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Hightists, doctors, lawyers, academics: the private sector is striking against the legal revolution - voila! news


Many private sector workers will come to the demonstration in Jerusalem, protesting the legal reform. In high-tech, investors are starting to disappear, in academia there are fewer international collaborations, doctors fear discrimination in treatment - and everyone testifies to their concern for the future of the country

On video: Tens of thousands protest against the government in Tel Aviv and a number of other cities (Photo: Niv Aharonson,)

An extensive protest will take place today (Monday) across the country, during which many will go to Jerusalem to protest in front of the Knesset about the planned legal reform.

Among the demonstrators will be Or Rappaport, one of the leaders of the high-tech workers' protest.

"It is not obvious to stop the work. Economic times are not easy anyway, in some places in high-tech there are cuts. Despite this, we see a tremendous response," Rapaport said, "We believe this is a war for the future of our country. If we lose all balances and brakes, There is no future for Israeli high-tech. If the locomotive derails, the whole train will go down."

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Or Rappaport (photo: courtesy of those photographed)

Rappaport went on to talk about the widespread response of the hitkists to join the protest. "I'm surprised too. Over 300 companies in the industry. Every five minutes they fill a bus."

However, Rapaport knows that the match will take time, and that change will not happen overnight.

"The change in the nature of the regime is already meeting us in the form of investors who ask questions and raise doubts. This thing will meet us with increasing intensity. We intend to fight by any means - until the future in the Democratic Republic is guaranteed."

Rappaport explained that in the economic sense, the first signs of growing companies, which take their money in Israel due to the situation, are already visible.

"We are fighting against people who exert great pressure in the world, who prefer to open companies in other places," he said.

"Medical ethics does not allow us to sit on the sidelines"

The doctors' protest, the "white coat protest", was represented in the protest by Dr. Rani Barnea, director of the Center for the Prevention of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, in the Department of Neurology, Beilinson Hospital. Barnea believes that the expected reform will not only affect the judicial system, but may also cause To the collapse of the health system. "The entire activity of the health system is based on the Patient Health Law and its interpretation, therefore it will be the first to collapse from outside interests that want to penetrate it and collapse it," he explained.

Dr. Rani Barnea (photo: official website, Upper Ayelet)

"In all public issues, in which there was a question of rights, the first thing that will hurt is the weakest stomach, as soon as judicial review is removed from the health care system - it will become insipid between the public and become medicine for the rich," he says.

Barnea explained that the doctors who sat down would not harm anyone's life, and that all emergency services would continue as usual.

"We have not done this in any strike and not this time," he said, explaining that doctors will continue to treat emergencies.

"More and more doctors realize that they cannot be humanist doctors in a country where only the majority rules. If the strike does not help, we will move towards a labor dispute. I believe that slowly the Histadrut will also understand that we are many doctors who oppose the coup and that it will harm Israeli medicine."

Barnea also claimed that the protest is not related to a political opinion.

"Whoever tries to politicize this coup is in trouble. There is nothing political here, there is a war on freedom and democracy. In a dictatorship, the private person is interfered with in medicine, our medical ethics do not allow us to sit on the sidelines."

"Turning the judicial system into a punching bag"

They also sat down and protested against the legal reform in the universities and the academic staff.

"I have been working and researching with the legal system for seven years. The legal system is complex and challenging and subject to many burdens and challenges," said Prof. Sharon Toker from the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University.

"It is absolutely clear that we need to invest in it and adapt it, it is not perfect. But the outline that Levin proposed does not meet the needs of the system in any way."

"I started protesting because I see before my eyes how this system is being turned into the punching bag of Israeli society and along the way endangering all the values ​​we grew up with and for their country. The consequences of the proposed changes are huge - basic human rights, workers' rights, citizens' rights - all of these are in danger when they empty their capacity of the justice system to act," explained Prof. Toker.

Prof. Sharon Toker (photo: official website, Yael Sabirsky)

Toker continued and said that she did not remember a situation in which there was such a sweeping agreement between lecturers from all universities regarding a matter such as the reform agency.

"The lecturers, students and members of the administrative staff, no matter what their political affiliation is at all - are horrified by the reality that appears before our eyes. Likud voters, wearing knitted caps, people who live inside and outside the Green Line, are also strongly opposed to the move. The request to protest comes from below, from the field. The desire Striking and raising a voice does not characterize any side of the campus."

Prof. Toker added and detailed the importance of academia within the protest.

"The hat that the academy wears these days is twofold," she explained, "On the one hand, we foresee the enormous damage of damage to the justice system, health, the economy, and security. On the other hand, we hear the threats to damage academic freedom, budgets and see how this reality is materializing before our eyes. Collaborations have stopped , external funding has been limited, research partners have canceled visits to the country. All of this is a reality that threatens Israel's place as a leader at the forefront of research, and the price for this will be paid by both the government ministries and the scientists, as well as everyone who is in contact with them: industry, high-tech, and in short, the engines that drive the economy the Israeli one".

"A lesson in democracy for my children"

The lawyer Dr. Nimrod Kozlovsky, a senior attorney at Herzog Fox Naaman Co. will also participate in the protest, and even encourages his company's employees to strike with him.

"We informed the employees that we are on strike as a company and we invite them to join."

Kozlovsky even said that he would bring his children to the demonstration, "it's a lesson in democracy for them."

Attorney Nimrod Kozlovsky (photo: official website, Ami Ehrlich)

Kozlovsky explained that in his eyes it is essential to express the opposition to the regime revolution that endangers democracy.

"The strike, and other protest measures in the future, are intended to show the government the expected consequences of its disregard for the public will and the principles of democracy."

According to him, the protest has already begun and will continue to influence the government's decisions.

"The administration is beginning to see that an attempt to carry out the coup d'état without negotiation and without consensus is causing a massive wave of protest and that the serious results are beginning to arrive both in the economic arena and in the political-international arena," he said.

"In my estimation, the strike and the protest measures that will follow it will arouse both the opinion of the Jewish public in the world and the leaders of the world to say in a clear voice to Netanyahu that a coup d'état is not acceptable. These measures will finally lead to negotiations and the postponement of the move."

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