must also be included, since the consumer has the

right to know

it ," confirms

Jorge Surin

, responsible for the City's Consumer Defense Inspections. .

"The measure should be the


, for example, when they offer tangerines. Or the


, in the case of a package of chard," he graphically.

In addition to highlighting offers, traders should always clarify prices per kilo.

Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

3. The balance, electronic and precise

Another situation that gives rise to abuse is the use of poor weighing tools, sometimes analogue, without

adequate precision

or certification.

What is crowned when only the greengrocer has

in sight

what the scale marks.

Far from this, what Law 4,827 and the City's Enabling Code indicate is that for those who sell products by weight it is "mandatory to use

electronic scales

" with "verification seal."

Devices that must also be "in

perfect condition


4. For each product, a detailed ticket

In turn, the same regulations order that the scales always "

issue paper



tickets ", which must include at least the name of the product, the

price per kilo

, the registered


 and the

final price

to be paid, plus the date and time of issuance.

"It is very important that the greengrocers


with the issuance of this ticket, beyond the fiscal ticket," they highlight from the Secretariat of Citizen Attention and Community Management of Buenos Aires, which has the Consumer Defense entity under its orbit.

In the event of an infraction, the neighbors can file a complaint and the Consumer Protection Agency comes to inspect it.

Photo: GCBA.

5. Accept card, mandatory and without surcharge

Finally, although many greengrocers warn that they only accept

cash payments

, the truth is that the consumer has the right to use electronic means of payment.

From the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) they remember that it is


for businesses to

accept debit

cards, non-bank prepaid cards or other equivalent means.

In addition, in Consumer Defense they clarify that the premises must charge the

same price

regardless of whether the client pays in cash, with debit or with credit in a fee.

The use of plastics

cannot imply surcharges


How to claim if the rights are not fulfilled?

Residents of the City of Buenos Aires can report non-compliance from the

BA 147

mobile application  or from the Consumer Defense website.

After the neighbor's report, as they promise, the inspectors from the Commercial Loyalty area will go to the premises in

less than 72 hours


verify the infraction

, draw up a record and intimidate those responsible to comply, which will be verified in a subsequent visit. .

On the other hand, if a local has already made undue charges and refuses to return the money, or compensation is sought, a complaint can be made before the agency to go to



Finally, if the problem is that they do not accept card payments or that they impose surcharges, this can also be reported

to the AFIP

from the website


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