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The street MMA video of men and women goes viral! The man suspected of wearing a cuckold BMW and the woman in a short skirt slapped each other, and the follow-up was even more crazy


[Street MMA] It's too dangerous to argue like this between lovers! A video of men and women fighting each other on the street in a BMW BMW in Chai Wan went viral on the Internet. A man and a woman standing in the middle of the road were seen arguing suspected of checking their mobile phones.

[Street MMA] It's too dangerous to argue like this between couples!

A video of a man and woman fighting in a BMW BMW in Chai Wan went viral on the Internet. A man and a woman standing in the middle of the road were seen arguing about checking their mobile phones. quite dangerous.

Afterwards, the men and women staged a "mutual slap" scene, and the scene was at a stalemate for a while, but at the end of the video, the man actually hugged the woman into his arms to "hold the truth", even though the woman told him to go away, he did not let go.

The video aroused heated discussions among netizens. Many netizens criticized the dangerous behavior of men and women, "I almost died, but I was still hugging", "Sadomasochism". Involving "wearing a cuckold", "The whole story is really funny: Oh, after wearing a green hat, you want to take her back?".

A video of a Chai Wan BMW man and woman fighting each other on the street went viral on the Internet.

(video screenshot)

Some netizens reposted the 5-minute video in the Facebook group "Chai Wan People Chai Wan Shi" in the early morning, and the location is believed to be at the intersection of Huaxia Street in Chai Wan.

In the video, a woman in a black one-piece miniskirt rushed towards the man, who seemed to want to snatch the phone, and scolded, "You're back, what are you doing!" The woman was knocked off balance and fell back one or two meters, hitting the backing minibus. Fortunately, the minibus stopped in time and no accident happened. However, the process was quite thrilling, and the filmmaker shouted: "Ah , look at the car!"


Seeing this, the man wanted to go up to see if the woman was okay, but he stopped when he saw that the woman was fine, stood aside and continued to look at his mobile phone and walked towards the BMW.

At this time, the woman stood up again, stretched out her hand and pulled the man's back collar forcefully, pulling the man back, and then there was a physical conflict between the two parties. The woman suddenly slapped the man, and the man slapped back, and picked up his mobile phone to take pictures.

After a while, the woman slapped the man again, and the man slapped the woman back again.


The two sides confronted each other for a while, the woman walked up to the BMW and wanted to open the car door to get in the car, while the man approached and closed the door, the woman shouted: "Fuck me!" The man ignored him, suddenly took out a cigarette, and hugged the woman into his arms." "Lan Shi", the woman covered the man's mouth with her hand to prevent him from approaching.

The woman then broke free and hit the men with her jacket. The man then stepped forward to "hold the woman firmly" and kiss the woman's mouth. Ah! Can you hear what I'm saying?"


The video ended here, and the shooting time was not given, but after checking the information, it is believed that the video was first released last night (February 26) on Weibo.

Netizens commented after watching it, "I laughed so hard hahahaha, I hugged it", "I almost died, I still hugged it", "I have to get in the car after a beating, what a state of mind", "It's a single thing Weirdly, if it’s a girl’s home game, why don’t you get on a BMW? Zhong wants to push away the strips until the end!”, “I’m making an idol drama?”, “Sadomasochism”.

Some netizens also estimated from the man's mobile phone checking behavior, and the filmmaker's reference to the background information that he was suspected of being a man and woman. The reason for the dispute between the two is suspected to be related to a third party. Take her back?", "It's a hater's business", "Hahaha, you are a big injustice, if you are cheated, you will turn your head back."

Another netizen believes that no matter what, a man should not hit a woman.


A 23-year-old woman was kidnapped by a man in a car and sexually assaulted by a man at night. She resisted, jumped out of the car and fled. The result was miserable. The mainland female power score is 4 points, and Hong Kong people are "rehabilitated": Hong Kong people are doing well!

Except for this one thing... Mainland women challenged to "speak Mandarin in Hong Kong for 7 days". Hong Kong people responded unexpectedly: It's really XX!

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