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Increasingly common: what do blue stickers mean on cars?


A blue sticker can be seen on more and more cars. Not everyone knows right away what the meaning behind it is. It is often mandatory.


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A blue sticker can be seen on more and more cars.

Not everyone knows right away what the meaning behind it is.

It is often mandatory.

Whether on the rear window or the trunk lid.

Whether children on board, amusement park, favorite band or the football team of choice.

For some drivers, stickers are simply part of it.

But not everything is always allowed.

However, some stickers are mandatory, such as the environmental sticker or a blue sticker – with a combination of letters and numbers – that can be seen on more and more cars.

However, this blue sticker on the rear window tends to confuse many drivers, as the Frankfurter Neue Presse (FNP) reports.

On Twitter, "Heinz Sch@nk" asked about its importance, after which he had come across him several times.

His guess: The sticker identifies Uber cars, rental vehicles, cars belonging to privileged people or airport employees.

Increasingly common: what do blue stickers mean on cars?

"I've always asked myself that question," emphasizes a Facebook user under an FNP post.

In fact, "Heinz Sch@nk" was already on the right track with his tweet.

“These are licensed limousine or mini-coach companies that operate passenger transport as a business,” explains a Facebook user.


The blue sticker shows that it is a rental car.

© FreeNOW

She's right about that.

The blue sticker is the serial number for rental cars – in addition to Uber, this also includes FreeNow and Bolt, for example.

Since the amendment of the Passenger Transport Act (PBefG) in 2021, this has been mandatory if a car is used by a rental company.

Ten micro electric cars - Stromer perfectly suited for the city

Opel Rocks-e: Some might wonder if this is still a full-fledged car.

Legally, like all small cars, it is not.

If you want to drive it, you only need the driver's license class AM.

So it can be moved from the age of 15.

The electric motor delivers 8 hp and accelerates the mini electric car to 45 km/h.

More is not possible.

The 5.5 kWh battery is sufficient for a range of 75 kilometers.

After that, the 2.41 meter long Opel Rocks-e has to be plugged in for around four hours.

Cost: around 8,000 euros © Opel

Renault Twizy: The little Frenchman is something like the grandfather of micro electric cars.

The Twizy has been part of the Renault model range since 2012.

At 2.34 he is slightly taller than Rocks-e and Ami.

Instead of side by side, the two occupants take a seat one behind the other.

Side windows are only available as accessories.

Prices start at 11,450 euros.

Like the larger version wants to drive, however, requires a proper driver's license.

Renault specifies the range as 90-100 kilometers.


City Transformer CT1: Micro electric cars have also been discovered in Israel.

The CT1 from the start-up City Transformer lives up to its name.

Because the track width of the mini Stromer can be adjusted.

It is powered by two electric motors on the rear axle.

The start-up promises a range of up to 180 kilometers and a top speed of 90 km/h.

If you pre-order the CT1, you pay 13,000 euros, later it will cost 16,000 euros.

© City Transformers

e.Go Life: At 3.3 meters, the e.Go Life is almost a giant compared to the other mini electric vehicles.

The 77 hp electric motor enables a top speed of 130 km/h.

In the city, he should be able to travel up to 206 km.

The combined range is 139 kilometers.

Due to the bankruptcy of e.Go in the summer of 2020, the Life was temporarily not built.

However, the business was taken over by Next.E.Go Mobile SE.

With the e.wave X, a Life successor is already available.

© Marius Becker/dpa

Microlino 2.0.Microlino 2.0: BMW built the Isetta light vehicle from 1955 to 1962.

The micro car is still a cult today and is now celebrating its comeback.

At least the Microlino 2.0 is very similar to the Isetta.

The micro-electric vehicle is available in three battery versions with a range of 95, 175 and 230 km.

The 20 hp electric motor accelerates the vehicle, which weighs only 450 kilograms, to 90 km/h.

At 14,990 euros, however, the Microlino is not exactly cheap.

© Arnulf Hettrich/Imago

Elaris PioElaris Pio: With a length of 2.81 meters, this electric dwarf is still under the three meter mark.

In this area, the boundaries between micro-car and passenger car are blurred. In terms of drive, however, the Pio is among the micro-electric vehicles.

The electric motor delivers just 49 hp.

The battery has 27 kWh and is enough for 225 kilometers.

The Pio is priced at 21,900 euros.


FreZE Nikob EVFreZE Nikob EV: The electric dwarf under the name Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is already very successful in China.

In order for this to be the case in Europe as well, more security and energy efficiency were needed in addition to a new name.

Means: ESP, airbags, new wheels and LED lighting.

The Nikob EV is offered with a 13.8 kWh LFP cell with a range of 200 km.

The small electric car should cost 16,000 euros.

© Wulling

Electrofrog Bob FourElectronic frog Bob Four: You don't really know what this vehicle wants to be.

Officially, the electric frog Bob Four is a cabin scooter.

Accordingly, 45 km/h is the end.

The electric frog should cover around 100 kilometers and that for just 8,990 euros.

In addition to the Bob Four, Elektrofrosch has other micromobiles on offer.

© Electric Frog

Ari 802ARI 802: At 2.22, the Ari 802 is very small.

At 643 kilograms, it is also very light.

Therefore, 10 hp are enough to bring the small car to 80 km/h.

In the versions 252 and 452 only 25 or 45 km/h are possible.

Ari states the range as 120 to 250 kilometers.

The price of the Ari 802 is 10,990 euros.

© Ari

Increasingly common: Blue sticker to help distinguish rental cars and taxis

The blue sticker serves to identify the vehicles more easily and assign them to a type of traffic.

The labeling is intended to help distinguish at airports, for example, whether it is a rental car or a taxi.

Such a marking on the rear window has long been mandatory for these vehicles.

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The serial number for rental cars usually begins with a letter that indicates the city, municipality or district from which the vehicle comes.

In Frankfurt, for example, that would be an F. If a rental car comes from the Erding district, the serial number begins with ED, as

writes. In some cases, there are only numbers on the sticker.

  • "Anyone who is confused by this also asks in an Asian restaurant which chopstick is the fork."

  • "Always see that with Uber cars."

  • "Germany prescribes itself dead."

Rubric list image: © FreeNOW

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