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How to keep your house clean when you have animals?


Companion animals may be adorable, but it can sometimes be painful to clean up after them. How can you enjoy your animals without giving up the comfort of a clean house?

Having pets is a real joy on a daily basis.

They are wonderful companions, but they can make keeping a clean house a little difficult.

Whether you have a cat, dog, rabbits, ferrets, or any other pet, here are 7 tips to keep your home clean and healthy.

Brush your pet regularly

Regular brushing reduces the amount of hair your pet sheds.

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The first tip for keeping your house clean when you have pets is to brush them daily.

Regular brushing reduces the amount of hair your pet sheds, especially in the fall and spring.

So that means less hair on your furniture, carpets and clothes.

In addition, using a cat or dog brush is beneficial for their health and animal well-being: you eliminate dead hair, parasites and stimulate the blood circulation of your four-legged animal.

This allows you to take good care of your cats and dogs.

Use a powerful vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners effectively remove hair.

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A powerful vacuum cleaner is a very useful tool for keeping a clean house for pet owners.

These vacuums effectively remove hair, dander and dirt.

On the accessory side, you can equip your vacuum cleaner with special brushes for pet hair and clean furniture, rugs and carpets.

A self-adhesive roller can also be very practical on fabrics: curtains, clothes, sofa and thus capture your pet's hair.

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Avoid stains

Protect his dining area by putting on a plastic placemat.

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To avoid getting too many marks on your rugs, furniture and carpets, clean the stains immediately, to prevent them from setting in and becoming more difficult to remove later.

Protect his dining area by putting his bowl on a plastic placemat, for example, which can be washed very easily with a sponge.

Finally, when you take him for a walk or when he comes back from his walk, wash your pet's paws with a dedicated towel or glove, to prevent him from bringing back water, mud or dirt. land in your home.

Control odors

Do not hesitate to wash your dog.

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Your pet can be a source of bad odors in the house.

Regarding dogs, you can take them to the grooming every 3 months or so to clean them up or give them a good shampoo at home if they allow themselves to be done willingly.

If your dog has very bad breath, you can also give him special kibble to clean his teeth, and make an appointment with the veterinarian for a check-up.

If you have a cat, clean the litter box as soon as it does its business there, or at the very least, put its droppings in a small airtight bag before throwing them in the trash.

The ideal is to change your cat's litter once a week.

Wash your pet's accessories (cat-dog), such as cushions, baskets and toys.

Put the bowls in the dishwasher.

For lingering odors, use a pet-friendly fabric freshener and sprinkle baking soda on your carpets to absorb odors before vacuuming.

Finally, airing your house for ten minutes every day will help eliminate unwanted odors.

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Clean your interior regularly

Cleaning your home regularly will allow you to maintain a healthy environment.

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Vacuum, dust, etc.

By regularly cleaning your home, you can reduce the amount of hair, dander, and dirt your pets leave behind.

Shake your household linen (cushion, plaid, etc.) in the open air to get rid of accumulated dust.

All of this will allow you to maintain a healthy environment for you and your pet.

Slipcovers prevent hair from settling on your furniture, and they're easy to remove and wash.

They come in a variety of styles and colors to match your decor.

For your sofas, using a plaid or washable blankets can also be an option.

Train your pet well

Potty train your pet the fastest.

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To avoid hair on furniture, armchairs, beds or other places in the house, the simplest trick is to teach your pet, dog and cat, not to climb on it and to be satisfied with its basket.

Teach your pets cleanliness as quickly as possible (kitten, puppy, etc.) and encourage them to relieve themselves outside (in the garden, for example) to avoid odors in your home.

The training of our animals with a breeder makes it possible to strengthen the links with him and to live together more peacefully on a daily basis.

By following these seven simple tips, you can keep your home clean, fresh and tidy, even if you have pets, dogs and cats, guinea pigs, rodents or rabbits.

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