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Rents skyrocketed: how much are they asking now for a 3-room apartment in each neighborhood of the City


In one year prices jumped 105% on average for new contracts, and up to 142% in certain areas. The new map of values.

Starting a rental in the City of Buenos Aires becomes more and more difficult.

And this especially affects

families who rent

 three, four

or more members, who now have to pay impressive amounts

to access adequately sized housing


According to a new study, for an apartment with

two bedrooms

 and a living room (a typical 

3-room apartment ) almost

$145,000 per month

is requested 

on average, to which a month's deposit, guarantee and other costs must be added upfront.

The survey, carried out by the Zonaprop portal based on

notices published

in February, detected that in the last

12 months

the cost of these rentals increased by


in Capital, while the 2 environments jumped even more: 

111, 9%

on average.

In both cases, exceeding the last known data on general inflation (98.8%).

The data also shows that in the last

24 months

the values ​​of a 3-room apartment accumulated increases of around


: thus, current prices are already

more than triple

those of February 2021.

Beyond the debate on the causes of the phenomenon, and on the role of the new Rental Law, the concrete thing is that

a new price map

was formed .

What they are asking for rent today is more than double what it was a year ago and more than triple what it was 24 months ago.

Photo: Mario Quinteros.

The new map of rental values ​​in the City of Buenos Aires

Currently, for the rent of a

studio apartment

in Capital they are asking around 


per month, which applies only for the

first year

, since then the contract must have adjustments every 12 months.

For a two - room


the amount already climbs to

$ 107,835


And to have one more bedroom you have to add

another $37,000

to that amount .

"Currently the

average price

of a


apartment in CABA is $


per month,"

Leandro Molina, commercial director of Zonaprop, explained to

Clarín .

"The demand for this typology represents 26% of the total in CABA, it is the

second most sought after

, while the most demanded is the 2-room apartment (41%)," he commented.

Beyond the debate on the causes of the phenomenon, and on the role of the new Rental Law, the truth is that a

new price map

was formed that is essential to know.

The cheapest and most expensive areas of Buenos Aires today to rent a 3-room apartment

Considering a typical


with 73.5 square meters, the report showed that the most expensive Buenos Aires neighborhood to rent is


, where the average price went to

$188,275 per month


"Puerto Madero was omitted from the analysis because its values ​​are mostly

valued in another currency

," they clarified in Zonaprop.

After Palermo, among the most expensive neighborhoods to rent a similar property are 


with $171,973 per month,


with $170,254, 


with $167,671,


with $166,911 and Recoleta with $162,981.

At an intermediate

price level

 there are now neighborhoods such as

Villa del Parque



per month), 



Villa Pueyrredón

($143,492), Villa Luro ($140,952), Constitución ($137,287) and

San Telmo

 ($137,287 ).

While the


Buenos Aires districts to rent a 3-room apartment in February were




per month),




), Mataderos ($116,090), San Nicolás ($120,491), Villa General Miter ($122,766), Vélez Sarsfield ($125,928) and Flores ($126,328).

Palermo heads the price ranking and Liniers appears at the opposite end.

Photo: Maxi Failla.

In which neighborhoods did the price of renting a 3-room apartment increase the most and in which least?

For their part, when they compare 

how much

the rental values ​​have varied in the last 12 months, it emerges that the neighborhoods with the hardest increases were





average rise),





San Telmo



), Vélez Sarsfield (124%) and Villa Ortúzar (124%).


Top 10

neighborhoods with the highest annual increases are completed with 




), Villa Luro (119%), Coghlan (119%), Retiro (119%) and

Balvanera (118%)


At the other extreme, the areas where 

the cost of renting a 3-room apartment

rose the least were

Liniers (77%)

Villa Devoto



), Parque Chacabuco (92%), Floresta (94%), Mataderos (95%), Monte Castro (95%), Villa General Miter (95%) and Barracas (100%), according to the report. 

Constitución is the neighborhood that became more expensive to rent a 3-room apartment and now they are asking $137,287 per month.

Photo: Maxi Failla.

High demand and a collapsed supply

Experts attribute strong increases to the fact that the demand for rentals remains firm, compared to a supply of real estate that


since the Rental Law 27,551 came into force -in July 2020.

It happens that this norm forced to sign contracts of at least

three years

and with

annual adjustments

in the price that cannot be agreed in advance, but are tied to an index that combines inflation and salaries.

So many owners,


with these impositions, chose to put their units up for sale, pass them on to temporary rental (Airbnb type) or give them other destinations.

And those who stayed in the market did so

strongly emphasizing

the initial value.


low supply

generates higher prices in the market and

low accessibility

to housing," Molina summarized.

In this sense, according to a recent survey of the Statistics and Census entity of the City of Buenos Aires, only in the last year a third of the properties available for rent disappeared.

"As a reference - compared the research -, in


the apartments offered averaged

3,000 units per quarter

, even less than the set available with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the start of Social, Preventive and Mandatory Isolation".


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Source: clarin

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