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"Bosé did things that no one had dared to do": this is how two actors got into the mind of the singer


Iván Sánchez and José Pastor interpret, at different moments in his life, the singer who is so remembered for his enormous musical successes and his films as well as for his troubled private life and his controversial opinions.

You can probably guess the age of most Spaniards by asking them what their Miguel Bosé is, by making them remember the exact moment in which they discovered one of the most impressive, long-lived and unanimous pop stars in the country.

The one by Iván Sánchez (Madrid, 49 years old) is the one from


(1984), the one with the resounding voice and the skirts of Francis Montesinos, who played at his house at all hours because his aunt Yolanda was a fan of him .

José Pastor's (Málaga, 27 years old) is that of

El número 1

(2012-2013), the Antena 3 talent show where Bosé served as a jury for years.

Now both actors have another Miguel Bosé inside: the human being behind the myth that they have played together in the series on the SkyShowtime platform that arrived in Spain on March 3.

“I actually knew Miguel many, many years ago,” recalls Sánchez.

“I was a model and we had friends in common.

At a parade he came up to me and said: 'Fuck, how do you remember me and when I was young'.

I only managed to tell him that he had an aunt who was in love with him.

Iván Sánchez grew up in a place called Móstoles, where starring in a Miguel Bosé biopic was not a very realistic dream.

Becoming a

top model


He has achieved both.

In 2002, at 28, he changed fashion for acting and gained popularity on television thanks to

El auténtico Rodrigo Leal


Hospital central

(2000-2012) or

La reina del sur


As soon as he found out about the

Bosé project

he set out to get the part at all costs.

For his first test, he recorded himself emulating an interview with the singer on the Canal + program of the nineties,

Lo + plus


In the second


she met José Pastor.

Pastor belongs to that new generation of well-prepared Spanish actors: he has taken dance, singing and acting courses with the best mentors (from John Strasberg to Pablo Messiez), he has trained in theater (he was Gastón in Beauty and the Beast


Billy Flynn in


and on television (46 episodes of

Acacias 38

between 2019 and 2021) and last year he caught the attention of critics and the public playing the only good kid in the town where


takes place .

In the test for


he had to recreate an interview between the singer and Mercedes Milá from the mid-eighties, when he had just turned 30 and sold more records than anyone else, and a choreography of his choice.

He opted, of course, for the most attractive:

Super Superman


from 1979. But also in the video he started to sing


, despite the fact that the role did not require it (in the series the original songs performed by Bosé sound), because he was convinced that his vocal talents would do him more good than harm.

“I had been soaking up his music for several days, I had no idea of ​​his career in his early years and I freaked out.

I mostly knew him as the singer that someone always imitates at karaoke, ”he admits.

Iván Sánchez wears an IKKS outfit. Edy Pérez

The challenge faced by Sánchez and Pastor was not only to evoke Miguel Bosé, but also to convince the viewer that, within the six episodes of the series, they were both the same person.

Both had to be Miguel Bosé and "the Miguel Bosé de


which is the same but not the same.

Pastor interprets it between the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties: from his adolescence halfway between the mythical house of Somosaguas (the Manderley de Bosé) where he lived with his mother, the Italian actress Lucía Bosé, and the farm of La Virgen in Andújar, where his father, the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín, spent his retirement days hunting, until his rise to musical stardom throughout Spain and Latin America.

Sánchez was affected by the years of sex, drugs and

Bajo el signo de Caín

(1993), from the late eighties to the early two thousand, which included the lights (his great love, his fatherhood) and the shadows (the fall on drugs, the urban legends that he had AIDS and the day it was published that he had died).

The first scene he shot was that of Bosé's convalescence after a traffic accident that in 1999 almost killed the real singer and from whose consequences he is still recovering (last year he underwent surgery for a herniated disc).

“I arrived at the shoot looking forward to it, we had enough time to prepare the character separately and together, but I alternated those rehearsals with something else outside of Spain [the Italian Prime Video film Una gran voglia di vivere


and I joined a week later.

The day I arrived, José was already with the Florida Park performance, ”he recalls.

That "Florida Park performance" is Bosé's debut in 1977 on the TVE program

Viva el spectacle

by José María Íñigo with the presence of his parents in the front row.

The first thing they told José Pastor was to stop going to the gym.

He entered the project in the middle of the muscle-building process and those high-waisted pants, those dungarees and those lycra shirts required a much more slender body.

"I am very skinny," he explains.

“So as soon as I started eating less, quitting the gym, and spent hours and hours dancing, I had a very low body fat index.

The performance at Florida Park was very intense because it lasted eight minutes non-stop, I sang

You are everything to me



and although it is in


I sang for real to make it realistic.

We had to repeat many times.

With the adrenaline I didn't feel tired, but the next day I got sick.

I had to work on his dances from relaxation, he helped me find his movement because if I did it tense I would get more tired and I couldn't find it.

Miguel danced with his shoulders down, gently, his movements were very clean.

He had been dancing all his life and moved in an elastic way.

Then that way of dancing stuck with me.

He would go to discos and people would say to me: 'Man, it has gotten inside you'.

There was something about the physicality of him that didn't come off me."

Getting so deep into Miguel Bosé's skin (and flesh) helps them understand the man the singer has become today.

For a whole generation of Spaniards, his Miguel Bosé is not that of


, nor that of


, but rather a somewhat dark and semi-comic figure who from time to time invades social networks with his denialist ramblings about the


After the death of his mother from covid, he turned what he calls "peaceful resistance" into his personal cause and denounced an alliance between Bill Gates and the Spanish government and a "global dominance operation" by "manipulative elites" to implement the 5G technology through vaccines which, according to him, is what really kills humans.

Phrases such as "5G is killing all the sparrows" arouse a mixture of sarcasm and indignation on the networks (Twitter suspended Bosé's account for spreading hoaxes) and the interview he gave to Jordi Évole in April 2021 discovered a new Miguel Bosé who left many people stunned.

The actors who play him weren't that surprised.

José Pastor wears an IKKS outfit. Edy Pérez

"The press has been very unfair to him," says José Pastor.

“They have killed him I don't know how many times, he has accused him of having AIDS, he has suffered a lot personally and there was a moment when he said: 'Look, leave me alone.'

Because he can't live like this.

I think he has been cornered many times.

So I can come to understand him suddenly saying: 'he's done'.

Iván Sánchez points out that Bosé has been plagued by loneliness at many times, but that he is more in touch with reality than it may seem.

“When you are so exposed to so much noise and so many people, there comes a time when you go the other way, you need to find your balance and you turn a little more towards yourself.

And sometimes from that loneliness, without that family or without that base that will support you, you get hooked on some dangers.

And you go.

But Miguel had many years of living on the street, at night, and there he was not selective.

You could find Miguel anywhere.

Miguel is attentive to everything, he finds out everything, he is a very educated guy, he reads a lot of press, he knows what is happening on the street today ”, he assures.

Évole's interview was broadcast a few weeks after the start of filming and Pastor sat down to watch it with great curiosity, after months of work to become him.

“I really liked watching her and I found her very interesting because I saw a person who doesn't try to hide anything she has done.

Really all controversy, it depends on how you look at it, the more noise it makes so that people want to see the series ”, he affirms.

Sánchez only saw a fragment of the interview and came to the conclusion that she was useless for the job that she had ahead of her.

Outside of the series I don't pay attention.

I don't understand most things, I have become very selective when it comes to what I want for myself.

And I don't pay much attention to what doesn't work for me, ”he admits.

The last day of filming they finally met the myth.

Bosé came from Mexico the day before her 66th birthday and spent 24 hours in Spain to appear in the last scene of the series.

That was, in addition to dozens of previous interviews with the creator Nacho Faerna, his only participation: unlike other cases, such as the Luis Miguel series, Bosé is not the producer of his biopic


nor did he interfere in the scripts or in the filming.

“We came to the conclusion that it was better to meet him at the end, because we really made a fiction”, says Pastor.

“We are not trying to imitate him at any time, we had to tell the story of him starting from us and create the character independently of him.

When I finally met him he seemed like a super normal guy.

Sometimes we have an expectation and then people are people.

He was very happy and told us: 'I like that you are the ones who do it'.

He seemed very flat to me, very close.

I just felt grateful."

That day of filming, Sánchez was able to verify once again the innate ability of Bosé to dominate the space he occupies.

“Miguel controls relationships very well, he is a very seductive person at all levels, in his way of expressing himself, in his way of telling stories.

it surrounds you

And he is very affectionate ”.

Once the process is complete, both actors have learned several lessons from Miguel Bosé.

The most important, that you have to be brave to be free, and they trust that the series will reinstate their artistic legacy.

“I have learned that it is better to do everything from love than from fear”, sums up Pastor.

“If Miguel hadn't been dressed like that, if he hadn't danced on stage, if he hadn't composed


, he would never have broken all those molds and those limitations.

Because Miguel Bosé did things that no one else had dared to do.

And that should not be forgotten."

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