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"The smuggler unicorns look down on the public - and take home a fortune": a high-tech entrepreneur presents another side to the coin | Israel today


Doron Amir (47), entrepreneur of "Hatobim Lat Cyber" and CEO of Saitaka, is furious at the political aspect that the protest against the reform is taking • "The CEOs who are calling for money to be spent are spoiled rich, who are causing unprecedented damage"

"CEOs of high-tech companies who call for the withdrawal of funds from Israel with a political argument are a disappointment," says Doron Amir (47), founder of "Hatobim Lat Cyber" and CEO of Saitaka, regarding the ever-expanding phenomenon of withdrawal of funds from Israel against the background of a rival's legal reform Levin.

Amir adds and says: "The CEOs are spoiled rich, who only demagogically create unprecedented damage to the public, who does not understand that they are being exploited for the purposes of making a huge personal profit.

The smuggling unicorns look down on the public and take home capital." His company - Saitaka, whose value is estimated at more than a billion dollars - develops hacker training and defense products in the cyber field, and works with countries and organizations all over the world.

Superior and condescending?

The high-tech protest, photo: the high-tech protest

"Yes, there is such a thing as risk hedging. Money is spent and dispersed for reasons of risk hedging. I do it, and it is true for every company. If there is a large cash fund, it must be done financially. But to create panic with the help of a political argument and cause fear and hysteria - This is already a position that seems to remind me of a stock run."

"affects the market"

"There is a difference if Mrs. Cohen from her bedroom takes a few dollars out of the country, or if the CEO of a unicorn who raised hundreds of millions of dollars takes money out of the country, and is interviewed about it in the news," he continues. , when I am a person that people appreciate?

An 8200 or a fighter pilot, in the lists of the most influential people?

Don't say that you don't know that you are an influencer, and that you don't understand the effect it has on the market," explains Amir.

So the weakening of the shekel is related to the companies' announcements to take money out of Israel?

"When you create inertia, it has an effect on the market. If you multiply $500 million by the exchange rate of five days ago and today - you understand the huge pot that was here.

Papaya Global offices.

Will more companies follow suit?, Photo: no credit

"Do you know how many investors are chasing me? Do you know how many people want the Israeli brain? We are crazy prosperity. When the outrage passes, remember this, you will see the other side getting richer. Let them not tell that they are 8200 and fighter pilots, and that is why they have the right to do Whatever they want. We all served in the army. High-tech will not be harmed by the transfer of funds abroad - high-tech will benefit from this, because high-tech's income is in dollars, and its expenses are in shekels here.

If the dollar strengthens against the shekel - it's good for the high-tech companies, but who is it bad for?

to the public

His expenses are increasing - the interest and the mortgage."

Are you claiming that the companies' announcements to take money out of Israel are a form of stock running?

"If this had been done with an economic consideration of hedging risks without populist statements, it would have been considered wise management. The second a political value was attached to it - it is actually demagoguery of allegedly running stocks and insulting the public's intelligence."

You work with countries and organizations all over the world.

Do you get to hear concern about what is happening in Israel?

"I sell cyber, the investors are running after us. Two weeks ago, the Emirati government screened a joint video of the Emirati cyber system and ours on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. A four-minute video. It is beyond any monetary value, it is a statement of honor that says we, the government of The United Arab Emirates embraces an Israeli society. The Israeli ambassador to the Emirates was with me on stage. You are like a king outside, people tell me 'come, bring us technologies - we have gold and diamonds in hand.'

"Making enormous damage."

Doron Amir, photography: Yossi Aloni

"Do you know what it means to bring money into Israel? There is bureaucracy, so many steps to cross to bring a dollar in here. I really fight to bring money to Israel, and then some political event comes and there is a lack of communication."

"produces chaos and fury"

What do you think about the protests against the reform?

"In Israel there is a kicking, strong and good democracy. There is nothing that makes me happier than when the people speak their mind and are not afraid to go out to demonstrate. But the lack of dialogue and the throwing of mud from both directions only creates chaos and anger, and there are people - mainly cowards - who post curses on social media every day .

"It worries me a lot, especially when it comes from educated people, those who register patents, who are partners in investment companies. These street curses on Facebook or Twitter, their purpose is to hurt and impose an opinion on you. Because if you don't want them to write a bad word about you in the social media, you Avoid publishing your opinion. These are the silencing and the dictatorship."

In an interview with Arel Segal on radio 103fm, you said that you are satisfied with the Prime Minister. So maybe you are also motivated by political reasons and speak from the opposition.

"I have had ventures with people from all over the political spectrum. I have worked with heads of Mossad like Tamir Pardo, he does not seem to be right-wing. I have worked with Benny Gantz, and I am working with Danny Yatom. I am bringing Amir Ohana to our conference in Kiryat Ata to speak, I am working with Yaakov Peretz - They don't seem to be left-wing. I won't say what my political positions are. It's true, I'm satisfied with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

But they didn't ask me why, they just labeled me with political currency."

So why are you satisfied with Netanyahu?

"Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump and the Ben Zayed family signed the Abraham Accords. As we still remember the peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan, there are people among us who appreciate these leaders. I am a person who judges actions.

"Thanks to the Abraham agreements, I get to lead international projects, and many other things I do with the Emirates. How can I come and say bad things about our leader to the outside? I may be able to criticize him inside the house, but externally, if it seems that we are in a leadership crisis - we We will gnaw at ourselves with wealth.

"Another thing - when I go over the Prime Minister's achievements in building cyber and economy - I am satisfied.

There is another person who is not satisfied, and that's fine, but I personally can't complain.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as our democracy allows."

"There needs to be a conversation"

Do you support legal reform?

"The reform should be done through dialogue. There is nothing good in one-way. The culture of panic and hysteria in Israel is disrupting the relationship between the public and the government. With all due respect to the movement against the reform, and with all due respect to the movement in favor - I care about the State of Israel, not the government. For all opponents of the reform and supporters The reform - sit down like adults, stop playing with fire and burn the club down. Sit down and chart a path."

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