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The President of Azerbaijan to Rabbi Goldschmidt: "The positive attitude towards the Jews - our way of life" - voila! Judaism


A fascinating meeting at the Munich Security Conference discusses the potential of the Israeli-Arab rapprochement and the intercultural role for the implementation of the Abraham Accords

"The ancient Jewish community living in the Guba district of Azerbaijan is a source of inspiration for all of us. The government of Azerbaijan supported and consistently supports the community and we nurture and strengthen the community like the other communities in the country and take all steps to improve their quality of life - this is what the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev told the rabbi Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, the head and president of the European Rabbinic Conference,

emphasized that "this approach is like the strategic partnership and successful friendship between Azerbaijan and Israel in various fields.

has been our way of life for thousands of years.

We look in amazement at the long history of the Jewish community living in Azerbaijan and consider it a first and foremost duty to take care of their freedom to exercise their faith and a supportive environment of brotherhood and mutual understanding." in the country. He expressed his confidence that the opening of the Azerbaijani embassy

President Eliev met with Rabbi Goldschmidt at the end of a special panel initiated by the conference as part of the security conference held in Munich and discussed the future potential of the Israeli-Arab rapprochement and the intercultural role for the successful implementation of the Abraham process.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev with the President of the Conference of Rabbis of Europe Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt (photo: official website, Goran Nitske, President's Office)

The president of the conference Rabbi Goldschmidt told the president that he remembered with pleasure his visit in 1997 to Azerbaijan and the meeting with the national leader President Aliyev.

"The meeting between us left a strong impression on me for a long time. As well as the powerful visit to the Gova district and the 13 synagogues, and we intend to host you again with the rabbis of Europe."

Rabbi Goldschmidt thanked the President for the comprehensive development of relations between Azerbaijan and Israel and emphasized the unique contribution of the Jewish communities of Azerbaijan living in different countries.

Rabbi Goldschmidt thanked the president for his warm attitude "radiating on all government institutions in the country" and that thanks to this the Jewish community in Azerbaijan has a strong foundation and favorable conditions and full attention.

Rabbi Goldschmidt praised the conditions created for the Jewish community in Azerbaijan and said that Azerbaijan is an example for other countries.

"A little while ago, I participated in a special panel initiated by the 'Conference of Rabbis of Europe' as part of the discussions of the Security Conference here in Munich. All the speakers, including Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Galant, ministers and senior officials from the countries of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and others, were unanimous that the great changes that have taken place in the Middle East, changes that have not We believe, not only externally, not only the relations between countries or different faiths, but the internal changes of those countries changed the Middle East. Unfortunately, said Rabbi Goldschmidt, the Abraham process is such an important process but no one in the European Union or Germany knows about it. We need to create awareness and find ways in the European Union and Germany to support this process."

The discussions at the Security Conference in Munich took place within the framework of the Institute for Freedom of Faith and Security in Europe (IFFSE), which was established as a joint initiative of the 'Conference of Rabbis of Europe' (CER) and the leadership of other countries with the aim of bringing together Europe's leading thinkers and policymakers to discuss ideas for combating religious extremism and terrorism.

Strengthen social cohesion, security and tolerance in Europe.

Cultivating moderate religious practices and maintaining religious freedoms;

Recruiting religious leaders to play an active role in improving the security of their communities and preventing abuse of religion;

Collaborating with governments, civil society and the private sector to combat hate crime, extremism, radicalization and terrorism.

Rabbi Goldschmidt and Chief of Staff Gadi Gronich at the Security Conference in Munich (photo: official website, Goran Nitske, President's Office)

Defense Minister Yoav Galant with Gadi Gronich at the Munich Security Conference (photo: official website, Goran Nitske, President's Office)

The President's entourage said that the mutual appreciation between Azerbaijan and the Jews is not only based on the shared history of friendship between the two peoples that goes back hundreds of years, but an unprecedented cooperation between Baku and Jerusalem.

"This partnership has passed a number of tests from which European leaders can learn. For 30 years, Azerbaijan has provided about 40% of Israel's gas and oil consumption, despite the pressure exerted on it by the Muslim countries. This proves that Europe can trust the word and position of President Aliyev and learn from him. Let's not forget that he also stands together with Israel against Iran, which threatens both nations. And the bloodthirsty regime in Tehran calls him "Rabbi Ilam Alef" - "Agent of Israel".

The entourage also said that the friendship of the rabbis of Europe and President Eliev and his government was expressed about a month ago at the International Holocaust Day rally held at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

As I recall, the chairman of the rabbis of Germany and the vice president of the Rabbinical Conference of Europe, Rabbi of Frankfurt, Rabbi Avichai Apel, told the participants that during the last Hanukkah holiday, the Embassy of France hosted a gathering of French rabbis. facing Iran and maintains a neighborly relationship of brotherhood between its Azeri and Jewish citizens, and anti-Semitism is absent from among its citizens.

In connection with the example of other countries, as I recall, Rabbi Apple regretted that the Muslim country that opened its heart to the Jews and even established an embassy in Israel, does not receive the proper support from the countries of the European Union, and rather, some Amazingly and surprisingly, the French Senate called for an embargo on the purchase of gas and oil from this important country, which takes a security-conscientious-moral position, and guards the borders of Europe. Why?".

David Berger, in collaboration with Shuba Israel

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