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Deputy Project Reporter: At the beginning of the establishment of the new government, we have gathered for you the hottest projects that are getting underway. Get a glimpse and new ideas for moving to a new apartment or rental

Holyland, Jerusalem

Rami Levy Real Estate and Dan Real Estate: 268 apartments in 3 towers

Holyland Jerusalem, photo: Emzia Aharonson and Itkin Architects

The surroundings of

the Holyland-North complex in which the project will be built are characterized by advanced environmental development that includes a huge park that covers about 6 dunams.

At the foot of the neighborhood is the Deer Valley nature reserve with an area of ​​about 250 dunams with an open and green view, while Malcha Mall, Teddy Stadium, Arena Hall, the Technology Garden and the train station are nearby.

The complex has high accessibility to Route 16 and Begin Road.

What was built

The prime Jerusalem project of the two entrepreneurial companies, Dan Real Estate from the Dan Public Transportation Group and Rami Levy Real Estate, is a residential complex that will include 268 units in three 18-story towers.

The project was designed by the Jerusalem architects Emzia Aharonson and Eyal Itzkin and incorporates mixed uses - a commercial complex of about 1,500 square meters that includes cafes and shops.

How much will

the new apartments in the neighborhood cost? They are sold at an average price of NIS 35,000 per square meter.

Neve Ganim, Kiryat Motzkin

Kardan Real Estate: two towers, 14 floors and 138 apartments

The KARDAN GANIM project in Kiryat Motzkin, photo: Viewpoint

About the environment

The project is located close to traffic lanes that allow quick entry and exit but still in a community setting and within walking distance of shopping, culture and leisure centers.

So far, Carden Real Estate has successfully marketed the first two phases, with the first building already occupied and the second receiving Form 4 and expected to be occupied in the coming days. The remaining two buildings, in the third and final phase, are 14-story luxury towers, on the last lot in the Neve Ganim neighborhood.

According to Sivan Hilli, the VP of Marketing at Kardan Real Estate: "The project is part of a wide entrepreneurial activity of Kardan Real Estate, covering a land area of ​​approximately 6.5 dunams, located near Route 4, Kiryot bypass, Chai Park, the theater hall , recreation and leisure complexes and a business center.

All these make the project particularly attractive, since it was built in an existing neighborhood with a high reputation.

Thanks to the careful planning, each apartment will have a huge balcony so that each apartment is like a mini penthouse.

A 3-room apartment with a 23 square meter balcony is a unique product that is also suitable for young couples at the beginning of the journey."

A complex of two 14-story towers

will be built , each building will include 69 units, in a mix of 3-5 room apartments and huge balconies with a minimum area of ​​23 square meters per apartment.

How much will

a 3-room apartment cost, about 81 square meters, and about 24 square meters of balcony, starting at NIS 1.65 million;

4-room apartment, about 105 square meters and about 23 square meters of balcony, starting at NIS 1.805 million;

5-room apartment - about 124 square meters, and about 26 square meters of balcony starting at NIS 2.05 million.

Neot Afek, Kiryat Bialik

Shetit: 250 apartments in 7 buildings

Neve Afek Shetit in Sdra, Bialik, photo: Shetit Company

A significant construction boom is taking place in the area

around Kiryat Bialik thanks to the new Naot Afek neighborhood, which is being built east of Highway 22, which gives it a direct connection to the Carmel tunnels and a quick connection to Acre, Haifa and north to Highway 79, which leads directly to Highway 6. The Naot Afek neighborhood overlooks a spectacular view of the Galilee and the valleys and enjoys Green and large, thanks to the proximity to the Ein Afek nature reserve.

What is being built

The "Shatit" company, which won the tender of the Israel Land Authority, is currently starting marketing of the project which includes 2 lots on a total area of ​​15.5 dunams.

The company intends to build on the area, low-rise boutique buildings (only 6 stories) next to high-rises and a total of 7 buildings that will include about 250 housing units. According to Shalom Shatrit, one of the owners of the company "Shitit": "All the apartments will be sold within the framework of the free market, and I am not surprised Because at the end of the first week of marketing, 7 apartments were already sold."

How much will

a 3-room apartment with an area of ​​about 80 square meters + a 12 square meter balcony cost, they will sell from NIS 1.45 million;

4-room apartments with an area of ​​about 100 square meters + 14 square meters of balcony will sell from NIS 1.64 million;

5-room penthouse apartments with a size of 149 + 86 square meters with a balcony, will be sold starting at NIS 3.150 million. All apartments will be sold without reference to the index until delivery.

Ramat Hanasi, Haifa

Pershkovsky: 568 apartments in 9 towers

Ramat Hanasi in Haifa, photo: 3Dvision

About the environment

The Ramat Hanasi neighborhood is located in the west of the city of Haifa and is under advanced construction.

The neighborhood is being built on an area of ​​about 200 dunams, and combines residential areas, commercial and recreational areas, and open spaces and is a short drive from Matam - the employment center for high-tech companies.

Residents of the neighborhood have at their disposal the "Butterfly" park located in the inner part, which covers about 20 dunams, of which about 12 dunams are green areas, challenging play facilities, fitness facilities, climbing facilities, preschool games and other facilities.

A fountain was built in the center of the park that allows you to bathe in the water, and in the evening it is illuminated with alternating lights.

The park was built in the shape of a butterfly, being located in a butterfly migration path, so from a distance the park looks like a butterfly with its wings spread.

What will be built

9 residential towers of the Pershkovsky company surrounded by a green area with a view of the sea on a mountainside with a view.

The project will include 568 units overlooking the butterfly park.

How much will it cost,

starting at NIS 1.69 million.

Givat Olga, Hadera

Oron Real Estate: 274 apartments in 2 towers

Givat Olga, Oron company, photo: Oron Nadalan

About the environment

As part of the project, which is located a few minutes' walk from Givat Olga beach, the tenants will enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea on one side, and an open view to the Samaria mountains on the other.

In the planning: the construction of the new interchange that will lead from Givat Olga directly to road 2 (the beach road), thus providing an easy and quick exit towards the center.

What will be built

The first evacuation-construction program in the Givat Olga neighborhood is expected to start in the coming months with the evacuation of the three buildings on Gadod Havri Street.

The project of the Oron Real Estate Company is expected to lead to the renewal of the entire neighborhood, with an emphasis on the construction of new buildings, infrastructures, public buildings and more.

In place of the three buildings that will be demolished, two towers will be built - one with 24 floors and the other with 32 floors.

In total, the project will include 274 units.

How much will it cost

from NIS 1.9 million for a 3-room apartment.

Marketing has already started.

Sharona neighborhood, Kfar Yona

Sheponder Padlon: 54 apartments of mixed uses

Sharona Kfar Yona, photo: SHARPEN Imaging

About the surroundings

The new Sharona neighborhood in Kfar Yona is located on the eastern side of Kfar Yona and is surrounded by green nature within walking distance.

The neighborhood is branded as an elite neighborhood that appeals to a crowd of young families and its prices are high compared to Kfar Yona itself.

The neighborhood includes about 2,300 housing units, in buildings of 5-9 floors and in attached buildings.

In the neighborhood there is a large park, a bicycle park, gardens, elementary schools and also there is land intended for the establishment of a middle school and a high school and land intended for the establishment of a country club.

What will be built

The "Trio Sharona" project of the Shponder Padlon group, includes 2 residential buildings with a total of 54 units, along with three office floors, as well as approximately 10,580 square meters of commercial space, which is expected to house a supermarket, gym, convenience stores, clothing and restaurants. Ido Padlon, CEO and co-owner of the Shponder Padlon Group, says: "Although the


is located in the sought-after Sharon area, relatively speaking, you can still find attractive prices here.



Sirkin, Petah Tikva

Group: a 30-story tower and two buildings.

Sirkin Petah Tikva, photo: Olin Imaging

On the surrounding area,

the new Sirkin neighborhood will be built on an area where the IDF camp used to be, adjacent to the Beilinson neighborhood, which is characterized by detached construction, and the village of Sirkin. The area for the neighborhood includes 2,440 dunams within the area of ​​the Sirkin camp and the area west of it, up to the Yoseftal and Kiryat Alon neighborhoods.

After the neighborhood is completed, it will include 8,500 units and about 300,000 square meters of commerce and employment.

The neighborhood will also include public institutions, schools, an urban park that includes sports areas and a park along the Shiloh River.

In the neighborhood, an infrastructure will be built for a pneumatic garbage disposal system similar to advanced neighborhoods.

From a transportation point of view, there is high accessibility with a road connection close to Route 6, Route 40, the Ganim intersection and the M2 metro line will pass through the neighborhood, when the lot that Groupit won is located 250 meters from the planned Sirkin South station.

What was built

by the Rami tender in the Sirkin neighborhood in Petah Tikva included nine complexes with 1,501 units.

The complex won by Groupit has an area of ​​about 5 dunams and is expected to include three buildings, the first eight-story, the second nine-story and a 30-story tower.

The commercial areas will be located on the ground floor of the tower and in the areas adjacent to the two lower buildings.

How much

the tender will cost has just been released, they have not yet been finalized.

Neve Park, Petah Tikva

Demari: 750 apartments in 5 buildings

Neve Park, Petah Tikva, photo: Studio Sanpast

on the environment

The NAVE PARK project, which is expected to renew the entire existing environment, is located at the intersection of Tavacnik and Shalom Ash streets in the sought-after Neve Gan neighborhood, on the axis of the red line of the light rail, and within walking distance of the Grand Mall.

This is one of the most significant projects in the city, which includes the demolition of 11 buildings from Timim Lipol that were built in the 50's and 60's of the last century.

Passageways for pedestrians and bicycles will be paved between the buildings, connecting Orlov Street with a public space that will be built nearby and will be built on a total area of ​​approximately 81,750 square meters.

"Urban renewal in the city will greatly help economic growth and will contribute to the establishment of high-quality commercial areas and public services, which will also lead to a significant increase in the value of the new properties," notes Amir Cohen, VP of Marketing and Sales of the Demari


. A large-scale new development, in the heart of the city of Petah Tikva, in partnership with the 'Opir Urban Renewal' group.

In the first phase, public buildings including a conservatory were destroyed, and 44 apartments were evacuated.

In their place, 150 new apartments will be built in a 31-story tower.

Later, 158 more apartments will be vacated and demolished.

A total of 750 new apartments will be built in 5 buildings, in place of 202 apartments and 8 shops that will be demolished.

How much will it cost

starting from NIS 2.44 million for a 3-room apartment and NIS 3.1 million for a 5-room apartment.

Tel Aviv, Neve Sharet neighborhood, photo: Assaf Peretz

Tel Aviv, Neve Sharet Canaan neighborhood

: 258 apartments in buildings up to 11 stories

About the environment

The project stretches between Parachutemen Street and Beit El Street.

In the vicinity of the project, other projects are being established that are being promoted in the process of eviction and construction, and it is also close to the neighborhood's leisure and sports center and the employment area of ​​Park Atidim, and on the other hand to the neighborhood of Tzahala and Ramat Hay'al.

Niv Rom, CEO of Canaan Urban Renewal, from the Canaan Group: "This is a joint project between entrepreneurs and the North team from the Tel Aviv Municipality's engineering department.

We have reached an amazing result of a quality textured project with a green lung, commerce and public spaces for the benefit of the community, and all this without tall towers.

There is no doubt that the proximity of the neighborhood, as well as the project to Barzel Street in Ramat Ha'il, which includes a fertile area of ​​commerce, employment and leisure, and soon also light rail, will continue to generate high demand, especially when the prices in the area are low compared to the prices of apartments in Tel Aviv.


The "paratroopers" project of the Canaan Group is being promoted in the Devora HaNeviya B compound in the Neve Sharet neighborhood.

The number of units currently available in the complex is about 80 units in railway buildings on 4 lots and the expectation is for the construction of 258 new apartments in buildings of up to 11 floors. In addition, public areas and commercial areas will be established.

How much

apartments in the project will cost have not yet been priced.

The start of marketing is expected at the end of the year.

Beshalom Zion Hamalka in Tel Aviv, photo: Damiya Eliav Architects 3Dvision

Tel Aviv, Shlomzion Hamalka

Contempo: the complex will include 32 units

About the environment

in the old and renewed north of Tel Aviv, between Madinah Square and the Yarkon River.

The complex literally kisses the banks of the Yarkon River and on the other side is close to educational, cultural and leisure institutions.

The area is accessible to public transportation close to the coastal road and the Ayalon routes.

What will be built are two avant-garde buildings facing Shlomzion Hamalka and Yonatan Hopsi streets in a project by Contempo Real Estate, which is part of the Tozeh and Binui group. The complex will include 32 units, 4 garden apartments and 4 penthouse apartments.

How much will NIS 75 thousand per square meter

cost ?

Tel Aviv, Neve Chen

Shalom et Natan, areas: 58 apartments on 13 floors

Tel Aviv Neve Chen, photo: 3Division

About the environment

The 'Neva Chen' neighborhood is located in the east of the city, close to major traffic routes such as the pilot road and Alof Sade, and is expected to benefit from the light rail's purple line in 2026.

The neighborhood will include, among other things, a new neighborhood commercial center, parks, schools, kindergartens, community centers and sports centers.

What is being built These days the companies Azorim and Shalom et Natan started marketing the Oliver project.

The building, which has already received a construction permit, will have 13 floors, with 58 units in a mix of 3, 4 and 5 rooms, mini-penthouse apartments and penthouse apartments.

How much will it cost

, starting from about NIS 34,000 per square meter.

According to Yoni Barel, VP of regional sales, "This is the last opportunity to purchase an apartment in a central location in Tel Aviv at a good price. Also, in light of the differences in price levels from the nearby neighborhoods, Neve Chen is a desirable investment destination for investors who believe in the development of Tel Aviv."

Kiryat Ono, Harimon

Matzaloy: 108 apartments in two buildings

Harimon Kiryat Ono, photo: Hamaiya Ivolav Media

On the surroundings

, Kiryat Ono is located between road 461 coming from Tel Aviv to Israel and road 471 connecting between road 4 and road 6, which makes it accessible to the employment, leisure and entertainment centers of Gush Dan. In addition, as part of the light rail plan, in 2024 the purple line is planned to operate, which will be located near the Savion intersection.This line will connect to the red line and the green line.

What will be built?

The Matsaloi company, which is very active in the city of Kiryat Ono, as part of the Pinoy Binui project, demolished two old buildings from the 1950s with 32 housing units and in their place two 11-story boutique buildings with 108 new units are being built. Each building will have 54 apartments in a diverse mix. of 3, 4 and 5 room apartments, garden apartments and penthouse apartments.

How much will it cost

from NIS 2.450 million for a 3-room apartment.

South Tel Hashomer, Ramat Gan

Acro Real Estate: 209 units for long-term rent

South Tel Hashomer, Ramat Gan, photo: Damiya Studio 84

About the environment

The plan is located north of Road No. 461, south of the Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center and west of Mota Gor Road, on the route of the purple line of the light rail.

According to the plan documents, the construction of 3,050 residential units is proposed in the entire area of ​​the complex. The plan also includes employment and commercial areas to the extent of 106,000 square meters.

What will be built

209 units in 15-story buildings for the purpose of long-term rental for 20 years, and approximately 750 square meters of commercial space.

Acro Real Estate's project is spread over an area of ​​approximately 26,000 square meters and we are part of a new, large and developing neighborhood, covering an area of ​​approximately 560 dunams, known as 'South Tel Hashomer', which was approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development at the end of 2017. This transaction joins Akro Group's extensive activity in the Ono Valley and makes it a significant player in the region.

In April of this year, the group won a tender from the Israel Land Authority (RMI) for the purchase of the full rights to a 14 dunam plot in Ramat Gan, also part of the South Tel Hashomer project, in exchange for approximately NIS 137 million. According to the construction plan, Acro will be able to establish Four 15-story buildings above ground and four more buildings in textured construction.

How much will it cost?

The company is obligated to make the apartments available for rent for at least 20 consecutive years.

According to the terms of the auction, half of the apartments will be rented to the beneficiaries of the construction offices at a regulated price that is 20% lower than the market price.

The other half of the apartments will be rented at market prices.

Herzliya Ashdar Center

: 44 apartments in a 7-story building

Ashder Hatzamtu Herzliya -, photo: 3Dvision imaging

On the surroundings,

a very sought-after area in the heart of old Herzliya, bordering to the north Sokolov Street and the Herzliya Green neighborhood.

To the west of the neighborhood, there is the Sara Weitzman dormitory neighborhood, which is considered a sought-after residential area, near public gardens.

What was built

 The Ashdar company from the Ashstrom Group, has begun the construction of an urban renewal project that will include 44 housing units, in a 7-story building, with two parking floors and two separate entrances, sitting on a plot of about one and a half acres on Hatzamtu Street in downtown Herzliya.

As part of the project, a building including 18 housing units was destroyed.

The project was designed by architect Serge David Ferman and offers 3-5 room apartments, spacious garden apartments and penthouses.

How much will

the marketing of the project cost these days?

A 3-room apartment with an area of ​​77 square meters and a 15 square meter balcony will be sold starting at NIS 2.77 million.

The project is expected to be occupied within three years.

Neve David Ramez neighborhood, Ra'anana

Almog: a 7-story building with 23 apartments

Almog the Hasmoneans Ra'anana, photo: olin

About the environment

Located in the heart of a quiet street - Hashmonaim Street in the Neve David Ramez neighborhood, close to Azoza Street and the cultural heart of Ra'anana.

Near the project you can find excellent old educational institutions, from kindergarten to high school, and within a short walking distance there are shopping, culture, health and leisure centers.

The proximity to Ahozeh Street allows the residents of the project good accessibility, both to Route 531 in the south and to Route 4 in the east.

Ra'anana places special emphasis on the fields of culture and sports, and in the area of ​​the program you can find many fitness facilities alongside sports fields, and walking and running tracks.

Ra'anana's Amphi Park, which hosts the best performances and artists, is located about 7 minutes' drive from the project.

What will be built

The Almog Group's urban renewal project is located in a central location in the Neve David Remez neighborhood in Ra'anana.

As part of the project, the company will demolish an old building that includes 9 apartments, and in its place a new 7-story building with 23 apartments will be built.

The apartment buyers will enjoy sun balconies measuring approximately 13 square meters. The architect of the project is Tali Becher Schechter, and the design will be modern and will include elements of stone and glass


Tsova, Harish

Ila Agam: 172 units in about 10 buildings

Ayala Agam plowing team, photo: VIEW POINT

About the environment

The project is located on the side of a mountain, with a view towards the surrounding mountains and the Ilan observatory at the edge of the city.

The planning phase of the neighborhood preserved a panoramic mountain view, at the same time as the location of the neighborhood near a main transportation artery.

What is being built

Ila Agam company is building the 'Ila VIEW' project - a boutique project in the neighborhood of Tsvata in Harish.

In the project, the group is building 172 housing units in about 10 buildings of 5-7 floors which will include 3-5 room apartments, garden apartments and penthouses.

How much will it cost

starting from NIS 1.330 million.

This is the eighth project of Ila Agam in Harish.

The executive contractor: Barel.

Shekam neighborhood, Beer Ya'akov

Boni Al-Thaiyin: 259 apartments in 6 residential buildings

Be'er Ya'akov Sycamore neighborhood, photo: Yehudit Garinkol

On the surrounding area

, the new Shekami neighborhood in Be'er Ya'akov is located between Highway 44 and Rishon Lezion, and in its area will be built many commercial and employment areas, public areas including educational institutions and public parks.

The brown line of the light rail is planned to pass through the neighborhood and there is easy access to major transportation routes.

What will be built

259 housing units of the High School Builders Company in six residential buildings.

How much will

the project cost, marketed as part of a reduced price (50%), and the rest on the free market.

The prices of the apartments have not yet been finalized, but the price range for the area per square meter ranges from NIS 26 to 32 thousand.

Ramat Beit Shemesh

Efi Capital: 400 apartments in 10 buildings

Effi Capital Barma in Beit Shemesh, photo: Damiya Primovitz - Bass Architects

על הסביבה בשנים האחרונות בית שמש עוברת הליכי פיתוח משמעותיים עם השקעה ממשלתית של מיליארדי שקלים לטובת הרחבת תשתיות, בניית מוסדות ציבור, תגבור קווי תחבורה ציבורית, הקמת שכונות חדשות וקידום פרויקטים יוקרתיים לציבור החרדי. בהמשך להקמת שכונות הענק, רמת בית שמש ד' ורמת בית שמש ה' וכמענה לביקושים האדירים למגורים בעיר, עתידה החברה להקים בחלקה הצפון מערבי של העיר את פרויקט היוקרה 'אפי ברמה'.
מה נבנה הפרויקט של אפי קפיטל ממוקם על רכס הרים המשקיף אל נופים פתוחים ובקרבה לכביש 38 ולצומת בית שמש מרכז. במסגרתו יבנו כ-400 יחידות דיור בבנייה רוויה של עשרה בניינים בני 9 קומות. תמהיל הדירות מגוון ויכלול דירות 3 עד 6 חדרים, דירות גן ופנטהאוז.
כמה יעלה דירות 4 חדרים החל מ-2.35 מיליון שקל.

שכונת נאות הדרים, באר שבע
צרפתי שמעון: 146 דירות ב-2 מגדלים

פרויקט צרפתי בפארק בבאר שבע, צילום: הדמיה 3dvision

על הסביבה שכונת נאות הדרים ממוקמת בצידה הדרום מזרחי של באר שבע, בסמוך לצירי תנועה מרכזיים בעיר, כביש 6 והיציאות הצפוניות והדרומיות וכן יציאה קלה לעיר הבה"דים. השכונה מתפרסת על פני כ-170 דונם והיא עתידה להכיל כ-1,200 משפחות.

מה נבנה

חברת צרפתי שמעון מוציאה לשיווק בימים אלה את השלב השני בפרויקט 'צרפתי בנאות הדרים'. שלב זה כולל שני מגדלים בני 20 קומות כל אחד, ובהם 146 יח"ד.

Also at this stage, as in the entire project, a balcony of approximately 25 square meters will be built for each apartment, which includes a hanging garden. Recently, the company finished marketing all 176 apartments in the first stage of the project, which included 3 buildings of 14-16 floors. According to Avi Sarfati

, Co-CEO of the French company Shimon, "The first phase of the project received high demands from a variety of audiences: young families, housing developers and investors. The hanging gardens concept is a unique concept in which each apartment gets a large balcony, part of which includes preparation for home gardening."

How much it will cost

has not yet been determined for phase B.

were we wrong

We will fix it!

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