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An extroverted entrepreneur with an option Israel today


Get to know the man who grew up from the bottom, came from a family with many children, was orphaned by a father and mother, deteriorated, and after a period of imprisonment he was rehabilitated and turned a new page. Asher Ben Oz, in recent years managed to pocket tens of millions of shekels from real estate transactions. Today he continues to make deals with the largest real estate companies in the industry and aims as high as possible, among other things, to buy the public's trust and run for politics. how does he do it?

Asher Ben Oz, originally a resident of Beit Shean, is a living telenovela: a life story that can become a soap opera.

From a difficult childhood, Kithoom managed to rise up and become a real estate investor whose office is frequented by the best real estate companies, and under his hands many transactions take place with the aim of improving value, for those who choose to invest with him.

Asher Ben Oz, photo: Lior Ben Shabat

He lives in the highest penthouse in the country on the 63rd floor of Aviv Towers in Ramat Gan.

In the same apartment previously bought by businessman Arkady Gaydmak.

Downstairs, his car is parked, a silver convertible and a Mercedes car next to it ("She passed to my son").

It seems that the story of Ben Oz, 45, divorced and father of two, could have ended in a curiosity.

But after several deals, some of which he has already completed with a large profit, and the new big deal revealed here for the first time with the construction giant Shikhon and Binoy Real Estate - all this already puts him in another movie.

The new deal includes a large plot of land in Gani Yehuda, near Sabion, for the construction of two 13-story residential buildings that together include 108 apartments.

Ben Oz took on the transaction an exclusivity agreement to examine an option on the land in the amount of approximately NIS 220 million for three months in order to recruit a group of investors.

"The goal is to realize the deal," Ben Oz explains as he is determined.

"Until today, I worked in the field of yielding properties, offices and commerce, but the high-tech industry increased prices and did not leave sufficiently attractive properties, so I decided for the first time to enter the residential sector."

Ben Oz intends to recruit 5-6 investors and improve the land in boutique buildings that will connect to Sabion.

"I have some friends from Sabion who are already interested," he says.

He gained his real estate experience on land in the high-tech park in Ashdod in an option that he took in a similar way. In this case too, he acted in the same way, adding investors and they improved the property.

"I took a property at a cost of NIS 1.7 million per dunam and within two years the land was sold for more than three times its value.

Tens of millions of shekels in profit.'

Today everyone is trying to escape from the stagnant market, and you come and gamble on land in a big way?

Not a little suicidal?

"In my opinion, the residents of Savion will want to maintain the prestige of the towers.

I really took a serious bet that I believe in another major league.

In Corona, I faced a big crisis and I understood the connection between crisis and opportunity.'

And what is the connection?

"To know how to separate and put a partition.

A crisis is like a dizzying swing.

When a person believes in his deal, he can recruit investors.

Today I have a business community whose members have learned that you cannot take advantage of a crisis and turn it into an opportunity.

During the Corona virus, I founded KNI (Israel Real Estate Fund).

Liat Danino Shikun and Binui and Asher Ben Oz sign the new agreement, photo: Yehcat

I purchased a large agricultural land of 40 dunams adjacent to a commercial building at the Bilo intersection for NIS 20 million and I intend to double its value.

When you believe in a product, you can improve it as I did in Ashdod.'

The land in Rehovot, photo: public relations

Ben Oz has already been through everything in life.

Grew up in Beit Shan in a Keshet Yom family of 13, lost both of his parents, got into trouble and served time in prison over the Magnet Affair.

He finally returned to the beneficiary and today he waves to everyone about his criminal past and the lessons learned, to emphasize that he is a "new man".

"The children were born and I became a moral writer, surrounded by famous friends including public figures and senior officials and I only want to do good for the world and those around me," he declares, "In prison I had a lot of time to think about life and understand the mistakes I made.

I tell everyone that only two succeeded after their imprisonment - Rabbi Akiva and me.

I see success as a kind of mission and not to forget who your friends are.'

"Real estate brought me back"

It was precisely the period when he worked in temporary jobs for a meager salary that created the opportunity for him.

In the next step he had the opportunity to meet with a friend at Aviv Towers and was offered to sleep on a sofa in the office of an international company on the 54th floor of the tower, on the condition that he leave the place at 10 am.

So it was.

He slept there at night and in the morning he went down to Cafe Aroma on the ground floor of the tower and introduced himself as a businessman dealing with investments.

For the people he met it was a lie, but for him it was imagination building reality.

"I saw a reality that I wanted to live in, with people doing business. Real estate brought me back because that's where the big money is, and it started to excite me."

The first deal he made in real estate came into his hands precisely through that lie. On that occasion he introduced himself as a "businessman" and as the owner of the 54th floor in the tower, where as mentioned he was just lying on the couch. He did not know that the person he was talking to was the real owner of the floor.

With great shame, he confessed to him all his past, asked him for an opportunity in real estate, and received it. He was asked to find a real estate deal in Ra'anana.

Ben Oz set out, full of purpose, until one day it happened and he arrived with a deal, as requested.

Only two years after his release from prison, Ben Oz's first real estate deal materializes, and he becomes a millionaire.

Not three weeks pass and he started offering his confidant additional land deals, this time in Ashdod.

Transaction after transaction, until he managed to sell land in Ashdod totaling about 80 dunams.

This conduct taught him that "patience pays".

"I went to Ashdod in service taxis and buses every day.

I lived the area.

I learned to focus.

The improvement led me to today's real estate world, including a hotel I own that I built in Biennial and soon also in Kiryat Shmona.'

"Let the option speak"

How does the method work?

Ben Oz buys land with an option and offers it to buyers with available money, who later realize the land at a high price.

Part of the payment is made when the deal is signed, the rest only after planning and marketing the project, sometimes even only at the end of the sale.

If the project fails, the advance remains with the landowner.

If the project is crowned with success, the landowner receives a higher payment than that.

Ben Oz explains that this is how he doubles the original price of the land, and cuts a handsome coupon for him and the investors on his side.

Would other people be afraid to gamble on land?

"For me to take an alternative to an option on land at a high price from the largest real estate company in Israel that believes in my ability to sell twice as much, this is an insurance certificate.

I know and believe in my ability to bring around me first class investors who are close friends who believe in me.'

do you have no fear

"I only fear God."

And what about the banks?

"I am the only businessman who does not work with the banks but with investors who have courage.

Investors who believe in me and the profits I will generate for them.

Instead of going to the bank to take money and buy land, I prefer to recruit investors for a land option so that they can enjoy profits.'

What is real estate in your eyes?

"Buy cheap and sell expensive.

to improve land and enjoy the value.'

So what is the next dream?


I can be more loved than Bibi and certainly more reliable than him.

I am neither left nor right, but center, but if they hurt and harm the country, I become super right-wing.

I came from a low-income family, an orphan with 13 brothers and sisters.

I paid a price for my actions and I am punishing for my sins.

Asher Ben Oz, photo: Lior Ben Shabat

Today I know better than anyone, what is allowed and what is not allowed and I go with my truth to the end.

If the public trusts me, it will not lose.

As in a land deal, he will triple his profit.'

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