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Simple public housing|Yongxian Ho uses the metaphor of a tile cup as a reusable cup, hoping that 30 years later, some people will say that they have benefited


Ho Wing-yin, director of the Housing Bureau, said that simple public housing is an investment society, which has a great impact on children living in subdivided housing. He hopes that simple public housing and transitional housing can cultivate many future talents: "I hope that in 20 to 30 years,

Ho Wing-yin, director of the Housing Bureau, said that simple public housing is an investment society, which has a great impact on children living in subdivided housing. He hopes that simple public housing and transitional housing can cultivate many future talents: "I hope that in 20 to 30 years, there will be a A friend of the class said, "Actually, I lived in simple public housing and transitional housing back then, which allowed me to live through very difficult days."

She also described that the simple public housing built by "assembly and synthesis" is not "a paper cup that will be discarded after one use, but a "tile cup" that can be reused. She also pointed out that improving the living environment of subdivided households is a responsibility and should Do it now.

Housing Secretary Ho Wing-yin.

(File photo/photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Ho Wing-hsien was interviewed by Radio Television Hong Kong's "Footprints of the Past" program and said that after the government announced the location of the eight simple public housing, it is normal for nearby residents to have concerns. She also understands this and believes that all development projects will have this situation.

She said that because the planning spans time and space, social requirements will change, and it is normal that there are many things that need to be adjusted. It means that everyone will only see "better and better" and "more and more realized". Facilities such as Kai Tak Station Square Park and Kai Tak Sports Park have been completed one after another, and are currently being realized step by step.

As for the high cost of simple public housing, He Yongxian emphasized that simple public housing is creating another value. If simple public housing can improve the lives of subdivided households as soon as possible, the rent saved can be used for education and health. invest".

There are so many residents who need a house, and the family environment, for example, there are children in the class, there is a family in it, and the house is an environment where the wall is dusted at night, and the children are in the house and want to turn around Even when it comes to the corner of the stage, the child may be in a bad mood, affecting his reading, his own growth and performance.

Housing Secretary Ho Wing-yin

She also said that today's transitional housing and simple public housing may have cultivated many talents in the future, "I hope that in 20 or 30 years, a group of friends will say, 'Actually, I have lived in simple public housing and transitional housing back then.㗎, let me go through a very difficult time for a while. 』There are 5 years for your next child, from 5 to 10 years old, he can move to such a ring, (affect) the whole life㗎.」

He Yongxian said that it is the responsibility to build simple public housing to help subdivided households, saying that they have been lost for 5 or 7 years, and resources should be allocated to help.

She also pointed out that these simple public housing can be reused, and took "Nanchang 220" transitional housing as an example, which can be disassembled and transferred away. The paper cup that fell was an earthenware cup, and it will last for thirty years.”

The government plans to build simple public housing to solve the problem of upstairs public housing, and one of the sites is located on Kai Tak Kai Tak Road.

(File photo/Photo by Lin Aiyi)

Citizens who are currently unable to wait for public housing may have lived in subdivided housing for more than 5 years in the past. Is it true that my friends have to wait another 5 years?" She said that if there is simple public housing in the next 5 years, it can save a total of 6.3 billion in rent for subdivided housing households according to conservative estimates, emphasizing that simple public housing is "immediately, It needs to be dealt with immediately."

Regarding the opinion that why not use the simple public housing lots to build traditional public housing, He Yongxian pointed out that these lands originally have their own long-term use, "If I take these lands for long-term public housing, what is their long-term use It’s not going to appear.”

She took the Kai Tak Fortune Road lot as an example. The long-term use is commercial land. If it is used to build long-term public housing, its commercial use will be replaced forever. The authorities hope to keep the long-term use of these lands unchanged, but in the short term When there is space, we can use a short-term space to provide better facilities and subdivided households, so that they don't have to wait another five years.

What is the fate of the square cabin hospital built with the same "assembly and synthesis" construction method?

Ho Wing-yin said that currently the deputy secretary of the Financial Secretary, Wong Wai-lun, is studying it, and he will announce it to everyone when the time is ripe.

She mentioned that community isolation facilities can be divided into two types, namely, shared toilets and separate toilets in each room, which can be used for different purposes. For example, facilities with shared toilets are used as camps for university activities for short-term use , but it is inconvenient for long-term use.

Housing Secretary Ho Wing-yin.

(File photo/photo by Zhang Haowei)

Ho Wing-hsien said that the number of pending public housing is gradually increasing, and it is hoped that the size of the units can be adjusted in the next five years.

However, if the size of the unit becomes larger, the barriers to entry will also increase, and the supply of public housing must be in accordance with the affordability of different citizens, so there will always be different choices in the market.

As for whether there will be three-bedroom flats in public housing in the future, she responded that it is "not impossible" as the future "looks farther away" and the northern metropolitan area develops.

▼On February 2, Kai Tak private housing owners called a residents meeting to urge the government to put aside the construction of simple public housing in the area▼


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Refusing to go north with him alone to observe Ho Wing-yin interviewing sub-divided tenants and introducing simple public housing. There is a single elderly who rents a shared bed and sleeps in shifts.

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