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Primary election case. Day 3|The prosecution pointed out that Peng Zhuoqi once said: agree with the idea of ​​establishing a Hong Kong nation


The trial of the 16 defendants who did not plead guilty in the pro-democracy primary election case entered the third day today (8th), and the prosecutor continued to read the opening statement. In the past two days, the prosecution has detailed the primary election plan proposed by Dai Yaoting, Au Nuoxuan and others from March to April 2020,

The trial of the 16 defendants who did not plead guilty in the pro-democracy primary election case entered the third day today (8th), and the prosecutor continued to read the opening statement.

In the past two days, the prosecution has detailed the primary election plan proposed by Dai Yaoting, Au Nuoxuan and others from March to April 2020. Dai wrote an article and published "speculation" remarks, and began preparations for the primary election from May to June. Produced a segment of the New Territories West Coordination Meeting that was suspected to be filmed under the stage.

After the "National Security Law for the Hong Kong Area" came into effect at the end of June of the same year, the primary election was still held as scheduled.

The prosecution started talking about the roles of the defendants Wu Zhengheng and Zheng Dahong yesterday, and will talk about the remaining 14 defendants today.

The prosecution mentioned earlier this morning the defendants Yang Xueying, Peng Zhuoqi and He Qiming's election campaigns and political platforms, etc., and pointed out that Peng once said in a forum: "We will not hesitate to fight to paralyze the government and veto the budget." nation" concept.

"Hong Kong 01" will follow up the report.

Defendant Peng Zhuoqi.

(Photo by Xia Jialang)

Peng Zhuoqi said that he had lobbied for street councils and other protests

As for the Southern District Councilor at the time, Pang Cheuk-ki, he mentioned in a forum that he would "not hesitate to paralyze the government and veto the budget with physical resistance" when he entered the parliament, and supported street protests as a councilor.

He also agreed with the concept of "building a Hong Kong nation", and called on supporters to pay attention to the elections on Hong Kong Island to prevent "pseudo-centrists" from splitting the votes. He also stated that "the Communist Party wants me to kneel, but we will not kneel."

Peng failed to qualify for the primary election and did not run for the Legislative Council.

In the campaign leaflets found by the police later, Peng called the primary election a "battle against tyranny" and "the last rally of Hong Kong people", and said that he had lobbied for protests on "streets, parliament, and international fronts".

Defense disputes Peng Wei's use of indiscriminate words

The court broadcast Peng's speech at the primary election forum. He said that he would "condemn the Hong Kong sell-out faction, the Hong Kong CCP faction, and Zhongyou Yuan Michang." Peng also claimed that if elected, he would veto the budget.

Lu Minyi, the barrister representing Peng, pointed out that "indiscriminately (without distinction)" was used in the opening statement, but Peng did not mention this word at the time, and the prosecution responded that it would make changes.

Defendant Yang Xueying.

(Photo by Xia Jialang)

Yang Xueying participated in the primary election and lost

The prosecution mentioned in its statement today that Yang Xueying, one of the defendants, was the chairperson of the Wanchai District Council at the time of the case, and her election platform was also included in the prosecution case. wait.

Later, Yang attended the Hong Kong Island Primary Election Forum, emphasizing that even if the candidates have different political stances, they can still unite to fight against the regime; she also called on Hong Kong people to stand up and vote under the "gloom of the National Security Law" at the press conference , and said: "Protect every Hong Kong person who comes to us."

Yuan Jiawei and others were replaced by Yang after DQ

Yang eventually lost the primary election, announced that he would not run for the Legislative Council, and called on supporters to vote for other democrats to achieve "35+".

Later, Yuan Jiawei, Liang Huangwei and Zheng Dahong who won the primary election in the same district were disqualified by the returning officer, and Yang replaced him as "Plan B".

The prosecution court broadcast a press conference with Yang and other democrats on July 9, 2020. Yang said that every candidate in the primary election bears a great responsibility this time, and the decision also has a great impact. cost.

Defendant He Qiming.

(Photo by Lu Xiangming)

He Qiming once said that the police used force many times to kill many people

The prosecution continued to point out that He Qiming, the then Sham Shui Po district councilor and vice-chairman of the ADPL, once stated in a forum: "Resistance is our only way out, and we will not have anything to do with this totalitarian regime." The police used force on several occasions and many people were killed.

At the forum, when Liu Weicong asked He, he revealed that He was the first candidate to sign the "No Regrets" statement.

Ho won the Kowloon West primary election seat and submitted a nomination form to the EAC.

A large number of citizens continued to line up outside the West Kowloon Court for the public seats, and some people started queuing yesterday evening.

(See the picture below for details)


There are only a few auspicious seats left in the public gallery

On the third day of the trial, there are still a large number of citizens waiting in the courtroom early in the morning. There were already people queuing outside the courthouse after the trial ended yesterday evening.

The judiciary has set up about 400 public seats. Based on the situation this morning, the public seats have an occupancy rate of nearly 80% to 90%. Only a few seats are not full.

16 defendants pleaded not guilty.

(See the picture below for details)


16 defendants: Wu Zhengheng (44 years old), Zheng Dahong (34 years old), Yang Xueying (36 years old), Peng Zhuoqi (28 years old), He Qiming (34 years old), Liu Weicong (55 years old), Huang Biyun (63 years old), Shi Delai (40 years old), Ho Kwai Lam (32 years old), Chen Zhiquan (50 years old), Chow Ka Shing (25 years old), Lam Cheuk Ting (45 years old), Leung Kwok Hung (66 years old), Or Yiu Lam (51 years old), Li Yuxin (29 years old), Yu Huiming (35 years old).

The charge alleges that the defendants conspired to subvert state power between July 1, 2020 and January 7, 2021.

31 defendants pleaded guilty.

(See the picture below for details)


31 defendants who have pleaded guilty: Dai Yaoting, Au Nuoxuan, Zhao Jiaxian, Zhong Jinlin, Yuan Jiawei, Liang Huangwei, Xu Zijian, Cen Zijie, Mao Mengjing, Feng Dajun, Liu Zefeng, Huang Zhifeng, Tam Wenhao, Li Jiada, Tan Dezhi, Hu Zhiwei, Zhu Kaidi, Zhang Kesen, Huang Ziyue, Yin Zhaojian , Guo Jiaqi, Wu Miner, Tan Kaibang, Liu Yingkuang, Yang Yueqiao, Fan Guowei, Lu Zhiheng, Cen Aohui, Wang Baiyu, Lin Jingnan, Wu Jianwei.

The 13 defendants to be released on bail and their bail conditions.

(See the picture below for details)


Case number: HCCC69/2022

Primary election case|Wu Zhengheng was accused of being a key player and acted in the name of Li Bolu with a design plan Primary election|The primary election continued after the National Security Law 33 defendants signed a statement indicating that they would ignore the legal consequences Primary election|Dai Yaoting raised speculation to order Western sanctions The primary selection case of the Chinese Communist Party's prosecutors broadcasting the understage filming of the coordination meeting.

The next day|More than 100 people lined up in the auditorium early in the morning, and some citizens said that they suspected that there was a party primary election case|The prosecution pointed out that pan-democrats raised 35+ targets Dai Yaoting: This time the primary election case was really solicited after death|Au Nuoxuan, 4 people including Zhao Jiaxian, Zhong Jinlin and Lin Jingnan will be transferred to the primary selection case of the prosecution witness|A seat is hard to find West Kowloon Court has about 10 people queuing up in the evening for the Dragon primary selection case|More than 200 people are waiting for the auditorium seats Multinational consuls also in court

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