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Woman to woman hypocritical and evil: the week of the big catfight. heart emoji - Walla! Sheee


The crowd against Noa Kirel and Odia, the disabled against Daniel Greenberg, Korin Gideon against Tal and Aviad and Daniel Amit against Maayan Adam. Woman to Woman Horror: The Week of the Great Quarrel

Sheee News closes a conflicted week with four highly publicized conflicts: the audience against Noa Kirel and Odia, the disabled against Daniel Greenberg, Korin Gideon against Tal and Aviad and Daniel Amit against Maayan Adam.

This past week has provided us with quite a bit of fun material for the lerlors, and I'm sorry, Corinne, profanity is going to be spilled here.

But that's okay, because in general he does talk to you.

Just admit it, get rid of the hamsots, join us and you'll start having fun, I promise.

@israeli_songs #אודיה #נואהקירל #מאמי ♬ original sound - Israeli songs on Instagram

Odia didn't budge and I wanted to hug her

Some claimed that it was the fault of Kirel, who takes the stage in exaggeration in the performance in which she is a guest.

Others claimed that it was Odia's fault, that she simply does not know how to put on a show on stage.

Either way, both camps agreed: at Odia's concert at the Menorah Hall, where Kirel dropped by especially from the US to be a guest for a few songs, the mumbler to God paled in comparison to the experienced pop star. First of all, my heart goes out to Odia. For her performance, there was no way she would miss the cruel comparison. The Tiktok audience is always quick to kill, but this time the gap that screams from the video cannot be ignored as a given fact.

I did not come to conflict, on the contrary.

In my opinion, the blame is not placed on any of the stars, but on an unfortunate combination of circumstances.

Odia could not surpass Kirel in the performance of "Panther", first of all because she is not.

I mean, panther.

She might be an encore with a wounded wing, which is no less good - it's a genre, and each of them is strong in their own genre.

Kirel belongs to the Beyoncé breed, who eats the stage and spits out the leftovers.

Odia belongs to the Natan Goshnai breed, who carries prayers to heaven with a tormented face.

She had no chance to flourish in a song based on Chopin and sex-appeal, for her it's a lost war in advance.

On the other hand, Kirel just did Noa Kirel.

She gave her best, and that's how her best looks.

It is impossible to demand a curl motor to reduce its curl, and there is no need either.

Those who enjoy Kirel, expect a stage animal and not a frightened girl who was suddenly required to sing "Ahad mi yode" around the holiday table.

It is also important to take the issue in proportion.

Although this is an unfortunate recording of a performance, the biggest of the international stars have at least one that runs on Tiktok, to the delight of the viewers.

Odia is not the first and the last to experience such an attack, and I am addressing these words to her, because despite her great success, I am sure that, like every person, difficult reactions seep into her heart as well, all the more so at her young age and relatively short experience.

Her talent is proven in the field and there is no doubt that she will continue to grow and develop with the mileage she will accumulate in life and on the stages, mileage that Kirel has accumulated since the age of 14. Either way, I do not wish for both of them a mental breakdown a la Britney.

Therefore, we will end with a female-empowering statement (I'll put on my glabia and airy voice for this purpose), both of you are good, both of you are beautiful, both of you are successful and rich on a psychotic level that most of us can't even imagine.

Essay on stage - less.

fucking big deal

Korin Gideon Tsavat against Tal and Aviad

"Hear it's like magic," Corinne Gideon wrote this week in her story, one of the vindictive stories that caught my eye.

"Little by little, everyone who slandered me, slandered me, mocked and disrespected me, one by one they fall. Every dog's day is coming."

In all her radiant Gideonism, she ended these words of encouragement with a life lesson: You just have to be patient, concentrate on the good, and the universe takes care of everyone," for she must have concentrated on the good during this story, and perhaps precisely because she forgot to concentrate on it, she woke up a few days later with an eye infection. Me, of course You're laughing and I'm not wishing Gideon an eye infection either, I'm just saying that from someone who believes in karma, I would expect you not to mess with it.

More in Walla!

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The truth is revealed

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Korin Gideon (Maariv)

But what is interesting about the believers of karma, is that they believe in it only when it is by their side.

The inflammation of the eyes, for example, is due to the fact that she was given the "evil eye", Gideon believes.

According to her interpretation, then, the abilities of the universe amount to harming others.

When Gideon is the one who abducts sensations with her eyes, precisely then the magical power is transferred to the person.

How pleasant it must be to sample each time an element of a different faith according to your convenience, like an apothecary of a personally composed dish, to zigzag between cultures and myths and engineer from them the narrative that you will always stand at the center of, as the sun of the nations.

Soon the pieces of the puzzle came together and it became clear who she was aiming her venomous words at, aka Tal Berman and Aviad Kisos, who broke my heart like the hearts of countless others when they announced this week that their joint radio show was coming to an end.

There is so much more to say about Gideon's vengeful story, but the ones who did it best are the objects of revenge, who summed up the subject with their characteristic sharpness and wit.

"Our life is Korin Gideon, what a goddess," began Ivy in the program that aired the next morning, and Berman added: "Yesterday, Sturi put up a story that she is walking, shining, happy," referring to the victory video that accompanies the text.

After that, the two referred to the title, "A good day for those who are good", which adorned the story, "with an exclamation point", noted Berman, "because this is also a statement that should be slapped in people's faces".

He also attributed the fake positivity to the decorative ending of her words - heart emoji, hamsa emoji - because "it's a statement that is all good", according to Ivy.

Along with the stings, Ivy admitted that he exaggerated some of his statements about her during the two, and Barman even found a place in his heart to compliment Goon on the move.

"After it made me laugh, I even appreciated a little bit that she did it, because she seemed to be beaming with happiness," Berman said.

"I appreciated that she waited for a moment, and didn't forget, and wasn't ashamed, and didn't do the thing called '

came out big and was ignored'.

Said her piece, claimed her pint of revenge."

In the end, the two agreed, there is something comforting in the notion that all of a person's pain depends on a higher power.

"How heartbreaking these past months, when actually it was the universe and not us that did things to each other," said Ivy bitterly.

"We could say to each other: listen, it wasn't me who said these terrible things to you, it wasn't you who annoyed me, it was the universe taking care of both of us. I will not separate from you, but from the universe: a very specific universe in the center of which is not the sun but Korin Gideon, around which everything gathers Its needs. This is the universe, Korin Gideon's attack dog."

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A post shared by Daniel Greenberg (@daniel_greenbergg)

Troubles of riches: Daniel Greenberg steals "Mial" fashion

More on the issues of disconnection and the cost of living, Daniel Greenberg received severe criticism this week with the launch of the "Miel" fashion brand named after her daughter.

According to her, the brand offers items at "accessible" prices.

By this she may have meant that they are accessible to her, because most of her followers, including women who earn a living like ordinary human women, will not buy clothes for hundreds of shekels per item for their toddlers who grow up and get dirty at any given moment.

In this matter (specifically in this matter, it must be emphasized), I take the side of Daniel Greenberg.

This is exactly what is called a free market, which we talked about in the Amit-Adam case.

Daniel Greenberg is neither a philanthropic organization nor a food chain, its products are not under government supervision.

She runs an independent business, and as such, she is fully entitled to price her products as she pleases.

Those who are not satisfied with them, can find what she wants in stock stores, online and on the Internet of her friends' children and aunts.

Greenberg brands itself as a luxury brand, and even if it is ridiculous - to dress children in luxury - the choice is in her hands, and it is likely that she also has a fertile market somewhere in the area between Madina Square and Yo Towers.


Such people also want the best for their children, and if they can afford it, why not.

This is not a communist country.

Accusing Greenberg of extremism is as funny as a social protest in front of the offices of Gucci or Tesla.

But the people's protest touched her heart, and following the storm, Greenberg published a clarifying post, in which she claimed that she also sends her children to kindergarten in skimpy clothes (well, mommy doesn't have to exaggerate), while the brand items she launched are intended for special events, Shabbat and holidays, as well as birthday gifts.

I still intend to spoil my partner's children with Maxstock toys, but her explanation, in my opinion, is completely satisfactory.

And the truth?

She doesn't owe an explanation to anyone.

Problems of riches 2: Daniel Amit goes out on a spring of Adam

Daniel Amit VS Maayan Adam (Photo: screenshot, Instagram)

Is it true that my eyes saw it, and network anchor Daniel Amit came out this week against Maayan Adam, since she gets better discounts for her followers?

Is it possible that while an entire nation is struggling against the cost of living, Daniel Amit Kebal came out with a committee against price competition?

And for what?

Oh, well, for what it's worth.

But not equality between everyone, God forbid, not equality between the common people and the network leaders raised from the people, but equality between themselves.

Yes, the situation of the most successful network anchors is the one for which the influencer is fighting, in the eyes of the customers whose interests are clearly the opposite.

Dear Daniel Amit, I have no doubt that you wrote from your heart, and out of true professional frustration.

Most of us are frustrated with our professionalism in one way or another.

Ummm, not every internal conflict is of interest to the public, certainly to the public whose main interest is their personal interest.

When you openly announce that your good is more important to you than the good of your followers, I'm sorry, but don't expect much support from the masses.

Because if there's something that doesn't photograph well for Insta, it's disconnection and self-centeredness.

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