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Planning a romantic evening? The meals of Valentine's Day 2023 that you should not miss Israel today


It is known that the way to the heart goes through the stomach, that since the dawn of mankind food has been associated with sensuality, that a romantic meal is an excellent way to preserve the passion in a relationship, and many other clichés. We have compiled here for you some of the most romantic and delicious meals of the year

In honor of International Valentine's Day, the Sitara restaurant in the Sea & Sun complex, which overlooks the Tel Aviv beach, dims the lights and invites you to celebrate in an intimate atmosphere by candlelight only.

The meal will be accompanied by the chef's special couple dishes alongside slow champagne.

Among the dishes will be: foie gras bruschetta with cherry jam and hot chili (NIS 85), lamb chops (NIS 250) and a strawberry Kadaif dessert with layers of Kadaif, mascarpone cream, fresh strawberries, strawberry coulis and roasted pistachios (NIS 62). 

A table in Sitara, photo: Yonatan Ben Haim

The Pastel restaurant located in the plaza of the Tel Aviv Museum celebrates Valentine's Day with special dishes by chef Gal Ben Moshe.

On your special evening, you can enjoy, among other things, a double starter of "sashimi on ice" with red tuna, intias and local trout accompanied by a trio of aromatic sauces and crunchy vegetables (NIS 152);

Beef Wellington dish of beef fillet wrapped in puff pastry with foie gras and mushrooms (NIS 360);

A farida dish (take-off on sardines) of a whole boneless fish filled with intoxicating herbs and spices (NIS 360).

Skewering a butcher's piece in pastel, photo: Assaf Karla

Chef Haim Cohen offers at the Jaffa-Tel Aviv restaurant, located at 98 Yigal Alon St. in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, a tasting menu that includes some of the restaurant's flagship dishes and promises a fine culinary journey for his guests.

The meal, which costs NIS 45 per person, will start with a glass of champagne and you will go on this journey through a plate with three appetizers chosen by the chef.

Continue through a choice of starters, including: sea fish sashimi, with beetroot and strawberry vinaigrette;

Offer dishes in the meantime, such as: Shishbarak Labna and Zaatar with Turkish spinach on hot yogurt;

Continue to the mains to choose from, among them, a locust dish, handmade spaghetti, miso and white eggplant, and end with two desserts, including: "Nights in Beirut" - semolina and gum pudding, pistachio shanties, caramelized pistachios and rose syrup.

The Sahara Palace restaurant of chef Nashat Abbas will be decorated in honor of Valentine's Day with 750 balloons, as the number of days that mark the opening of the restaurant, and will serve a special menu with a double dessert at the expense of the house.

Among the dishes, it will be possible to enjoy a tabula with pomegranate seeds instead;

Fattoush with a bread cracker covered with Arabic cheese shavings;

local fish fillet on a bed of turnip cream and green cardamom whipped cream;

Skewers of butcher's meat with Jerusalem artichoke cream;

And more, at a price of NIS 150-220 per diner. 

A day of love at the Sahara Palace, photo: Shani Beryl

Chef Liran Blue created a special menu for Valentine's Day at the HaMkadesh restaurant, located in the Ofer complex in Petah Tikva, with dishes that delight the palate.

Belo created alongside the main menu a double tasting menu that includes eight courses at a price of NIS 250 per guest, through which he takes the guests on a journey through different raw materials to which he gave his own interpretation.

Among the dishes served: Kolorbi "ravioli" filled with salmon tartar, fresh mint and caviar in vegetable stock and purple cabbage sauce alongside yuzu and cucumber vinaigrette;

Denver Cut tartare, smoked corn cream, carrot cream and tapioca twill on a beet and cherry base;

And Hollenstein tenderloin sirloin roast beef with shallot confit confit in miso soup with sake and fresh yuzu.

Kolorbi ravioli, salmon tartare, mint and caviar in vegetable stock and purple cabbage of the temple, photo: Liran Blue Photography

At the Fantastic Cocktail Bar, located inside the Port and Blue Hotel in Tel Aviv, they created a food and cocktail menu in honor of Valentine's Day served in a festive atmosphere with lots of surprises.

Along with special and bold drinks, based on the prestigious Beluga vodka, dishes will be served during the evening, such as: white fish sashimi, tomato gazpacho, lemon grass, crème fraîche, lime, coriander, chili and micro peas (NIS 68);

Linguine, bar blanc, white fish confit, garlic, orange zest and allspice (NIS 98);

And for dessert, coconut and lemon panna cotta with pistachio sable and cherry and raspberry coulis (NIS 52) will be served.

During the evening, champagne will also be offered in glasses, with a playlist of electro, swing and jazz playing in the background. 

Valentine's Day at Fantastic, photo: Anatoli Michaelou

At the Tel Aviv wine bar "Felix", located at Dizengoff 230, they created a festive menu for the special day with food, wine and cocktail specials that will be served in a light atmosphere alongside a host of surprises.

Among other things, dishes will be served during the evening, such as: beetroot risotto, burnt ricotta and pine nuts (NIS 64);

And sea bass carpaccio, blueberry coulis, spicy plum salsa, crème fraîche and lime zest (NIS 64).

In addition to wines and champagne that are suitable for the special evening, the on-site bar will also bring out warm and indulgent sangria, which is fun to share. 

Valentine's Day at Felix,

Chef Yuval Ben Naria offers at the Taizo restaurant in Tel Aviv a structured menu for couples in honor of Valentine's Day at a price of NIS 980 per couple, with a choice of dishes.

The meal opens with glasses of champagne and two appetizers, including: sea fish tartare, crispy rice cone, black sesame, soy whipped cream and down fish eggs;

Along with two additional glasses of wine to accompany the meal, diners will later enjoy appetizers, such as: Bengali carpaccio - local angler fish |

Curry leaf oil

Fermented mustard seeds

Papdam |

crème fraîche;

Intermediate, such as: Shanhanzi dumpling - veal cheek

Meat soup

Pistachio from Sallah

axis of pomegranates;

Mains including: beef fillet and truffles - bakchoi purple |

Purple carrot

Mini Zucchini

Brown butter

nori seaweed;

and dessert to choose from. 

Taizo restaurant fish ceviche, photo: Asaf Karla

The new Italian BELAGO, overlooking the lake in the Yes Planet complex in Rishon Lezion, serves a special Valentine's Day menu for lovers of the chef and owner, Liran Tomer.

The place offers a choice of starters (NIS 69), such as beef tartare on bruschetta, confit garlic aioli, shallots, chopped chives.

A main dish to choose from, such as, for example, a sheet of pasta with oregano butter, pieces of sea bass, lemon whipped cream and tomato chips (NIS 99) and a double dessert of chocolate fudge, chocolate ice cream with toffee sauce and caramelized popcorn (NIS 55). 

A day of love in Belgo, photo: Oz Ohion

At the cocktail bar Belvoy, located in Hotel B on Berdichevsky Street in Tel Aviv, they have created a special menu of food and cocktails in honor of Valentine's Day, served with the boldness typical of the place.

Among others, dishes such as seared sea bass on homemade focaccia with green gremolata, strawberry puree, beets and micro peas (NIS 68), Vitello tomato with roast beef sheitel, tomato seeds, chipotle aioli, chili, will be served during the evening. Mizuna and parsley (NIS 58) and Carmino chocolate and nougat, pretzel pieces, vanilla and berries (NIS 58).

The bar will serve special drinks in a Belvoy style, serving and approach, such as: Super Daisy - Tanqueray gin, apricot liqueur, orange liqueur, lime and herbs (NIS 62).

During the chic and elegant bar stand also champagne in glasses with electro swing and Dixieland music in the background.  

Bell Boy's special cocktail,

Bar 223 in Dizengoff in Tel Aviv is hosting on the eve of Valentine's Day the ambassador of "Beluga" in Israel, Ray White, with a specially prepared cocktail menu, based on the prestigious Beluga vodka.

Before the special evening Ray will offer her 223 guests a cocktail workshop led by her.

Among other things, the bar will serve cocktails, such as: "Beluga Noble Espresso" - beluga vodka, espresso, maple spiced with pecans, shiraz wine;

Or "Wonder Sour": Beluga Gold Line, Aperol, Green Chartreuse, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Lime.  

Valentine's Day of 223,

In honor of Valentine's Day, Chef Assaf Stern created special dishes for couples in honor of Valentine's Day at the Mesa restaurant, located on 19 Ha'Rava Street, Tel Aviv, including: Jerusalem bagels on a charcoal grill, fish tartar, burnt tomato vinaigrette, fermented chili, yuzu aioli, shallots and apricot cream (126 shekels);

Sea fish weighing a kilo on coals with katsu ah papa pasta, roasted cherry sauce, brown butter and red chili, coriander.  

At the Europa Cafe restaurant, located on Rothschild Boulevard 9 in Tel Aviv, chef Jordan Shay has prepared a romantic and creative menu for Valentine's Day, full of special dishes, such as: soft artichoke hearts grown from a thorn, filled with fish kebab on a charcoal grill, lemon butter and fresh peas (NIS 106 );

His corn brûlée with brittle coating with crème fraîche "born and crystallized", and black caviar (NIS 94);

Veal almonds "from the heart", skewered on a charcoal grill, sour herb paste on a heart of grilled lettuce and roasted lemon (NIS 87);

and more. 

In Bushwick, the urban bar from Imperial House at Nachalat Binyamin 28 in Tel Aviv, a special cocktail menu will be served in honor of Valentine's with Jungle Bird - bitter martini, Appleton rum, lime, almonds, pineapple and passion fruit (NIS 58); Vermouth Cocktail - martini piero, liqueur Oranges and orange bitters (NIS 44); and more. 

The Palace restaurant in the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Jerusalem, under the direction of the chef, Itzik Mizrachi Barak, invites its guests to a romantic culinary celebration on February 13-21 with a menu for two at a price of NIS 750 per couple.

On the menu you can find a variety of pairing dishes inspired by Jerusalem with Mediterranean touches from local produce such as root vegetables and spices.

Along with a cocktail of your choice, the meal begins with appetizers for the table, such as: cherry tomato marmalade with roasted pepper and sweet almond tart with pecans.

Then each couple receives three dishes, for example, ravioli hearts filled with beef asado, artichokes, chestnuts and beef stock.

You can end the meal with a "lovers' duet" dessert of lemon tart and chocolate cake filled with caramel.

Ravioli hearts filled with beef asado, photo: Ortal Hazan

Chang Ba restaurant, which offers Thai street food under the leadership of chef Idan Lipsheef and is located at Namal 23 in Haifa, will celebrate Valentine's with a special evening entirely under the concept of Sharing is Caring.

The restaurant will offer a traditional Thai meal for two at a price of NIS 180 per couple, which will be served on a large platter with plenty of ingredients and ingredients.

The place offers a fish or meat platter of your choice that contains: fresh herbs and vegetables, fried onions, sum tam salad, rice salad and a curry dish to choose from.

In the fish platter there will be raw fish in a sour and spicy sauce and fried barboni or malitas and the meat version will have beef skewers and chickpeas, all accompanied by authentic Thai sauces.

A couple's meal at Chang Ba, photo: courtesy of Chang Ba

In honor of the holiday, the Tasting Room Bar, the designed wine cellar in Sharon, offers a romantic evening for couples on February 13-14 in collaboration with the 1848 Winery. On February 13, an evening dedicated to the wines of the 1848 Winery will be held at the venue. The evening will include a lecture by the winemaker Ilan Assolin and an intimate tasting workshop of selected wines.

Along with them, dishes will be served throughout the evening, such as: grilled St. Mor cheese brioche with honey sauce, thyme and garlic;

beetroot carpaccio in tomato and calamata seed sauce with crème fraîche;

and more.

Cost per participant: NIS 220.

On February 14, the place will offer a romantic dinner for two that includes a selection of dishes from the menu and a bottle of wine to choose from.

Among the dishes: the house focaccia served with tomato-hot pepper sauce and basil-parmesan pesto;

Salmon sashimi Salmon sashimi in citrus yuzu sauce with a touch of soy, chili and black sesame;

and more.

Cost per couple: NIS 499

Love in the tasting room, photo: Haim Yosef

Chef Haim (Harvey) Sandler, the owner of the Jerusalem wood-smoker HARVEY'S on 33 Jaffa Street, invites his guests on the occasion of Valentine's Day to celebrate with a romantic menu that offers a feast of quality meats costing NIS 250.

On the menu you will find: 200 grams of smoked brisket, 200 grams of roast beef, and 200 grams of shredded lamb served with coleslaw salad and chips. 

Asado Beharvis, photo: Andrew Malkowski

In honor of Valentine's Day, the Aberto restaurant, located in the "Lir Sens" hotel in the picturesque garden, offers a menu structured according to routes at a price of NIS 230-290.

The menu includes a first course, a main course and a dessert to choose from.

Among the dishes offered, there are first courses, such as: artichoke in yogurt;

beef fillet carpaccio;

and beetroot tuna sashimi.

Main dishes including: dried tomato artichoke tortellini, artichokes, chestnuts, spinach, butter, garlic, sage and parmesan;

Or handmade porcini gnocchi with porcini mushrooms, white wine and butter. 

Chateau de Rois, the historic resort in the picturesque village of Mailia in the Western Galilee, is offering a special romantic menu for two for NIS 400 on the occasion of Valentine's Day on February 13-14, which takes the guests on a little trip to Italy.

Chef Elian Lius, who leads the Italian restaurant located on the heritage site from the Crusader period, has prepared a special menu where you can enjoy dishes such as: Eggplant a la Parmesan;

risotto with beets, gorgonzola and fried almonds;

Crucibility of pieces of aged sirloin with aged balsamic sauce for ten years served with potato and vegetables, and more. 

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