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Hope after tragedy: the emotional rescues of survivors after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria


Three days after the tragedy, thousands of rescue workers are still searching the rubble for survivors, bringing a beacon of hope in the midst of a tragedy. However, with low temperatures and destruction and chaos ahead, time is pressing.

This has been the rescues in Turkey and Syria after the earthquake 1:48

(CNN Spanish) --

Time is pressing and the work of rescuers to find survivors after the deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday is against the clock.

Three days after the tragedy, thousands of rescuers are still looking for survivors among the rubble, bringing a light of hope in the midst of a tragedy that has already left more than 21,000 dead and of which emergency teams have warned that it could increase over time. of the days.

And while destruction and chaos have created disaster zones in Turkey and Syria, weather conditions have made rescue efforts more difficult, with low temperatures, frigid conditions, and snow and rain in some parts.

By this Wednesday, the already cold temperatures are expected to plummet to several degrees below zero.

Despite the scale of the tragedy, rescuers continue to search for life beneath piles of rubble, slow and difficult work that can take hours, if not days.

These are some cases of emotional rescues in the midst of death and hopelessness.

The rescue of two sisters in hours 99 and 101 after the earthquake

Two teenage sisters were rescued at the 99th and 101st hour after the earthquake in Turkey, according to a statement from the Antalya Metropolitan Fire Department on Friday.


Ayfer, 15, was rescued from the rubble in the city of Kahramanmaras in the 99th hour since the quake, while her younger sister, Fatma, 13, was rescued in the 101st hour since the quake, the statement said.

The rescue team detected signs of life under the rubble with seismic sensors and carried out a ten-hour rescue operation to reach the point where Ayfer was located.

During the rescue operation, local firefighters struck up a conversation with Ayfer to keep her conscious, during which she said she missed eating ice cream.

In response, the firefighters promised to have ice cream together.

The firefighters also played Zeynep Bastik's song "Gül Beyaz Gül" (White Rose), which was requested by Ayfer during the rescue operation, the fire department said.

In the same remains, firefighters detected signs of life coming from Ayfer's sister, Fatma, who was rescued at 101 hours after the earthquake and was sent to the medical teams on the scene.

Father and sons rescued in Turkey more than 76 hours after earthquake

Members of a rescue team work near a collapsed building in Gaziantep, Turkey, on February 9.

(Zeena Saifi/CNN)

More than 76 hours after Monday's devastating earthquake in southern Turkey, three men emerged alive and unharmed from the rubble in the city of Gaziantep after desperate relatives and neighbors joined the rescue operation to save them.

Mithat Tabur and his sons Ersin, 30, and Mustafa, 26, were rescued from the rubble of an eight-story apartment building in the city's Ibrahimli suburb after search teams spotted them in what was left. from your living room.

Tabur's wife, Ayer, was found dead in the kitchen.

Rescue teams are now trying to recover her body from under the rubble.

More than 100 people lived in his building, and about a quarter of the residents made it out alive.

Mexican rescuers rescue woman from rubble in Turkey

The team from the Mexican Ministry of Defense rescued alive a person who spent four days among the rubble due to the earthquake in Turkey.

She is about a 70-year-old woman who was in the ruins of a building.

So far, the Mexican team on the ground has rescued the lifeless bodies of three other people.

Mexicans rescue a woman from the rubble in Turkey 0:50

A child survives after 78 hours under the rubble

The emotional applause for a child after spending 78 hours under rubble 0:54

With applause, rescue teams celebrated the rescue of a 10-year-old boy who spent 78 hours under rubble in Kahramanras, Turkey.

Rescue teams heard noises around 11 p.m. Thursday local time and worked through the night to find Mehmet and his family.

The joyful gesture of a baby after being rescued from the rubble

The smile of a baby after being rescued from the rubble in Turkey 0:53

Rescue teams were able to smile after a stressful operation in Turkey.

Rescuers removed a boy from the rubble, identified as Karam, in rural Ildib, Syria.

of the rubble.

His reaction touched everyone: he began to laugh and play with his rescuers.

A baby spent 65 hours under rubble

Another miracle occurred in the midst of the tragedy: a baby was found alive 65 hours after the earthquake in the city of Hatay.

Once he was found, he was rushed to the emergency room for immediate assistance.

Dramatic rescue of a baby who spent 65 hours under rubble in Turkey 0:56

The touching rescue of a dog and a cat

Some pets have also been victims of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

In this video we see how local rescuers from two cities, Iskenderun and Hatay, manage to save a dog and a cat from the rubble.

This is how they saved a dog and a cat from the rubble in Turkey 1:39

The rescue of 8-year-old Yigit Cakmak after 52 hours of waiting

A series of dramatic photos shows 8-year-old Yigit Cakmak being rescued from rubble by emergency workers in Hatay, Turkey, 52 hours after the initial earthquake rocked the region.

Getty photographer Burak Kara captured the photos of Cakmak being freed from the collapsed building.

The boy passed over the rubble from the arms of one rescuer to another until he was finally in the arms of his mother, who was waiting at the scene.

Rescuers carry Yigit Cakmak from the site of a collapsed building in Hatay, Turkey, on Wednesday, February 8.

(Burak Kara/Getty Images)

This is the moment Cakmak was taken out of the destroyed building.

(Burak Kara/Getty Images)

A chain of rescuers passes Cakmak through the rubble.

(Burak Kara/Getty Images)

Cakmak was finally reunited with his mother.

(Burak Kara/Getty Images)

Innocent lives rise from the rubble

Rescue workers have worked grueling days in Syria to find earthquake survivors.

After hours of work they have been able to rescue several children, whose small bodies found a space between the tons of iron and concrete to resist.

These are some of the rescues captured on video.

Heartwarming rescues of children from the ruins in Syria after earthquake 2:17

Two children survive after 36 hours of terror

In a heartbreaking but hopeful image, rescuers in Syria found two children alive under rubble, 36 hours after the quake struck.

In a video a little girl appears who asks to be rescued: "I will do anything for you. I will be your servant," begs the girl, who is called Miriam, who caressed her younger brother's hair, while both lie trapped under what they can be the remains of his bed.

The girl is able to move her arm far enough to cover the face of her brother, Ilaaf, providing some protection from dust amidst the rubble.

A girl in Syria protected her younger brother for 36 hours after the earthquake that devastated Syria and Turkey.

Mustafa Zuhir Al-Sayed, the children's father, said his wife and three children were sleeping early Monday when the earth trembled.

“We felt the ground shaking… and rubble started falling on our head, and we were under the rubble for two days,” he said.

"We went through a feeling, a feeling that I hope no one has to feel."

Trapped under the rubble, Al-Sayed said his family recited the Quran and prayed out loud that someone would find them.

The video shows the children being pulled out of the rubble wrapped in blankets and taken to a hospital for care.

The whole family survived.

A newborn baby survived in Syria

A newborn girl receives treatment inside an incubator at a children's hospital in the city of Afrin, Aleppo province, Syria, Tuesday, February 7, 2023. (Ghaith Alsayed/AP)

A newborn baby was ripped from the arms of death after being rescued from the rubble of her home in northern Syria, after Monday's earthquake.

Her umbilical cord was still attached to her mother when she was found, a relative told Agence France-Presse.

Her mother is believed to have died after giving birth.

"We heard a voice while we were digging," cousin Khalil al-Suwadi told AFP on Tuesday.

"We cleaned up the dust and found the baby with the umbilical cord (intact) so we cut it off and my cousin took her to the hospital."

The girl was taken to a children's hospital in the city of Afrin for medical treatment.

Pediatrician Hani Maarouf told AFP that she is stable but she arrived with bruises, lacerations and hypothermia.

The baby is the sole survivor of her immediate family, according to Suwadi.

They lived in a five-story apartment building that was leveled by the earthquake.

the live rescue

Race against the clock: they rescue a young man from the rubble in Turkey 1:36

A 14-year-old boy was pulled from rubble in the town of Kahramanmaras more than 24 hours after a powerful earthquake struck the region, according to CNN affiliate CNN Turk.

His rescue, broadcast live on CNN Turk, showed emergency crews carrying the boy on a stretcher through the crowd to an ambulance.

"Finally! He's been rescued," a CNN Turk reporter said from the scene, calling it a "miracle."

The boy has been taken to the hospital, the reporter said.

His condition is unknown.

A child crawls out of the destruction

In an overwhelming image left by the earthquake, in Turkey there were moments of joy when a boy was found alive and managed to crawl out through the rubble of a building that collapsed after several hours trapped.

As the child crawls to the surface, the voices of rescuers are heard cheering for the child.

Boy manages to crawl out of rubble in Turkey 1:02


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