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Nahorai the king of animals!: from a closed and depressed child to a children's activist and a successful artist - voila! good to know


Nahorai the King of Animals fulfills a dream every moment - for himself and for the children as he guides and exercises children with animals, guides and exercises children in daycare centers, nurseries, kindergartens, schools and institutions,

Nahorai Chen, active in education from preschool to senior age for seven years, guides and operates children with animals, guides and operates children in daycare centers, nurseries, kindergartens, schools and institutions, special education, children with special needs, youth at risk, and the elderly.

What is special about Nehorai the King of Animals is that he fulfills a dream at every moment.

In fact, for him, his profit is double because he fulfills a dream for both him and the children.

Hello Nahorai, tell us why you chose this particular field?

"I chose to work with children for two reasons: one, because I recognize and feel for children who are in crisis or distressed, due to where I came from and the path of life I went through. I know and lead them to a new path with confidence and fulfillment, this is why I am active every day in educational institutions.

Second reason, because I missed my childhood and I understand a child who lacks something essential and therefore I am here to fulfill any dream or imaginary fantasy, and make it accessible to the existing reality.

When I produce an event or a party, I actually also heal my childhood and my lack - so I celebrate my past and fulfill the child's future."

Nehrai has an operator's license on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, veterinary supervision, municipal supervision, supervision of the Nature and Parks Authority, operating insurance , children's insurance and third party insurance where responsibility and safety are above all else. The business has been active for seven years, and in fact Nahorai feels that the business chose him.

"I recognize and feel for children who are in crisis or distress, due to where I came from" (Photo: Yehoshua Feinstein)

"It was not my intention to open a business - it happened. It all started when I learned how to train dogs. I trained as a dog trainer and went to work half as an employee, half as a trainer, and half as an event producer. I asked to work in kindergartens and teach children about dogs and animals, I saw tremendous success. I loved my place In the kindergartens, even though it was not profitable and financial, and I also had to invest quite a bit of money - but I felt good about myself. And why? Because I am correcting what the education authorities thought of me. When I identify a child who is experiencing a crisis, I support him and empower him (which they did not for me). It also gave me the opportunity to return to the childhood I missed. That's why I left everything and invested only in the children's world. Because everything I lacked and everything I didn't fulfill as a child, today I do it and fulfill it with the children."

Pet classes in kindergartens and institutions

I am the best with children because I understand them!

Nahorai grew up in an ultra-Orthodox society in Jerusalem and at the age of twelve his parents divorced.

At this point his life changed completely.

He was forced to move to a place of residence with his mother and sisters, where he was exposed to a different society, a different education, he had difficulty in his studies and the fact that he was an abnormal and fat child did not contribute to his social situation and from there the road to the crisis was short.

He also had to support himself, deal with the lack of attention at home and the devastating criticism from the education staff at school.

He was socially ostracized due to his heavy weight, so he found love and warmth from the animals he raised.

"My family members were busy fighting among themselves. My friends abused me every day. The educational institutions made it difficult for me and always made me realize that I was a zero because of my Zionism, I was not free to study and therefore I did not study because I had a lot to think about and who to worry about. No one saw me. They saw my body and my grades. I lacked family, friends, expression of emotion, love and communication. At the same time, I continued to gain weight at a rapid rate (about twenty kilos a year)."

Nahorai actually missed his childhood when he had to start working at the age of 12 in order to help at home and also to buy himself clothing and personal equipment.

Due to financial problems, Nahorai was forced to become independent at a very young age, when he goes to work at five in the morning until seven in the morning and then goes to school, returns to work at four in the afternoon after school and works until seven in the evening at the neighborhood grocery store, and this in exchange for an hourly wage of only NIS 7-13.

"When there were trips, I didn't go out. Instead of going on a trip with my classmates, I went to work to buy clothes and things that I was constantly missing."

When Nahorai decided to take care of himself, he took care of himself, said goodbye to anxieties and depressions.

Fulfilled dreams, and succeeded in making thousands of children happy all over the country when he began to make a substantial physical change and did professional retraining in the field of children.

Today he is in the midst of a dizzying success and crazy demand for sessions and classes when in seconds the business developed and reached enormous dimensions.

"I intended to return to my childhood and fill the lack of children from the place I know and understand.

Resounding success and crazy demand for sessions and classes (Photo: Yehoshua Feinstein)

"I put my all into every session and every event, right from the point of view of a doctor and a healer. God blessed me to find the way to the lack where I actually directed the emotion and pain. That's why I turned to the children because I understand them and I'm good with them."

This is my personal story:

I don't sell productions - I make dreams come true!

Nahorai is active in special education schools, holds special activities for children and youth with learning disabilities, visual impairments, organizes birthday parties for special children and even reached populations of the mentally ill and nursing homes, and in fact works with all ages with the aim of helping and giving when he does not see himself selling productions or parties birthdays.

For him, this is a dream come true.

"Since I was a child I have loved animals and that's where I actually found an outlet, love and empathy that I didn't get from family and school. Later I turned to the trainees and offered to run classes for children and everything just blossomed from there. I started running classes in kindergartens, birthday parties, events for special children as well as adults, event productions , and more."

For more information go to the website

What does a birthday production look like?

Nahorai's agenda is very busy, 7-9 sessions in kindergartens and institutions, followed by private or institutional events and event productions.

Every Monday and Thursday he dedicates time to help children in special education and those with special needs.

He is full of energy at birthday parties and feels like he is marrying children at a young age.

"Because I didn't celebrate my birthday. So in fact I celebrate birthdays for both the child and myself."

Everything is possible if you really want to!

Nahorai has a wide variety of concepts and activities, and all the activities are invested, diverse and creative, and in his activities you can combine an activity with animals and a birthday party, attractions and more...

"I lost 70 kilos, changed my way of thinking and made a fundamental change in my body and mind. Today, I continue to fulfill my dreams In my profession, which is actually my life's job. And I am a different person with self-confidence, a lot of passion for my work and a lot of love to prove to every child that really anything is possible."

An unforgettable birthday party for children

Nahorai makes sure to have an extravagant and unforgettable production that no operator does and makes sure

to turn the birthday into a real wedding.

what's in plan?

Preparation and adjustment conversation for the child who is celebrating.

Designed digital order + link to confirmation of arrival.

DJ, amplification, lighting, mats.

Decor, attractions, giant dolls, costumes.

In addition - an operating concept to choose from: animal show \ petting zoo \ dog show

and also - carnival inflatable sports and board games \ game tables \ food stalls.

Sessions and events in all parts of the country.

Huge productions and cultural and community events

For a variety of activities for birthdays and special events - Nahorai King of the Animals promises to make you and your child very happy with a sea of ​​investment, giving and love!

Your children also deserve to celebrate and have fun with Nahorai King of the Animals!

Contact phone number: 052-7842439

Address: Works in all the country

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