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The health expert who "came back from the dead": this is how to avoid the diseases of old age - voila! good to know


At the age of 65, Rafael's health deteriorated to the point of life-threatening - and the medications he took only worsened the condition. Only when he started treating himself without drugs and in a natural way did he discover that his condition had changed

The health expert who "returned from the dead": this is how we avoid the diseases of old age and maintain a healthy body even at the age of 60+ (Weshow company)

Unbearable joint pain?

Is the end of life approaching?

Frequent visits to the doctor?

Rafael Yahlom, an expert in natural health, suffered from all of these powerfully.

At the age of 65, his health deteriorated to the point of life-threatening - and the medications he took only worsened the condition.

It was only when he began treating himself without drugs and in a natural way that he discovered his condition changed, and today, at the age of 77, he is energetic and enviably strong.

That's how he does it.

Raphael: "To this day I remember the horror. It was on a cold and rainy winter day 11 years ago. I am 65 years old, sitting in the doctor's waiting room, and I feel that my body is about to fall apart. My wife is holding my hands, her gaze is sealed and stopped as never before, And I knew she knew. She might not see me on my feet again before long. She might have to feed me for the rest of my life."

Rafael Yahlom, 77 years old, describes in harsh terms the fear of old age.

The fear of the degeneration of the body, the decrease in physical and mental abilities, the loss of independence and dependence on others - and finally the inevitable death.

His words are sharp, piercing and piercing to the heart, and may make many of us cringe uncomfortably.

But according to him, precisely out of this anxiety grew a great benefit.

A benefit that he claims saved his life, helped him restore his body and also restore the lives of hundreds of men and women in Israel aged 60+.

Today Yaholum is 77 years old, and proves himself to be as strong and fresh as he hasn't been since the age of 30. According to him, we can all grow old in a healthy way and enjoy full physical function even at late ages.

Raphael Yaholum, expert in natural health (photo: from the official website of Raphael - health products)

What is your story Rafael?

Raphael: "At the age of 65, I was on the safe way to "return the equipment to the Creator of the world", Yaholom testifies. I was a tired, old and sickly man, with a host of serious health problems that literally "perforated" my body from the inside. What didn't I have? I suffered excruciating pain in my legs, I hardly left the house, and I was also quite confused in my mind. My wife and my children were very worried about me, they didn't know what was going on with me."

"The situation worsened when one day I got up in the morning, and my right shoulder began to burn with pain. My wife took me to a doctor who claimed that I needed to undergo an urgent operation that would confine me to bed for six months. In other words, an operation that would make me a nursing home."

Raphael Yahalom with his family: at the age of 65, he was sure he was going to die, ten years later, he is as young and fresh as at the age of 30.

Sounds like you were in a deep crisis.

What did you do?

"I was in a state of emergency. I knew I wasn't ready to be nursing and dependent on my wife or my children in any way. That's why I opened the books and the Internet and started searching for days for a solution.

Honestly, at first I thought to myself while searching that this was ridiculous. After all, I'm already old, I tired, and my illness is a result of my aging, so what are the chances that anything will change? After all

, we are destined to grow old, get sick, degenerate and die, this is the way of the world. But as I delved into the research, I discovered that things are not as simple as I thought. I discovered that our bodies do not age Just like that: I discovered that there are processes that happen in the body that lead to aging, and they are called oxidation processes."

The oxidation process of the body's cells - a photo for illustration (photo: from the official website of Raphael - health products)

What are those oxidation processes?

"A very important question. These are processes that happen at the level of cells in our body, in which toxins called "free radicals" invade the body. They lead to wear and tear processes that "empty" our cells of energy and lead them to age and die. When the number of cells that die due to free radicals increases by a number The cells the body produces to replace them, the body ages and wears out."

"These processes start from infancy and accelerate as time goes by. Thus, at the age of 60 and over, the body has already undergone advanced oxidation processes, it weakens and loses its energy, and this is the time when it becomes more exposed to the diseases of old age."

Sounds like a stunning discovery, how did it affect you?

"First of all, she made me realize that the way I had been taking care of myself until today was simply unhelpful and even harmful. To some extent, the medication regimen I took was responsible for my poor health,

Every drug that treated one side effect actually created another side effect.

That's how I lived in a vicious circle of drugs that do not solve the reason I got sick in the first place.

It sounds crazy, are you actually saying that the body can be cured of the diseases of old age without drugs?

Raphael: That's not exactly what I'm saying.

There are also life-saving drugs and I really do not recommend "throwing away the drugs" without a diagnosis.

I do argue that the diseases of old age cannot be solved by taking all the drugs that people our age take.

Because these diseases of old age are mainly symptoms of oxidation processes, and once we take care of the problem of oxidation of the cells, the diseases of old age will not hit us with such force either.

Of course we will still age and die, but it will happen at a later age and in much better health, as our bodies are supposed to age.

So what is the way to treat old age diseases without drugs?

After researching the subject for 10 years, I found that in order to treat the diseases of old age without drugs, two steps must be taken: to balance the body electrically, which means to balance the body's cells, to prevent oxidation, and also to balance other important indicators that most people are not familiar with - but Make a huge difference in our health.

Following this understanding, I developed a formula to balance the body's systems that leads to the treatment of aging diseases, and this is a formula that I only reveal to my limited circle of clients in the "Raphael" health program.

To be honest, it leads to quite amazing results, such as for Yoel Shamir, a 56-year-old athlete, who suffered from severe arteriosclerosis.

He had a heart attack and barely survived, but after entering the program, he balanced his body and reported a marked improvement in his sclerosis and returned to being a competitive athlete.

There is also the story of Dr. Shush Navon, 82 years old, who went through the program and even at her extreme age, she has no problems with cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes. But perhaps the most amazing story I had is that of Shmuel Avraham, a 66-year-old diabetic with 6 stents in his heart And he has been 100% disabled for 6 years.

Before he came to me, Shmuel was unable to walk. But a year after he finished the program - he already sent me pictures of himself from a trip he made abroad with the extended family.

There are hundreds of other success stories like this, and the change this program makes to people's lives is the reason I get up in the morning.

Rafael Yahlom: "Every man and woman over the age of 60 can enjoy good health without fearing the diseases of old age"

sounds like an amazing plan for men and women over 60 who care about their health.

How can I join it?

If you have passed the age of 60+ and you want to overcome the diseases of old age, or prevent them in advance, I invite you to check your suitability for the "Raphael" health plan.

I am attaching a link that you can click on to book a phone call to check compatibility.

In this conversation we will be able to get to know you, see the unique challenges you face, and if we recognize that there is a match between us - I will guide you through a process that will help you enjoy robust health even in old age.

>>Click here to check your suitability for the "Raphael" health plan for the ages 60+

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