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Trailwalker|Chen Guoqiang's 60-year-old team ran 11th. Don't link your body and mind with your age


Trailwalker is not just for young people, older people can also make good achievements. The average age of the team led by 62-year-old "Mr. Trailwalker" Chen Guoqiang is over 60 years old.

Trailwalker is not just for young people, older people can also make good achievements.

The 62-year-old "Mr. Trailwalker" Chen Guoqiang led the team with an average age of over 60 years old. They are still determined and strong. They ran 15 hours and 53 minutes in the "Oxfam Trailwalker 2022", ranking 11th overall and winning the long-distance race. Youth Champion.

Chen Guoqiang's team was interviewed by the media in front of Trailwalker.

(KK Chan Mr. Yixing Facebook)

Chen Guoqiang was interviewed on Monday morning. Looking back on his Trailwalker experience, he was very satisfied with the completion time.

He said: "The first thing is our estimated target time, I am very satisfied. Our target is within 16 hours, even if it is 1559, it is ready to receive the goods."

Trailwalker started at 8:00 a.m. last Friday. The 8002 team of Chen Guoqiang, Chen Weihan, Zhou Liguan, and Weng Ruinian started from Pak Tam Chung and reached the finish line in Taitang at 11:00 p.m. to complete the 100-kilometer track.

He said, "It only takes 8 minutes to go to Tsz Wan Shan, and it takes 7 minutes later. It is cited that as long as you stay well, the latter part can be faster than the front part."

Chen Guoqiang led his teammates to set off from Pak Tam Chung.

(KK Chan Mr. Yixing Facebook)

This team belongs to the evergreen group, the youngest player is 58 years old, the oldest is 63 years old, and the average age is over 60 years old.

Chen Guoqiang said: "If the new generation of young people listen to it, even if we are 60 years old, but we can afford a blue shirt, we are within 16 minutes." In the Trailwalker classroom team founded by Chen Guoqiang, we can Members who complete Trailwalker within 16 hours are listed as "Cosmoboys" and can wear blue shirts for the competition.

This year's Trailwalker was rescheduled to February. Chen Guoqiang himself expected the weather to be hot and humid, but the weather that day was better than he expected.

He said: "Although it is hot at noon, it is very dry. As a trailwalker for many years, it is a relatively comfortable day. I don't sweat a lot, and I may catch my teammates' goals and not too fast."

Chen Guo forced himself to the city gate and waved to the camera.

(KK Chan Mr. Yixing Facebook)

Chen Guoqiang said that he did not have any problems throughout the whole process, but some teammates felt hot and tired, especially Jigongshan and Ma'an'ao. He would adjust the speed, talk to them to relax, and use aggressive methods when appropriate to lead the team to do A good result of 15 hours and 53 minutes.

He said: "I am in charge of controlling the pace, reminding everyone to eat more and slow down, and fulfilling the responsibility of leadership, just like the captain of a team. Ask them to bring out their small universe and push them to persevere."

On the inclined road climbing Sifang Mountain to Tai Mao Mountain, Chen Guoqiang found that his teammates were a little tired, "I said a sentence, "We are so old, but we are normal", and a teammate said, "How old! We are not old! Let’s see how old you are”, talk and laugh, and stimulate everyone, so you don’t feel it, and you will reach the top if you keep going.”

Chen Guoqiang and his teammates completed Trailwalker in 15 hours and 53 minutes.

(Assembly Facebook)

When they arrived at the Jiqing Bridge, only 10 kilometers away from the finish line, he encouraged his teammates to speed up, "If you don't run, you will lose it. It's better to run and bury it. I don't even have a pace. It doesn't matter, it's hard to stop if you run. What's the use of saving some energy, you can't save it until November!"

"Buying 200-somethings, we still insisted on doing it, and the teammates played well at the end." Chen Guoqiang said.

They won the Trailwalker Championship of the Evergreen Group (55 to 64 years old) before reaching the target time, and ranked 11th in the competition, which was unexpected.

Chen Guoqiang said: "What is it? I never thought about it. Maybe the epidemic has just ended and the government has restricted so many teams. I never thought that it would be close to the top 10 in 15 or 16 hours. I have been running for more than 20 years. Xing Zhe, in the past, he usually ranked first in the top 10 within 15 hours."

Chen Guoqiang and his teammates finished in 11th place.

(KK Chan Mr. Yixing Facebook)

Chen Guoqiang was the three consecutive Trailwalker champions from 1998 to 2000 and was named "Mr. Trailwalker". Elderly people run mountains and mountains.

Chen Guoqiang said with a smile: "Well, I remember that I am an old man!"

Chen Guoqiang said: "I want to instill a sense that you are old but there is no difference from young people. At most, you should not pursue such a fast speed. Your health, mood and physique do not need to be linked with age. I want to emphasize this Ye."

Trailwalker Classroom sent 9 teams to participate in the Trailwalker this year. The strongest team was 8001, which consisted of Liang Chengdong, Liang Weiye and Ye Xiaoming, plus the strong support of Deng Guomin, and ran out to the third place.

The 9 teams of Trailwalker Classroom participants all successfully completed the competition, and two of the teams entered the top 10 with outstanding results.

A total of 1,271 participants in this year's Trailwalker successfully completed the 100 kilometers, with a completion rate of 88.3%.

The Guangdong-Hong Kong United Team of the Trailwalker Classroom Group won the third place. Mainland expert Deng Guomin helped his teammates create a PB

Deng Guomin (from left), Ye Xiaoming, Liang Chengdong and Liang Weiye won the third runner-up of Trailwalker.

(Photo by Yan Minghui)

"I hope that through Trailwalker, different people's perceptions of themselves can be changed. It's so great to change your life. It can change your daily behavior and life. You can also play sports after work. The mountains in Hong Kong are so close to the city, really. It’s very convenient. I encourage people, even if they don’t participate in the competition, it’s good to go down the mountain.” Chen Guoqiang said.

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