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Congress, the last stage of the confrontation between Alberto Fernández and Kirchnerism


The President opens the ordinary sessions at the hardest moment of his fight with La Cámpora. The expectation for the use of Cristina's ban and irritation because he does not lower his candidacy.

The publicized

“political table”

that the ruling party celebrated two weeks ago

has begun to fall apart

much sooner than imagined.

The Kirchner offensive against Alberto Fernández was unleashed again in the last hours.

He could have been, in truth, a simple return of courtesies.

For what reason?

At the Instituto Patria, the presidential claim to run for a second term continues to be indigestible.

Nor is it a novelty.

But time passes and there are no signs of any presidential setback.

On the contrary, one of his main men, Santiago Cafiero, elaborated during a visit to Bangladesh.

There he traveled to reactivate the Argentine embassy due to the public support that the society of that nation gave to the soccer team during the World Cup in Qatar.

Especially Lionel Messi.

Antonio's grandson is in everything.

The chancellor was questioned by the C5N TV channel about the electoral horizon.

With a precision: if he believed that Cristina Fernández or Alberto were the best options that he could offer for the ruling party in October.

Cafiero answered, without hesitation, that the best candidate is the president.

He used aspects of his management, including handling of the pandemic, an alleged knowledge of international reality,

his leadership

of him and the experience accumulated in these years of power.

There was not a single consideration on his part about the possibilities of the vice president.

The foreign minister's audacity was too much for

an extremely sensitive Kirchnerism

due to the succession of difficulties that it has been accumulating.

In particular one: Cristina's displacement, at least for now, from the electoral scene exposed many of her weaknesses.

Alberto's insistence on re-election would prove it as much as the reappearance of Daniel Scioli.

The ambassador in Brazil has once again offered to fight for the presidential chair.

He doesn't disgust any inmate.

That intervention by Cafiero was interpreted as a provocation at the Instituto Patria


In particular, for having avoided what Kirchnerism interprets as judicial persecution against the vice president.

In this framework, the theory of the supposed “proscription”

is built .

Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero at the Bangladesh Football Federation.

He traveled to reopen the Argentine embassy in the country that most encourages our National Team.

Photo: EFE

As happens every time there is an internal altercation, Andrés Larroque officiated again as a retrucador.

The Minister of Social Development of Buenos Aires and General Secretary of La Cámpora was much more bellicose against Alberto than other times.

"If he had done things right, we would have gone for his re-election," he blurted out indignantly.

He incidentally added that "the only concern of the people" is that the vice president is a candidate this year.

He did not make any clarification about which people he was referring to.

The Buenos Aires official unleashed other unoriginal fights.

He remarked that the President would have bitten his hand

"To whom he gave to eat."

It is understood: Cristina.

All against


La Cámpora seems threatened by a game of tweezers.

Alberto does not get off the re-election.

In this way, he sterilizes the idea of ​​a consensus formula,

typed by the vice president, that stages participation in the PASO.

Another problem lies in the objective difficulties that the organization exhibits to

"break the ban

" on Cristina.

That is a hose that would not finish curdling.

One aspect has to do with carrying out a march planned for March 24.

It frayed when Estela de Carlotto, head of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo,

asked not to mix domestic political issues with the tragedy of the disappeared and the repression


The other controversial issue is that voices arose from the Government itself that objected to the idea of ​​the "ban" of Cristina.

Larroque's post, in this case, was taken over by Eduardo De Pedro.

The Minister of the Interior, in a partisan act,

He demanded that Aníbal Fernández take care of investigating the attack suffered by the vice president on the first day of September last year.

The head of Security has been fighting Kirchnerism for weeks.

He has repeated that Cristina does not suffer any ban.

If, instead, an unfounded judicial persecution.

The proscriptive theory, in such a case, would lack support.

In an interview with Clarín in Paris, Aníbal Fernández said that Cristina "is not banned and can be a candidate."

Photo: Noel Smart

That represents another political stumbling block for Kirchnerism.

The proscription theory seems to be weakening as much as the idea of

​​the existence of a large machine

behind the gun that Fernando Sabag Montiel falsely triggered.

Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti

has only irrefutably corroborated the responsibility of the so-called “Gang of the little glasses”.

That he prowled the vicinity of the department of Uruguay and Juncal.

The alleged financing of a group linked to the former Macrista finance secretary, Luis Caputo, currently lacks any solid anchorage.

De Pedro, with his statements, took it upon himself to open another flank.

He questioned the behavior of the Federal Police, which depends on Aníbal.

It is only part of the story.

Others are hidden for convenience or discomfort.

It was never possible to explain, for example, why the Federal government occupied a third level in the protection of the vice president


Before, there was, understandably, personal custody.

It could never be explained why La Cámpora represented the second defensive ring.

As with the proscription, Kirchnerism also has plot problems on this issue to round off the story.

Try to replace them with political gimmicks.

Cristina has instructed her defense lawyers to dig into the conduct of the City Security Minister (on leave), Marcelo D'Alessandro.

The attack, in the perception of the vice president, must find some political terminal of volume that is not exhausted simply in "drinks."

The Buenos Aires official no longer has the protection he had


This landscape of disagreements will probably surface at the opening of the regular sessions of Congress.

Kirchnerism will not forgive if Alberto does not expressly mention Cristina's supposed ban.

The President will dedicate a section to Justice and the Supreme Court.

He wouldn't dare explicitly mention a ban.

Because outside of the political narrative it does not exist.

Finally, the president believes he is still a Professor of Criminal Law.

Kirchnerism will make an ostensible face-to-face vacuum.

Especially in the Plaza de los Dos Congresos.

Perhaps it will leak militants into the boxes.

It will not go unnoticed if any disruption occurs.

A heated climate is predicted in the venue due to the foreseeable reactions of the opposition


Not only: hostilities also rose too much between the official sides.

Gabriela Cerutti, the spokeswoman, challenged Larroque and Máximo Kirchner together: "If they disagreed, they would have left," she shot.

The western promises to continue.

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