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A dog that knows how to diagnose cancer proves to us once again what we knew - humans are not that big of a bug • There is a stage in life when all you wish for is a short, precise and clear awakening

This may sound like an episode of a science fiction series, but just in the days when artificial intelligence ventures are grabbing headlines and threatening to take our jobs, an Israeli company has developed technology to detect cancerous tumors in humans using dogs.

It turns out that the cancerous tumors, not on us, secrete into the blood and the respiratory system, already at an early stage of the disease, molecules that carry volatile organic compounds, which dogs know how to recognize even without a degree in medicine.

The subjects blow into a face mask for five minutes at home or in a clinic, and send the mask to the laboratory, where there are specially trained dogs, who after a short sniff provide a diagnosis of whether you have cancer or are just a hypochondriac.

The sign that you are positive for cancer is that the dog sits down, probably he also understands that this is news that should not be heard while standing (which is a good reason to consider stopping telling dogs "I want to go" all the time).

There is no limit to creativity, the Jewish head and the Labrador are inventing patents for us, and I thought that the start-up that harnessed flea jumps to create energy was the height of imagination.

The dog, at least when he is not a hungry and angry Rottweiler, is man's best friend - no offense to cats and hens.

Dogs have been helping us for many years in guarding, guiding the blind, finding explosives and sabotage, sniffing luggage to find drugs at airports, neutralizing criminals, courting bachelors and more.

I don't remember that the dogs were ever asked if they were even interested in these collaborations, I'm not sure that they have the phrase "man is the dog's best friend", and I guess if it was up to them, they would be content to be parasites who receive a bonus from us and contribute nothing Except for leaving hairs on the couch.

Although from an image point of view, this is a further upgrade in their status - from now on they are not just guards and trackers, but real research assistants and medical professionals, who are no less important than a senior assistant to a dentist.

Those who may be harmed are precisely the doctors, who after studying for seven years and further specializing in oncology, discover that in the matter of cancer detection they have a medical authority that goes beyond them.

Suddenly they will have to argue the diagnosis with a poodle, and get an opinion, or a second opinion, from Dr. Schnauzer.

It's not a Chihuahua or a tiny Pomeranian that you pamper at home while he's busy peeing on your sofa while wearing a dedicated Prada vest, but dogs that are a little more robust and educated.

However, I find it hard to tear myself away from the sights of the dogs on their morning walk sniffing out any casual drinking and sticking their noses into a sample left by a co-worker on the sidewalk;

Or from the unpleasant sight of Pluto, a dog we had years ago, who used to shower himself in the groin with his tongue, and from the thought that later in the day and without showering, one of them continues his day job as a cancer specialist.

It is true that the artificial intelligence software Chat GPT has already managed to pass the bar exams and the medical degree exams, but it is possible that those who will replace us in the professions of the future are actually dogs that are based on furry intelligence.

The day will not be far away and dogs will free us from more chores, such as shopping at the supermarket, including the ability to detect by sniffing if the watermelon is ripe;

They will change our sheets that start to smell bad;

And our days work for us in job interviews while identifying who is hardworking and who has the aroma of a bum.

Dogs will accompany us on behalf of real estate agents to see apartments in all kinds of new projects, and will explain with barking why this apartment is a bomb worth jumping on while licking; and on blind dates they will warn us with barking if the new date smells like a crook, a pervert or a married man.

When dogs prove their effectiveness and also get paid, and can finally contribute to the family economy and go to work, we will sit happily in the kennel and enjoy life.

You only need to solve moral dilemmas and natural urges for them, so that, for example, the dog you sent to spend money does not lose focus on the way and choose to chase after a cat that drives him crazy, and all the bills from the ATM or the urine sample he was supposed to give to the health fund for you, will be scattered in the street.

the awakening

I ask your forgiveness in advance for the fact that in these troubled days I, as usual, am once again dealing with tiny trifles the thickness of an A4 page, but what is life if not a collection of small and unimportant moments.

Each of us has a magical and special moment during the day, a moment that is short, clear, precise, a moment that has a dramatic effect on the rest of our day, after which nothing will ever seem the same again - and this is the moment of awakening.

The moment when you move from the world of dreams to the ground or to the mattress of reality, and for each and every one of us it is a different reality.

This second can be sweet and wonderful or a horrible nightmare, depending on what dream you woke up from and what reality you are entering.

You could, for example, dream that you are LeBron James, that you just scored a three-pointer and a stadium of 100,000 people is cheering for you;

And then to discover that you have actually woken up to a reality where the cheering crowd is actually the boiling noise of a kettle that your neighbor put on death row in Sing Sing Prison.

On the other hand, you can dream that you are suffering a hard day in a copper mine in Africa, struggling to lift a huge rock, and when you wake up you discover that the rock is actually Angelina Jolie who is happy to be next to you in bed, or that you are a tycoon with 100 billion dollars.

People of advanced age testify that every morning they wake up in sheltered housing, they are moved by the knowledge that they are still alive even though in the dream they were still children in kindergarten playing in a sandbox and throwing cubes at the kindergarten teacher.

I'm sure that the awakening of someone who gets up at six in the morning and knows that he now has to get out of the warm bed, get dressed and go to work is different from his awakening when he wakes up from a nap on a hammock on vacation in the Maldives, and the first dilemma he will have to face is whether to eat a pineapple or a coconut or give up in favor of a spin on a surfboard .

The awakening of a child who wakes up in the morning with a cup of chocolate in bed is not the same as the awakening of the same child when he wakes up at a scout camp in the woods in Carmel to the sound of screeching speakers announcing the wake-up call, and discovers that his whole face is smeared with toothpaste.

Think about what it looks like when the Chief of Staff wakes up, who managed to steal a few hours of sleep, and the second he wakes up, the responsibility for the safety of 10 million citizens and the safety of thousands of soldiers falls on him like every day - and what his waking up looks like the day after liberation.

The scariest waking up is that second you wake up when you're even driving and fall asleep from exhaustion, or when you wake up panicking that maybe your baby needs you - even though he's already 16 years old and taller than you.

Even after waking up, there are those who jump up like the muzzle of a cannon and start being active and sporty and ready to run a marathon, compared to those who take it slowly, try to stretch out the moment of waking up a little and fight themselves and the need to say goodbye to the blanket.

The more sophisticated, who already know themselves, plan the wake-up in several stages, when they instruct their mobile phone to wake them up three times at intervals of ten minutes, and thus apparently enjoy a few more minutes of sleep and two more wake-ups, only to discover that, miraculously, the addition of A 12 minute nap didn't make waking them any easier.

sweet sleep.

were we wrong

We will fix it!

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Source: israelhayom

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