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Do you want to run but don't know how to start? 4 tips from a runner


Sustaining physical activity over time can be quite a challenge. The keys to ultramarathon runner Sofía Cantilo.

The holidays are over, 2023 "formally" begins, and with it, the opportunities to meet several of the goals that many people set for themselves in their


balance sheets .

And although it is known that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main issues to combat, it is also known that it is not easy at all.

In fact, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) globally, 1 in 4 adults and 4 in 5 adolescents

do not reach

the recommended levels of physical activity.

In turn, they point out that sedentary people have a

20% to 30% higher risk of death

compared to those who exercise.

In this sense, the WHO indicates that not doing physical activity increases not only mortality

from any cause

, but also from cardiovascular diseases, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

There is no doubt then that leaving a sedentary lifestyle behind is not only recommended, but also necessary.

The question is how.

Taking into account that running is one of the

most accessible

physical activities (it does not require paying a monthly fee, hiring instructors or being tied to schedules), some tips can be useful when starting.

Discipline is essential to start running.

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Ultra-marathon runner Sofía Cantilo knows what it's like to start running from scratch: until she was 24 years old, not only did she not exercise, but she also led a very unhealthy

lifestyle .

However, gradually

his resistance increased,

and he began with a 5 km race, to later raise the ante and participate in a 42 km


in Villa La Angostura, reaching more than 100 km and participating in the most important ultramarathons. of the world.

They recommend doing interval walks and runs to "get into the groove."

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When describing the main


when starting this activity, Sofía is categorical and mentions, first of all, "mind tricks", which can lead us to believe that it is not worth continuing or that we are tired, when in reality we can give more.

Add, among the obstacles, to the 

low knowledge of the body

in movement, the lack of discipline and the "all or nothing" or analyze everything in terms of "black or white".

In all cases, these are their tips for lifting those barriers that limit us when it comes to starting to run.

1- Walk-run: interval methodology

As much as one feels that one can give everything, in the beginning Cantilo strongly recommends going little by little.

This means that we must

gradually increase the amount of time we run.

Even if you are in good physical condition or have already been training.

"Progression is the key. Even if you come from another activity, the body moves differently and has to adjust little by little," he stresses.

In this sense, he explains that the best way to start running is through the well-known


methodology .

"Running and walking. Eventually, the walking times are going to get shorter and shorter, until they disappear."

And he adds: "You can go putting higher intensity intervals in your jogging moments, to demand your muscles, stimulate fast fibers and your cardiovascular capacity."

2- Be disciplined

Cantilo acknowledges that this word enjoys a very

bad reputation


However, it is key when starting to run, since the desire is not always there.

"We have to stop romanticizing what it means to go running: the desire and

motivation disappear

, and the only thing that lasts is discipline," he admits.

In this direction, perseverance and commitment, once the decision to start has been made, are the stimuli that must remain when reluctance prevails


something that can happen often.

Knowing one's own body is central to knowing when we are really tired.

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3- Doing little is better than doing nothing

The obligations of daily life are usually more than we can cover, and it is often true that

we do not have

free time from work, domestic and/or family commitments.

For this reason, Cantilo recommends being flexible, and not betting on an "all or nothing" that can actually end up harming us.

"It's better to do little, than to do nothing," he stresses, adding: "When you don't have so much time, I went out for at least

a little while

. Don't let your head convince you with excuses."

On the other hand, he stresses that many times, even, "less is more, and it is essential to respect the rest that the body needs."

"Going out for a while is better than not going out," says Cantilo.

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4- Learn to listen

One of the most important issues is listening to your own body, getting to know yourself.

And that is something that is not given, but

is learned


Cantilo insists that the head can play many tricks, and can make us believe that we can't take it anymore, on occasions when we can.

"The most important thing is to learn to know your own body, to learn what each thing you feel means: from your feet to your breath," he explains.

"There you will begin to notice every detail very well and that is what will allow you to realize when you are really tired, or when

your mind

begins to tell you that you are tired because you feel lazy."

How do you acquire this kind of self-knowledge?

In the practice itself, and attentive listening, is where we will learn to have a

record of our own body


"Running is what will give you that knowledge, especially at the beginning, you must be very attentive to each sensation," she closes.


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