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Putin delivers State of the Union address LIVE NOW: Wild accusations against US and West


Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his much-heralded state of the nation address. All details here in the live ticker.

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his much-heralded state of the nation address.

All details here in the live ticker.

+++ 10.50 a.m .:

With a view to the invasion of Ukraine, Putin explains that every Russian feels a “genetic inseparability” with the Russian people.

"I would like to thank all of you, the Russian people, for your bravery and perseverance," Putin said.

He also thanks the Russian soldiers and pro-Russian militias and recruits.

He also thanks Russian military reporters "who risk their lives on the frontlines to clarify the truth to the world."

Putin says: "I also bow to the representatives of all traditional religions."

The Kremlin chief is also addressing the population of the Ukrainian regions annexed by Russia.

"Despite the terror and the threat posed by the neo-Nazis, you have decided to live as you see fit," said the Kremlin boss.

"Your determination to be together with Russia, your homeland, cannot be broken," stressed the Russian President.

Long, standing applause followed from the whole hall.

+++ 10.40 a.m .:

The West wants to inflict a “strategic defeat” on Russia and turn the local conflict into a “global confrontation”.

"We will react accordingly, because in this case the existence of our country is at stake," he says, adding: "But you don't realize that you can't defeat Russia on the battlefield." lies,” Putin said.

He accuses Western governments of destroying families and their own culture and introducing "pedophilia as the norm".

He is also skeptical about same-sex marriages.

Russia does not interfere in people's private lives.

"But take a look at the Holy Scriptures and the books of the other religion," says the Kremlin boss.

According to Putin, only the union of a man and a woman is a family.

"They are trying to introduce a gender-neutral god," says the Russian president.

+++ 10.30 a.m.:

"The West has let the genie out of the bottle," Putin said.

The West wants to deprive people "under beautiful words of freedom and independence".

In doing so, however, “neoliberal values” are planted.

Now a comparison to Nazi Germany follows.

"In the 1930s, the West paved the way for the Nazis to come to power, and today they are all trying to turn everyone against us," Putin said.

Even today, attempts are being made for a "project" to separate "historical areas that are now called Ukraine" from Russia.

"A brigade in Ukraine was given the name 'Edelweiß'," says Putin, adding: "The name of a division of Hitler's that took part in the deportation of Jews." He also claims that badges are from the Nazi era popular in the Ukrainian military.

"But none of the rulers in the West notice that, because they don't give a shit," says the Kremlin boss.

He accuses them of using neo-Nazis in the fight against Russia.

Putin gives speech to the nation: He speaks of "bloody punitive action"

+++ 10.25 a.m .:

Putin claims that in February 2022 everything was prepared for a “bloody punitive action” against the Donbass by the West.

The Kremlin chief accuses Ukraine of having attacked the area before.

"They were the ones who started a war, but we tried to stop this war," says Putin, to applause from the audience.

"We were only defending our own home," Putin said.

+++ 10.20 a.m .:

Russia “sincerely” tried to find a peaceful solution, but the West “played with people’s lives” and “ignored the terrorist activities of the Kiev regime”.

Putin says: "The West played the wrong cards." Western countries behaved in the same way in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Syria.

"This shame will never be washed off their faces," Putin said.

Western governments have even betrayed their own people, Putin claims.


Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his much-heralded state of the nation address.

All details here in the live ticker.

© IMAGO/Maksim Blinov

+++ 10.15 a.m .:

Putin claims that “everything” was done to solve the Ukraine conflict “peacefully”.

"But a completely different scenario was being prepared behind our backs," said the Kremlin chief.

Western governments have turned their "promises" into a "very violent, cruel lie".

"Nationalist battalions" were trained in western military schools, Putin accuses.

Kiev also had efforts to acquire nuclear weapons.

Putin launches eagerly awaited speech: Talks about “fascist regime” in Ukraine

+++ 10.05 a.m .:

Vladimir Putin’s speech has begun.

Putin said he was giving this speech at a "difficult time".

A year ago, what Russia calls a "special military operation" was launched to ensure Russia's security and "defeat the fascist regime in Ukraine."

+++ 9.50 a.m .:

Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin’s speech on the state of the nation will begin shortly.

According to the Ria Novosti news agency, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov emphasized that it would “most likely” be about what Russia calls a “special military operation” in Ukraine, its reasons and “inevitability”.

In addition, he will also explain how the Russian economy has managed to stand up in the face of severe Western sanctions.

"Putin will explain his vision on how we will proceed and we will progress, no doubt," Peskov said.

Putin's message will be closely followed around the world.

Update from Tuesday, February 21, 7.45 a.m .:

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to give his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

To this end, the “Federal Assembly” – i.e. the State Duma and the Federation Council – is meeting in Moscow.

The events will take place near the Kremlin in the event center "Gostiny Dvor".

According to information from the Kremlin, Putin wants to address the current situation in Russia and the "special operation" in Ukraine.

In the domestic political part of the speech, details on economic and social policy should therefore be given.

Rising prices and a growing lack of prospects, particularly due to the urban-rural divide, are causing resentment among the Russian population.


Russian President Vladimir Putin in September 2022. (Archive photo)

© SNA/Imago Images

Putin's State of the Union address comes days before the anniversary of the Ukraine invasion.

Ongoing Russian losses in the war zone are also putting military pressure on the President, which will probably also be reflected in the speech.

Vladimir Putin: The political career of the Russian head of state in pictures

Vladimir Putin: The political career of the Russian head of state in pictures

Ahead of Putin's State of the Union address: Medvedev scoffs at Biden's visit to Ukraine

+++ 6 p.m .:

In the first Moscow reactions, Russian politicians made disparaging remarks about the visit of US President Joe Biden to Kiev.

The Russian foreign politician Konstantin Kosachev spoke of a "Biden-in-Kiev show".

Ex-Kremlin chief Dmitry Medvedev wrote on Telegram on Monday: "He (Biden) promised many weapons and swore allegiance to the neo-Nazi regime to the death."

Medvedev also confirmed US information that Moscow had previously been informed of.

Biden received "guarantees of his integrity".

State of the Union speech: Putin wants to give new details on "special operation".

Update from Monday, February 20, 3:30 p.m .:

In the run-up to Vladimir Putin’s state of the nation speech, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov accused the West of a lack of will to negotiate.

Peskov said so on Sunday in a Russian TV interview, the state news agency



For this reason, the West will probably not support a meeting between Putin and US President Joe Biden, he stressed.

On Tuesday (February 21), the Russian President intends to address the population in Moscow and provide the current status of the "special operation" in Ukraine.

Biden is expected in Poland at the same time after he made a spontaneous visit to Kiev on Monday.

Putin's State of the Union address: "Special operation" will be topic

First report from Sunday, February 19, 3:00 p.m.:

Moscow – February 24, 2023 will mark the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

A few days earlier, on February 21, President Vladimir Putin will address the Russian parliament.

It will be a State of the Union speech – Putin's first speech since April 2021. The Kremlin dampened expectations of the event in advance and announced that it would primarily deal with current issues of economic development and social policy.

But immediately before the date there seems to be a change of course in terms of content.

As reported by the Russian news agency


, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with Russian state television that the president would answer some questions about the "special operation" in Ukraine.

The topic must be given "special attention".

Referring to the State of the Union speech, Peskov emphasized that the life of each individual revolves around the course of the "special military operation".

“The military operation affects all of our lives in one way or another, including life on the continent.

So we should expect the President to pay special attention to her,” Peskov said.

Putin's Speech: Will Russia Declare War on Ukraine?

Putin's speech also marks the anniversary of a decisive event in Russian-Ukrainian history.

Exactly one year earlier, on February 21, 2022, the Russian head of state announced the "long overdue decision" to immediately recognize the "independence and sovereignty of the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic".

With this exclamation, the President initiated the invasion, which began three days later, and with it the Ukraine war.

In the background, there is now speculation about the specific content of the speech.

Among other things, the end of the so-called special military operation and the declaration of a war with Ukraine are being discussed.

Analysts warn that Putin could argue during his State of the Union address that the involvement and behavior of the NATO alliance makes a war on Ukraine to protect Russia inevitable.

A spokesman for Putin described NATO as "involved" in the Ukraine conflict.

Call for war is “hardly calculable risk” for Putin

However , political researcher and Russia expert Alexander Dubowy from the

Berliner Zeitung

considers the scenario described to be unlikely.

The official declaration of a state of war and a general mobilization are associated with "hardly calculable risks" for Putin and the government.

The far-reaching measures would hit the Russian population hard in their everyday lives and thus also damage Putin's popularity.

"Right now it's pretty much the last thing the Russian leadership needs," said Dubowy.

In addition, the imposition of a state of war for Putin is only a formality anyway.

After all, the head of state has the Russian parliament unreservedly on his side and has increasingly resorted to governing by presidential decree since the beginning of the Ukraine war.

A legal transfer of power to the President is therefore not absolutely necessary.

"The risks of unpopular decisions seem too incalculable, the outcome of broad-based offensive operations too uncertain, and their failure too serious," says Russia expert Dubowy.

(aa/tu with dpa/AFP)

Rubric list image: © SNA/Imago Images

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