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Inside Story of Cai Tianfeng’s Dismembered Corpse Case|With 100 million yuan in family property, he was murdered by his ex-husband’s father, who was a policeman and became the mastermind


A terrorist murder and cooking corpse case occurred in Longwei Village, Tai Po. The 28-year-old socialite Abby Choi, who is now the daughter-in-law of the founder of Tanzai Rice Noodles, disappeared for 3 days and was found murdered by her ex-husband’s family.

A terrorist murder and cooking corpse case occurred in Longwei Village, Tai Po. The 28-year-old socialite Abby Choi, who is now the daughter-in-law of the founder of Tanzai Rice Noodles, disappeared for 3 days and was found murdered by her ex-husband’s family. The pieces of meat were then boiled, and the killing methods were extremely brutal.

The police have arrested Cai Tianfeng's ex-husband's brother and parents, but his ex-husband is still at large.

According to news, Cai Tianfeng's wealth of 100 million yuan is the root cause of the murder, and the mastermind of the murder is her ex-husband's father who was a policeman.

It happened that Cai married her ex-husband when she was 18 years old and gave birth to 2 daughters successively. Afterwards, the marriage broke down, but Cai still took care of her ex-husband’s family and even spent money to buy a property in Kadoorie Hill for her ex-husband’s family to live in. Named Owner".

However, at the end of last year, Ms. Cai intended to sell the property. The two parties were arguing about the ownership and other issues. Some people were worried that the money would be turned into water. In addition, they knew that Ms. Cai remarried and had a child without registration, so they planned to plunder her rich assets and planned to kill her. .

The ex-husband’s family rented a village house in Lung Mei Village, Tai Po a few weeks ago, and drove Nv Cai to pick up their daughter on the day of the incident. It is suspected that Nv Cai was put into a coma in the car, and then sent to the village house to implement the murder plan, and then separated. The corpses are boiled and then discarded as garbage soup.

It is understood that the deceased, Abby Choi, was born and raised in Hong Kong. Her parents were engaged in business in the Mainland, and her family fortune is believed to be in the hundreds of millions.

About 10 years ago, when she was about 18 years old, she married her ex-husband surnamed Kwong, whose foreign name was Alex, and gave birth to a pair of children who are now 10 and 8 years old.

The two later divorced, and Cai Nv married the son of the founder of Tanzai Rice Noodles in December 2016, but it is said that they are not registered and financially independent, and the two later gave birth to 2 children .

Although Nv Cai divorced her ex-husband, she is still responsible for taking care of the life of her family, making them prosperous and worry-free.

In her early years, she even paid to buy a luxury apartment in Kadoorie Hill, Ho Man Tin, for her ex-husband's family to live in, and the property belonged to her ex-husband's father.

According to sources, Ms. Cai's "former master" used to be a police officer and had left the police force more than ten years ago. Ms. Cai hired her ex-husband's 31-year-old brother as her private driver, which shows that she takes good care of her ex-husband's family.

Someone offered a bonus of 2 million yuan on the Internet to arrest the murderer.

The post stated that the ex-husband’s surname was Kwong and his foreign name was Alex.

(Internet screenshot)

At the end of last year, Ms. Cai intended to sell the property in Kadoorie Hill to get back some of the money. She also planned to arrange another residence for her ex-husband’s family. However, although Ms. Cai paid for the property, her ex-husband’s father was the “named owner” and the two parties decided to sell it. There was a dispute about the house.

It is reported that Ms. Cai once sought legal advice from a lawyer and learned that even though the property is in the name of her ex-husband’s father, as long as she proves that Ms. Cai is the buyer of the property, she still has a chance to get money from the sale of the property.

In addition, since Ms. Cai and her current husband are not registered, the properties and investments she holds are worth 100 million yuan. Once she dies, her property will belong to her children, that is, the children born to her ex-husband. heir to the estate.

Some people suspected that Kadoorie Hill's property would turn into a waste of money, and murderous intentions had sprouted during the dispute over the sale of the property. They even thought that after Ms. Cai's death, she would get more family property, and finally planned a murder plan.

According to sources, the father of the ex-husband, who is the owner of the property in Kadoorie Hill, was the mastermind of the case and discussed with his two sons a murder plan. He first rented the village house in Longwei Village where the incident occurred in early February, and then put the murder plan into practice. Implemented, arranged for the eldest son to pick up Cai Nv in Kadoorie Hill on February 21, and put her into a coma in the car; on the afternoon of the same day, took Cai Nv to the village house unit to kill, dismember and cook, and then The boiled body remains were taken to a distant place and disposed of as soup dregs.

It is known that Ms. Cai's ex-husband was also involved in the murder and is still at large. Although her ex-husband's mother knew about it, the police also arrested her.



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