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Oscar 2023 and Victoria Alonso: "I am convinced that we are going to win"


President of Marvel and producer of 'Argentina, 1985', she is the most powerful Argentine in Hollywood. And for today, she has faith.

Victoria Alonso is the most powerful Argentine woman in Hollywood.

She is the executive president of physical production at Marvel Studios -her name is always seen prominently in Marvel films-, and one of the producers of

Argentina, 1985.

, the film by Santiago Mitre, with

Ricardo Darín

and Peter Lanzani, which today it can win the Oscar for best international film.

He arrived at The London Hollywood Hotel, in West Hollywood, together with the actor Alejo García Pintos (

La noche de los lápizes

), who has a small role in the film, as one of the judges in the Trial of the Boards.

They have known each other since they were 6 years old.

“Alejo is like my third leg.

This round I didn't bring him, he came.

He got on the plane and said 'Let's go'.

García Pintos is stopping at Victoria's house.

It was not an easy task to interview Victoria.

She shows me her cell phone: she has, in a single day, at four in the afternoon, 1,658 messages that she did not answer or open.

Victoria Alonso assumed command of a key area of ​​Marvel.

"I had to ask for permission to produce 'Argentina, 1985'," she told Clarín.

-How many Oscar ceremonies were you in?

I've been there more than ten times.

Ten or twelve.

And I have retired winner.


Black Panther

we won best music, costumes and production design.

-There are not three without four...


I am convinced that we are going to win.

I'm sorry, I don't know how I can be convinced without knowing it.

It's what I feel, from then on… Tomorrow at the ceremony, if we win I'm going to jump out of my seat and run to the stage.

Hence what happens, only God knows... We'll see, we'll see, I imagine that Santiago is going to speak, that he's going to represent us all.

But I'm going to have a blue dress, with a cape, so if you see a cape come flying down the hall, that's me.

"If we win I'm going to jump out of my seat and run onto the stage. I'm wearing blue, so if you see a cape flying down the aisle, that's me."

-How long ago did you choose your wardrobe?

-I decided… Oh, I tried on so many, I tried on three red ones, one black, one purple and two blue.

But I wanted something with blue and white.

And the blue, this one, is beautiful.

Well, I like it and it also fits me comfortably, and there are many hours.

You went to the Oscars, it's been a long time waiting...

-They have moved a lot in the promotion during this awards season.

-Very much.

Also, the good thing about all this is that the world has opened its doors for us, not only in Argentina, not only in South America or here, in the United States, but in Europe, in places where you say our Latin American films remain in Latin America.

Not this movie.

Victoria (on the right) with a huge scarf, at the premiere of "Argentina, 1985", at the Venice Film Festival.

-Did you take some kind of license from Marvel to be able to follow “Argentina, 1985” all over the world?

-The good thing about these awards is that they usually take place on a Saturday, if I leave on Friday night, I arrive and return on Sunday.

Yes, I don't sleep much...

-What do you think the international public was attracted to the film?

-It is difficult to say that it is a film that people like, because what it is about is not something that you might like, but I think that what reaches people, which is the most important of all, is that …

Alonso already withdrew victorious from an Oscar ceremony, with the three awards of the first "Black Panther".

Look, there are many people who do not know this part of our history.

The new generations, not only Argentines, but from any part of the world, have the possibility of seeing something that happened in a country that has given a lot of news about something else and, suddenly, they see that there is systematic, oppressive violence, which is faced thanks to a group of people, starting with Strassera and Moreno Ocampo, and those guys, the little prosecutors...

-I think that catches people a lot...

-Of course, because that is the idea of ​​the script, to base yourself on the fact that the future belongs to the youth.

The present belongs to everyone, but the future belongs to the youth.

And if we don't put our bet on that youth, the future may be another future.

I think that's what gets people hooked.

In a certain way, a little bit of that little superhero that we all have inside, that you don't need a cape, or a hammer, or a shield.

Sometimes the law is your greatest instrument.

-How did you come to this project?

-Through Axel Kuschevatzky, who had wanted to work with me for a long time, and when he told me he was doing this, he asked me if I wanted to be a part, and I had to ask permission.

Obviously, they gave it to me, and we did it.

The secret of the success of "Argentina, 1985": "The present belongs to everyone, but the future belongs to the youth".

Do you want to continue producing Argentine cinema?

-I love cinema.

-I mean producing films in Argentina.

-I love Argentine cinema, I am interested in stories that advance, human rights, stories that advance women, that deal with all those who feel that, in one way or another, whether by their own right or for a political moment, they need someone to give them the flag of "Yes, we can."

That is what moves me.

Victoria told what moves her in the cinema.

-Are you up to something?

-At the moment I don't have any project.

Do you have any?

Ha ha ha.

-You have told me on other occasions that you wanted to film a Marvel production there, in Argentina.

-I would love to film in Argentina, it is a matter of when.

We are all over the place.

We are in Atlanta, in London, a lot, and sometimes it is difficult.

We filmed in Iguazú Falls when we were doing

Black Panther

, although we haven't done the streets of Buenos Aires, or the streets of Mendoza, or Patagonia...

-What do you miss about La Plata?

-My family is here, I miss my friends, but as you can see, Alejo is always half close, so today I feel like I have my family here.


Together with the director Chloé Zhao, on the set of "Eternals".

-Like you're in Buenos Aires.

Besides, you're surrounded by Argentines these days...

-And last night I ate a Havannet, because Alejo brought me.

What do you think, that we are going to win?

Let me tell you that it caught my attention that the Academy released two lists of presenters for the ceremony before the voting closed, which was on Tuesday.

And on Thursday, they added the Chilean nationalized American Pedro Pascal (

The Mandalorian


The Last of Us

), who was at the premiere of

Argentina, 1985

in Venice, and speaks wonders of the film...

-He moderated the presentation of the film at the American Cinematheque, which was the last press conference we did with

Argentina, 1985


-And why would they have called him now?


You say that Peter is ours...

Pedro Pascal, at the world premiere of "Argentina, 1985", at the Venice Mostra.

-If you see that Pedro is going to announce the best international film, get ready to run to the stage.

-I love it.

Well, I love Pedro, he is a great friend, a great friend.

-How did you meet?

-We know each other through what you are doing with

The Mandalorian


-I thought that since it's from

Star Wars

, which is also from Disney, and you're in Marvel, they didn't intersect...

-And since he is the brother of Javiera Balmaceda (she is in charge of the original content of the Amazon Studios streaming platform, which co-produced

Argentina, 1985

, for the Latin American region, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

Pedro is a wonderful being, Pedro is beautiful.

Victoria quickly rose through the production structures at Marvel Studios.

-Ask him now, with the cell phone…

-But he doesn't know, he doesn't know what he's going to present.

Well, she didn't tell us… What's more: I prefer not to know anything.

I prefer not to know.

Marvel's Challenges

-Any new challenge in Marvel?

-Every day is a challenge.

Every day.

We're doing a lot, I'm very happy with

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. III

, which is coming out now in May, it's a very, very nice movie.

Chris Pratt, center, and star of "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. III."

"It's a very nice movie," says Alonso.

Premieres in May.

-Director James Gunn retires with this Marvel movie.

Disney had fired him, rehired him, and…

-James has another job (he says, referring to the fact that he is now Co-President and CEO of DC Studios), but he is finishing this one, we have a few weeks to go, and that's it.

-I like James, he is a revolutionary guy, in the sense that he goes against the current in everything, he is politically incorrect, which are things that are not common in Hollywood at all.

- Being politically incorrect?

-And succeed.

-If it can be.

-The “Peacemaker” series was a thing

-(Interrupts) Yes, different.

He is a very prepared director, very prepared, which is very important.

When the directors or directors are ready, everything changes.

"For today, I have six nominations, five for 'Wakanda Forever', and this one. But this one has my name on it."

-Going back to the Oscar ceremony, it is not known in what order the award for best international film will be delivered.

-I have no idea.

I only know that Rihanna is going to sing (one of the songs from

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

, a Marvel production), we already announced that.

-Of course, you can retire today from the Dolby Theater with more than one award.

-I have six nominations, five for

Wakanda forever

, and this one.

But this one has my name on it.

It's an honor to be nominated.

An honor.

Besides, it remains in history.

From now on, you're not Doe, you're the nominee Doe.

The Angels.

Special delivery

look too

Ricardo Darín and the Oscar 2023: "My cabal is to say that we are going to lose all the time"

Oscar 2023: From Hollywood, who will win

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