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A global ecommerce expert reveals: this is how you will earn more from the online store - voila! good to know


If you have an online store, you are probably aware that improving the optimization and the technical aspect of website promotion will prevent user leakage and guarantee you more customers and more sales -

A global ecommerce expert reveals how to prevent user leaks and add a few more zeros to your online store's profits.

(Photo: Itai Alterman)

If you have an online store, you are probably aware that improving the optimization and the technical aspect of website promotion will prevent user leakage and guarantee you more customers and more sales.

Moshe Bar Oz, expert in marketing and optimization of e-commerce sites, owner of Excite web design company, reveals where the weak point is and how to realize the true potential of the online store.

Why are you not realizing the potential of the online store?

It is not new that in recent years quite a few businesses have moved to the Internet arena.

However, most online stores do not realize their true potential.

According to Moshe Bar Oz, the main problem is the lack of differentiation, branding language and an efficient and automatic system for collecting user and customer data.

Moshe helps internet businesses, which offer products or services for online purchase, to overcome all these problems mainly by making knowledge accessible, which is apparently perceived as very technical and scary.

In practice, he takes a product off the shelf, differentiates it by the people who stand behind it, and teaches the business owners to identify the crisis points where the customer leaves the store.

In the end, his clientele learns to set up and operate campaigns, identify crisis points and increase website sales considerably.

Moshe Bar Oz, specialist in marketing and optimization of e-commerce sites, owner of Excite web design company (Photo: Itai Tellerman)

What are user leaks in e-commerce?

Moshe: "Leakage points are any aspect or component of the online store that slows down the sales process or prevents the customer from carrying it out, which leads to abandoning the process. It is divided into 2 categories in general: leaks for technical reasons and leaks for psychological reasons, and each of them requires different solutions "

On the technical level, these are situations where the purchase is not possible due to an operational problem.

In these cases, the customer wants to make a purchase, but the e-commerce does not respond or makes it difficult, which causes the customer to abandon the store."

Give me some examples

Moshe: "When you see high abandonment rates, you should be suspicious and check the suitability of the site for mobile devices, because most users make purchases from there

However, even when the site is optimized, it is important to carry out essential tests and try a purchase from different devices in order to make sure that the purchase process 'flows without interruption'.

"Another indication of high abandonment rates is a slow loading speed. Although it depends on many factors, those who underestimate the loading speed end up losing many customers, so this is one of the first tests that is important to perform on the website. "Finally, it is important to check that there are no programming errors, those that create bugs such as the no

button A commenter or a link that points to the wrong page".

What about user churn for psychological reasons?

Moshe: "In this case, we are dealing with a wide variety of problems. The first of which is difficulty in navigation, which causes confusion for users, and makes it difficult for them to reach the desired destination, as well as the purchase status. Apart from that, I can name faults or difficulties within the framework of customer service, slow response from representatives The website or the automatic response systems (chatbots for example) and distractions, which disperse the user's focus. One of the classic mistakes is a link or reference to the business pages on social networks, or an excessive prominence of contact buttons, such as WhatsApp for example, which causes users to abandon the website , to be exposed to countless other advertisers, and in very many cases, not to make a purchase again."

Tell me about the automation system you offer your customers

Moshe: "One of the biggest obstacles of the online stores is the lack of an automatic system for preserving user data. Without an orderly system, which allows for the collection and organization of data, it is not possible to build a complete distribution list, which causes sellers to lose a great many users, those who need the products, and even those who have already made Purchase and races".

What is the solution?

Moshe: "First of all, it is important to understand that the system should work automatically. Quite a few sellers provide service via WhatsApp or by phone, which wastes their valuable time and disorganization, and certainly does not encourage them to enter the details they already have in an organized system. In the end, when they Many efforts are invested in message marketing, the customers whose details have not been saved, filed and classified, do not enter the distribution list. In other cases, the customers on the distribution list are not segmented, and the messages that are sent to all the users who appear on the distribution list, do not necessarily align with their place in the purchase journey, and thus are missed Quite a few business opportunities, which make the difference between a working business and a thriving business."

Moshe Bar Oz, specialist in marketing and optimization of e-commerce sites, owner of Excite web design company (Photo: Itai Tellerman)

And where do you fit into the marketing aspect of the online stores?

Moshe: "It is not enough to implement an automation system for data collection. A seller who does not know how to generate correct messages and market the store in all the marketing channels that are suitable for its niche, is like a sniper without intention and purpose. As part of my service, I teach the customer to identify his ideal customer, to create differentiation for himself in a competitive market and work on the various advertising interfaces to set up campaigns and identify all the crisis points in order to maximize their success."

Add a few more zeros to the business cycle

Moshe emphasizes, that the Internet arena offers everyone a share of the pie.

According to him, any business can work through the screen, but if you are already there, he suggests that you maximize your profits and succeed hugely.

Moshe: "There is no zero, anyone who enters the digital arena can work, but most online stores do not realize their true potential, and this is where I enter the picture, with tools that lead to results that cannot be argued with, and a difference of a few zeros in the store's business cycle."

Interested in joining hundreds of customers who have already learned how to do it?

You are invited to read more about the counseling sessions with Moshe here,

Moshe's personal website - how to discover your creativity and turn it into a meteoric business success?

To the website of Excite website design company



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