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ChatGPT is only the tip of the iceberg: the things that businesses can do with AI - voila! Marketing and digital


From audience segmentation and strategy building to inventory and employee management, AI has brought amazing capabilities, so why are most businesses still not using it effectively, and where else can it go?

What else can we do with AI that we haven't tried yet?

It turns out that a lot (Photo:

CHATGPT is a product of machine learning (LM), during which the machine learns how it should respond to a certain type of data.

Apparently this is a simple process, but when you add more and more parameters, use cases and additional information, the process becomes complex.

In an era of information overload, dozens of media networks and endless data that may affect business activity, there are internal influences as well as external forces that shape our business activity.

Unfortunately, the human brain is not able to classify and analyze such a large volume of data and how it affects the business activity, hence the response will inevitably be partial and late.

How businesses are using AI today

Ester Salzman, the VP of Marketing at the CNWD ERpl business desk company, says that the use of chat in general and AI in particular is a required step in business evolution. According to her, "Today, most businesses use the most basic AI systems and hence their advantage will be limited.

Most learning systems have regular actions that occur in the organization and remind the organization of an identical action that will take place."

For example, a company orders 10,000 can pallets every month. The system learns the operation and after a certain period of time it will remember the business every month that 10,000 pallets must be ordered. It is not disputed that This should streamline the business, but AI is not required for this.

A more complex algorithm will be able to check at any given moment whether the 10,000 purchased cans have also been sold, so it is not a 'stupid' reminder that will double the inventory.

Moreover, the system knows how to examine whether the rate of sale of cans is the same as in past periods or is there unusual behavior?

Abnormal behavior will be analyzed using AI and will recommend purchasing earlier than usual or alternatively rejecting the fixed purchase order.

An AI system contains countless data and variables, so at the end of the day it knows how to indicate an accurate picture for the relevant business, a reality that is sometimes superior to human intelligence.

For example, when the weather is warm and pleasant there is a higher demand for cans.

At the same time, in hot weather women consume more cans, while in cold weather men buy more.

Therefore, one should invest in massive advertising in warm weather in general and target the female population as the target population and so on."

Salzman adds that "AI cross-references so much data that it knows how to generate different customer groups for the business and predict their behavior or alternatively to define situations and predict the process that will take place, so that in the end it will be possible to know that the same group of women who prefer to purchase cans in hot weather will prefer to purchase this or that food and so on."

Using AI to find out the situation in the market

"But AI is not a tool that is limited only to improving the productivity of the organization. We can use it to indicate new penetration targets, predict consumer trends, learn about our customers, learn about the behavior of our inventory, examine whether our employees are happy, which campaign will yield the most Many results and where, what are the global trends that may affect us, how global warming affects our specific business and more," says Salzman.

Ido Sebag, VP of Technologies at the consulting company WeCcelerate confirms: "ChatGPT and AI in general can be a game changer for any business, at any level.

From a small business to huge companies.

First, even before we choose one or another field, can we find out if that market is attractive?

What does the future hold for him and more.

Of course, the words of the chat should be treated with caution, but it definitely provides new knowledge that many entrepreneurs may lack at the beginning."

Sabag continues: "If until today, every business owner used the Internet to get information about the market and competitors, when larger businesses can afford to hire professional analysts, it seems that now knowledge is becoming more democratically distributed. At this point, the knowledge that a professional analyst has together With its access to databases and business information surpasses those of the chat. But the capabilities that the chat provides are more than enough to provide small and medium-sized businesses with an initial direction before reaching consulting firms that are their specialty."

Sabag says that "a small business can use chat in order to identify its target audience, think about its marketing strategy to reach them, know how to market itself correctly, price, build a business model and more. In addition, if they want to enter the international market, "Could there be information about the business nature of that country that would help to understand how to deal with the target audience? Is it better in emails, phone calls or perhaps WhatsApp? It's information that would not be available without the chat, so it's very important."

The limitation of the AI

And yet, you can't rely on him one hundred percent.

It has errors and inaccuracies, so it is better to use it and not rely only on it.

Sabag says that "there is no substitute for the tests of every business owner. Everyone has the responsibility to perform preliminary tests before accessing the chat. For example, when opening a fast food branch in a certain area, that entrepreneur should physically come to the area and see who the target audience is: is it in the area Offices, industry or residences? What are the business hours of operation? This information will give us initial data about our future business that the chat will not be able to give and in addition, when we reach it and want to use it, we will know better what we are interested in knowing and what we will ask it."

So how come we don't have it in every business?

And how is it that the AI ​​systems in the market do not give us such solutions?

Similar to ChatGPT, the AI ​​systems on the market are also systems that the business is required to teach and enter data into.

ChatGPT does not have an independent existence, it is not connected to online data, it was trained by its developers until the year 2021 and hence any data born in 2023 is unknown to it.

Similarly, AI systems that draw data from existing systems are actually limited by the information collected for them by the systems in the business.

They are not fed by general and international information and information that may affect data forecasting and monitoring abnormal activities, and the information they receive from the systems in the field is functional.

This is because the systems in the field were developed from the beginning for a functional purpose, and the information they can provide is accurate to perform the operation.

There is no data they can retain or learn beyond that.

In Sabag's opinion, in the near future, the increasing use of chats in general and AI in particular among B2B businesses will bring with it a lot of knowledge and will cause more players to enter the market, resulting in increased competition, improved capabilities and lower prices.

Thus, for example, the CNWD company developed a business desktop that understands that every activity carried out on the platform has additional meanings besides the functional need of that task.

Thus, for example, a lead that came from a certain source and became a customer is a functional fact.

For high-quality AI, a variety of data must be examined that will help us organize all the information: for example, what hours was the lead treated?

Who is the agent/salesperson who handled it?

How long does it take on average for an organization to handle a lead, and how much in the industry?

What is the season of the year?

Where did it come from and more.

All of these allow the desktop to monitor, classify and analyze dozens and hundreds of situations, study the business, and the activity and present AI-based insights to the business owner.

When you understand the business implications, it seems that it is not possible to run a business without AI.

In practice, even though businesses claim to have AI systems, they have at best an 'auto attendant' and before long they will be lagging behind.

A high-quality AI will know how to study the organization, the situations, the parameters and the data and from them tap and draw operative conclusions.

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