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Hurry, before it's over: warming poses for the last days of winter - voila! Sheee


Curling up under the blanket is one way to deal with the cold outside - another way is to increase the heat inside - 5 positions that will raise your body temperature

It's raining six drops outside, and inside we all get into the fetal position and look for ways to keep warm.

If you haven't had time to change to a winter wardrobe or bring the radiator from the warehouse - we offer an age-old heating method.


Although any sex in the winter will warm you up, why not do it properly with positions that will be especially suitable for the situation?

Just before we give up the fun and go into Wanzi - a few tips:

it's okay to keep socks on during the act when it's cold outside.

As hot as the sex is, the toes can still fall off from the cold.

It is allowed to combine a blanket, even though it is usually awkward to unsexy.

But it's cold, so who cares.

Adopt the "Cozy" approach, light candles, drink a hot cocktail, put on a YouTube video of a burning fireplace.

And go for it.

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Admit that missionary is the most fun (Photo: ShutterStock)

The spooning

of this familiar position is a stamp for winter for several reasons, but the obvious one is the great similarity between it and cuddling.

Who doesn't want to cuddle up when it's stormy outside?

All you have to do is lie on your side, with your partner behind your partner, and that's a plus-minus.

This is a comfortable position for winter laziness, as it does not require

much physical effort, you can easily perform it with a blanket over you and enjoy the body heat that you both generate.


In this position, known in the Kama Sutra as 'Padmasana', the partner sits in the lotus position, and for those who are less practiced in yoga, it is also possible just with crossed legs, and the partner sits on him, with her legs wrapped around her lover.

This is a perfect position for the winter because maximum closeness is created between body and body, when in fact you wrap each other with your limbs.

What's more, you can warm up, if only from the intimate look in each other's eyes, and easily flirt while having sex with the one you love.

If all of this doesn't make you warm up just reading - we'll add that the physical effort required to ride in this position will surely make you sweat.

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If you want to cuddle, then until the end (Photo: ShutterStock)

This classic missionary

has become synonymous with mediocre and boring sex - and it's a shame.

In fact, the missionary position is excellent for both partners, especially for winter sex.

The partner will warm up from the work he will put in, since the main part of it rests on his shoulders and the partner will absorb the heat of his body above her.

If you want to increase the heating, the partner can wrap her legs around the partner's lower body.

If you want to spice things up, you can place a pillow under your partner's buttocks to experiment with slightly different penetration angles.


The last thing your partner might want to do when it's windy outside is to be up there in the cold.

And yet it can be a great pose for winter.

This is a simple position in which the partner sits on top of the partner while he is lying down.

If she is still cold out there, to warm things up it is recommended to lie down on your partner and place your hands

on both sides of his face.

This way the partner can set the pace and get more attention to the clitoris, for which in any case friction is always better than galloping.

Whisper hot things in her ear.

and bring a blanket (Photo: ShutterStock)

Flat doggy-style

Yes, yes, that doesn't sound like the ideal position for warming up, what's more, being on all fours while your partner is standing behind you really doesn't allow for the combination of a blanket.

Therefore, instead, you can try to upgrade the position, so that the partner's daughter is lying on her stomach and the partner is on top of her.

This position allows for fishy pleasure, only with the addition

of skin-to-skin contact.

What's more, the partner can whisper hot things in her ear, plus pull the blanket over her.

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