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H E L P! Robots have taken over the world of digital marketing - voila! Marketing and digital


The direct impression of the ChatGPT artificial intelligence application led many to realize that the future is already here. AI applications are already changing the world of digital marketing from end to end, and not necessarily for the better

Bots or humans: who will win the battle for intelligence? (Photo: ShutterStock)

In November 2022, something fell in the world, and the shocks are felt and will be felt for a long time.

The OpenAI company released the ChatGPT artificial intelligence application to the world and for the first time allowed the masses to experience for themselves the enormous progress in the field, which until then was reserved only for those in the know.

Applications based on machine learning models exist in abundance in the software world, and it is actually difficult to find a software-based system today that does not have artificial intelligence components embedded in it.

Take, for example, the chatbots that operate many commercial and service websites, for customer service, technical support or sales needs.

Today, with the help of artificial intelligence, companies such as Jerusalem's Infris turn these bots into almost human beings, with super advanced capabilities for conducting a live dialogue with the user and performing various actions automatically.

A more familiar example of the integration of artificial intelligence are content recommendations that many of us receive on streaming services, shopping sites, and social networks, based on smart and learning algorithms that know how to adjust the products and services according to our preferences.

Of course, there are many more examples of many companies that analyze data using AI and derive practical and quick business insights from them, whether it's in the automotive industry, real estate, online commerce, sales and marketing automation systems, and more.

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So what has changed and why the excitement?

First, this is the first time that anyone can communicate directly with an artificial intelligence application, and ask whatever they want, without being limited in advance to the options that the developers of the application have implemented in it.

The format of an open question and an immediate answer, even before considering the quality of the answers, greatly influenced the popularity of the service.

Second, the application's ability to answer questions in a language that seems natural and flowing is also a significant component of the collective admiration for it.

The business world continues to tremble from the aftershocks of ChatGPT.

The direct impression from the application has opened up to thousands of female and male entrepreneurs worldwide access to a rich space of ideas and opportunities to optimize services, software and applications in every imaginable business field.

One area that is expected to be particularly affected, and very quickly, by the rapid spread of AI applications, is the world of marketing.

The tension between the possibility of quickly producing huge amounts of content, and the question of the quality of that content, and the question of whether it is an added value for the consumers of the content or the contemporary equivalent of spam, are thought-provoking and worth investing a moment in.

Here are some of the changes and challenges that marketing departments are expected to face following the recent boom:

Reducing the gaps between small and large organizations

In a world where anyone can, for a nominal fee, ask the chatbot a question and within seconds get access to data and insights that were previously only available to resource-rich organizations, there is no doubt that there is a revolution in the balance of knowledge here.

Any company or business, even the leanest start-up, will be able to implement advanced marketing strategies, understand where its strengths are compared to the competition, what are the weaknesses of its rivals and how they can be exploited, and enjoy rapid improvements in marketing and sales.

This is a significant force that small businesses receive next to them, who can now reduce knowledge gaps that will lead to growth and development.

An example of this can be seen in an AI-driven service called Lavender, which 'dresses up' email software and helps salespeople write better emails to potential customers.

Thus, at a cost of a few dollars a month, even a small business owner can benefit from a personal writing coach who presents real-time insights on the quality of the message and its chances of getting the desired response.

Increased content creation capabilities, but with an asterisk

In the world of marketing where content is king, the possibility of producing texts and creative content in seconds on almost any topic and field is very tempting.

However, a big asterisk should be put on this advantage, because of two reasons.

The first - as of today, the content is formulaic, not at a high level, and is actually a sort of summary of all the content you will find on Google on the subject.

Most of the time, you won't find new insights and conclusions between the lines.

Ian Whitworth, a blogger in the field of entrepreneurship and marketing didn't just say about tools like ChatGPT that they generate "endless words that nobody wants."

Second, when more and more departments and businesses will ask applications like ChatGPT for information on the same topics, the content it will provide them with will be the same accordingly.

This is a significant disadvantage, because there is no real value in uploading content to websites, social networks or newsletters, if it does not support the branding of the business and does not create a distinct differentiation from the competition.

Moreover, those who publish content that has already been seen elsewhere, may find themselves in a problem, whether legal or branding.

The interim solution in this case is to take the ideas that the chatbot brings and develop them into your own original text.

In other words, if you thought the work of talented copywriters was over, think again.

Outsourcing of technical tasks to machines

A significant part of the marketing department's activities are essentially reactive and technical, for example: embedding pixels for digital tracking, optimization for campaigns, various settings in the CRM system, operation of newsletters, etc.

All these and many others can be performed by artificial intelligence-driven bots, which will be fed thousands of scenarios and learn by themselves how to optimally configure the software system.

Did we say software that programs software?

Idan Carmeli is a partner in the marketing agency ENVY

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