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Luise (12) is dead: two girls confess to crimes – alleged perpetrators are not currently with their families


Luise (12) from Freudenberg was the victim of a crime. According to the police, two girls of the same age are the alleged perpetrators. The two are not criminally responsible.

Luise (12) from Freudenberg was the victim of a crime.

According to the police, two girls of the same age are the alleged perpetrators.

The two are not criminally responsible.

  • After the death



    (12): Did the police find the murder weapon?

  • Police give press conference

    : cause of death and suspects are known

  • Case Luise

    : Two girls are suspected of having killed the 12-year-old

  • Missing Luise

    (12) is


    : police confirm homicide

  • This ticker on crime in Freudenberg (NRW) has ended.

    Here you will find the sequel from March 15th.

Update from March 15, 9.45 a.m .:

The violent crime against Luise from Freudenberg was shaken.

Two girls are said to have killed the twelve-year-old with numerous knife wounds.

According to the investigators, Luise had bled to death.

The two suspected girls are currently not with their families.

They don't even go to their previous schools.

The two 12- and 13-year-olds were "housed outside the home environment," said the Siegen-Wittgenstein district responsible.

"This is also linked to the fact that the children do not attend their previous schools."

The girls would still have contact with their parents.

"Because of the young age of the girls, contact with the family is very important for the development of successful support and is supported in this respect," the district said.

For the two suspects, it is also a “very unusual situation that requires a lot of empathy and prudent action,” said district youth department head Thomas Wüst.

After the death of Luise (12): Did the police find the murder weapon?

Update from March 15, 6:50 a.m .:

After the violent crime against twelve-year-old Luise from Freudenberg in North Rhine-Westphalia, the police and public prosecutors are investigating the background to the case.

It was initially unclear whether the police had already found a murder weapon.

The investigators did not provide any information on the motive, with reference to the children who were still under criminal responsibility.

Two girls, ages 12 and 13, have confessed to stabbing the 12-year-old.

The alleged perpetrators and the victim are said to have known each other.

Experts describe the violent death of twelve-year-old Luise from Freudenberg as

an absolute rarity.

But the crime statistics show: The cases of homicides with underage suspects in Germany have recently increased significantly.

"Young people are more impulsive, the hormonal changes during puberty increase the tendency to aggression," says child and adolescent psychiatrist Helmut Remschmidt to the

editorial network Germany (RND)

However, serious acts of violence are very rare.

"In 40 years I have never seen two girls of this age stab another girl," says Remschmidt.

In his opinion, the search for a motive is now very important.

Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann was deeply shocked on Tuesday evening.

Children under the age of 14 would not be prosecuted, "but our legal system knows other ways to react, such as child and youth welfare law and family law," said the FDP politician to the German Press Agency.


Missing girl (12) from Freudenberg was found dead.

The police are assuming a homicide.

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Luise (12) from Freudenberg is dead: horror at the Federal Minister of Justice

Update from March 14, 9:20 p.m .:

Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP) commented on the violent death of twelve-year-old Luise.

The girl from Freudenberg is said to have been killed by two perpetrators when she was a child.

"The fact that two little girls apparently committed this heinous act is hard to understand and is deeply affecting," Buschmann told the

German Press Agency (dpa)

in Berlin on Tuesday.

He does not see any need for legislative action, such as lowering the age of criminal responsibility.

Such crimes were not without consequences, Buschmann explained.

Even if the children cannot be prosecuted according to the law, the legal system knows "other ways to react, such as child and youth welfare law and family law," said Buschmann.

"Today, however, the death of the little girl and the terrible circumstances just make me sad."

Case Luise (12): Prosecutor comments on possible motive

Update from March 14, 7:20 p.m .:

The violent death of twelve-year-old Luise causes horror.

The motive of the alleged perpetrators is so far unclear.

Investigators are holding back on this question - to protect the children, said Mario Mannweiler, senior public prosecutor in Koblenz, to the

German Press Agency (dpa)


"What children might have a motive for an act might not be apparent to an adult." The many stab wounds could indicate "that some emotions played a role," explained Mannweiler.

The girls, aged 12 and 13, are currently in the custody of youth welfare services, the prosecutor added.

Now it's up to psychologists, psychiatrists and parents.

"The actual work is only just beginning." According to experts, the measures that the suspected perpetrators should take depend on the individual case, the


reported .

Psychiatric treatment is possible - also in a closed facility - support for the parents in bringing up the child.

Missing Luise (12) is dead: discussion about criminal responsibility

Update from March 14, 6:11 p.m .:

The alleged perpetrators of twelve-year-old Luise are still under 14 years old.

Therefore they are not criminally responsible.

As a result, the AfD is calling for the age of criminal responsibility to be reduced to 12 years.

“It is appalling and inexplicable to me what happened in Freudenberg.

However, it is unbearable that the perpetrators cannot be prosecuted.

Therefore, a change in criminal law is unavoidable for us and not only after the details in this case have become known," said Stephan Brandner, deputy federal spokesman for the party.

The law provides special protection for children under the age of 14.

Adolescent psychiatrist Helmut Remschmidt calls for the criminal responsibility to remain at 14, he told the

editorial network Germany (RND)


It is controversial in science "whether children and young people of this age have an exact idea of ​​the finality of death." According to him, moral awareness "only develops over the years through education and society," says Remschmidt.

Case Luise (12): Prime Minister is "stunned" by the act of violence

Update from March 14, 4:20 p.m .:

The Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hendrik Wüst (CDU), expressed his dismay at the violent death of twelve-year-old Luise.

They are said to have killed two girls as children.

"It is inconceivable and unbearable that children should be capable of such acts," said Wüst in Düsseldorf.

The police details left him "stunned".

At the same time, Wüst drew attention to a worrying increase in criminal and violent crimes by young people – including children under the age of 14.

"For all we know, this act is a deeply disturbing culmination of underage violence," said the Prime Minister.

The causes of this development must be investigated and preventive work carried out.

Luise (12) is dead: the alleged perpetrators are two girls

Update from March 14, 2:15 p.m .:

The press conference is over.

According to the police, 12-year-old Luise died of multiple knife wounds and significant blood loss.

The alleged perpetrators are two girls aged twelve and 13 years.

Since they are under the age of 14, they are not criminally responsible.

According to the law, they cannot be punished for the crime.

The police will discuss the consequences and further action to be taken in the case.

Because of this, no information can be given.

The officials also left many questions unanswered to protect the victim and the two children and their relatives.

In addition, the murder weapon is still being sought.

Update from March 14, 2:07 p.m .:

According to the spokesman, the murder weapon is a knife.

This has not yet been found.

The police do not rule out an emotion-driven act by the children.

Update from March 14, 2:01 p.m .:

When asked whether Luise and the two girls knew each other, a spokesman said that they came from a circle of acquaintances.

The police do not want to answer whether they live in the same place and go to the same school.

Update from March 14, 1:55 p.m .:

According to a spokesman, references to the two children as suspects came from the population.

They were then questioned about the case in the presence of their legal guardians.

Ultimately, the police can confirm that the children are associated with the crime.

The girls admitted to the crime.

12-year-old Luise dead: the police spoke at a press conference about the status of the investigation

Update from March 14, 1:50 p.m .:

Since the two underage suspects are under criminal responsibility, the further measures are still being clarified.

The spokesman asks for your understanding that, among other things, information about the children will not be published for protection.

Update from March 14, 1:46 p.m .:

The spokesman comments on the autopsy results as follows: “The child died as a result of numerous knife wounds.” Luise had suffered a great deal of blood loss.

Two children, aged 12 and 13, are suspects.

Since the two children are under the age of 14, there is a criminal immaturity.

Update from March 14, 1:42 p.m .:

A police spokesman first talks about the chronological sequence of the case.

After about three hours, the parents reported to the police on Saturday (March 11) that they missed their daughter.

The police then initiated a public search, and the area around the missing persons was searched throughout the night.

In the course of Sunday, a lifeless person was reported in a forest.

Update from March 14, 1:35 p.m .:

The press conference in the Luise case has begun.

Case Luise (12): police announce press conference – two girls suspected

Update from March 14, 11 a.m.:

In the case of the killed twelve-year-old girl from Freudenberg in Siegerland, two girls are suspects.

According to


information, they are twelve and 13 years old.




had previously


Information on the current status of the investigation should be given on Tuesday afternoon.

At 1:30 p.m., the authorities invited to a joint press conference in Koblenz.

Until then, no further information will be released to the public, said a police spokeswoman.

"During the press conference, information on the results of the autopsy will also be announced," said a police press release.

Update from March 14, 10:25 a.m .:

In the case of the dead Luise, children of the same age as the victim are also questioned, as the police confirmed on Tuesday.

It is "quite normal" to listen to people of the same age in such cases.

However, as the first media reports, there are actually two underage suspects: RTL

reported on Tuesday morning

that children may be associated with the student's death.

According to information from the

Bild newspaper,

these are two girls aged 12 and 13.

This information has not yet been officially confirmed.

As the


further reports, an object is said to have been found at the crime scene that can be assigned to one of the children.

When asked by



the police did not want to confirm this information.

If there are new findings in the case, they would be published immediately, it said.

Luise (12) found dead: the police also interrogate children

Update from March 14, 9:48 a.m .:

As the police said on Monday evening (March 13), they are following a specific trail in the case of Luise who was killed.

Children of a similar age were also interviewed by investigators.

That said a police spokesman on Tuesday morning, as

reported by the

dpa .

It is "quite normal" to listen to people of the same age in such cases.

We are hoping for any clues as to what is going on.

In this case, a very intensive investigation is carried out.

Update from March 14, 6:31 a.m

.: In the case of the killed Luise from Freudenberg, the investigations are in full swing.

The results of the autopsy should be available on Tuesday.

They could provide more information about the crime sequence and also the cause of death.

The 12-year-old was the victim of a crime, police said on Monday.

But first there are still many unanswered questions.

"We do not yet know for sure whether the location where the crime was found is also the crime scene," said a spokesman for the Koblenz public prosecutor's office on Monday, as reported by the

Siegener Zeitung (SZ)


But apparently investigators are following a specific lead, as the newspaper claims to have learned from police circles (see also the update from March 13, 2:32 p.m.).

"We're not groping in the dark," quoted the


Another indication would be that there is currently no danger to the population.

Autopsy results should provide information about the cause of death

Update from March 13, 7:58 p.m .:

In the case of the killed twelve-year-old from Freudenberg in Siegerland, the investigators are hoping for decisive information from the autopsy result, which is expected for Tuesday.

The result of the investigation is expected to be announced in the morning, a spokesman for the Koblenz police headquarters announced on Monday evening.

He did not provide any further information.

The location of the body is a mystery to the police

Update from March 13, 2:20 p.m

.: The police investigation is in full swing.

There have been initial interrogations and hearings of witnesses, reports the WDR, citing a police spokesman.

According to their own statements, the police are not providing any further information at this time for tactical reasons.

Twelve-year-old victim of a crime – police are silent on the exact circumstances

Update from March 13, 11:44 a.m

.: The police have now confirmed a terrible suspicion.

The twelve-year-old from Freudenkreis has become the victim of a crime.

There is currently no evidence of a sexual offense.

An autopsy is scheduled to take place on Monday to determine the cause of death.

Investigators are currently keeping a low profile on further details.

There is great sadness in the city.

"We are deeply shaken in Freudenberg and our thoughts are with the relatives.

I have ordered mourning flags for today," said Mayor Nicole Reschke.

At the girl's school, the flags are at half-staff.

The school is open, but lessons are hardly to be thought of.

There are offers of talks from psychologists to classmates, said the mayor.

Missing Luise (12) is dead: police confirm homicide

Update from March 13, 10:36 a.m

.: The twelve-year-old girl from Freudenberg was the victim of a crime.

This was announced by the Koblenz police.

"The investigations carried out so far confirm the suspicion that the girl was the victim of a homicide.

There is currently no evidence of a sexual offense.

An autopsy of the corpse will take place today to determine the cause of death," the Koblenz police said on Monday morning.

Missing 12-year-old from Freudenberg found dead in forest

Update from March 13, 9:40 a.m

.: After visiting a friend, the girl (12) did not show up at home.

On Sunday afternoon, police found a female body near a former train station.

"We can confirm that the body found is that of the girl we were looking for from Freudenberg.

For tactical reasons, no information can be given about the cause of death at the moment," the police said on Sunday evening.

Sad certainty: Missing Luise (12) is dead

Update from March 12, 8:30 p.m .:

The twelve-year-old from Freudenberg, South Westphalia, who has been missing since Saturday evening, is dead. The female body found on Sunday afternoon was the girl she was looking for, the Koblenz police said in the evening.

For reasons of investigation tactics, no information could yet be given about the cause of death.

Missing Luise (12): Police find lifeless person when searching

Update from March 12, 1:55 p.m

.: When searching for a twelve-year-old from Freudenberg in South Westphalia who had been missing since Saturday evening, emergency services discovered a female body.

It is still unclear whether this is the missing twelve-year-old, the Siegen police reported on Sunday.

The body was found in a forest above Freudenberg-Hohenhain.

Police officers took over the on-site investigation.

Further information could not be given at first, it said.

Large contingent is looking for missing Luise (12): sniffer dogs, drones and helicopters in action

Original report from March 12, 2023:

Freudenberg – The police in Freudenberg in North Rhine-Westphalia are currently looking for a 12-year-old girl who has been missing since Saturday afternoon, March 11, 2023.

With a description and strong forces, the police in Siegerland are also looking for the missing Luise on Sunday.

The fire brigade also participated in the operation.

The twelve-year-old disappeared on Saturday on the way home, all search measures were initially unsuccessful.

Since the beginning of March, 15-year-old Valentina R. from Aschaffenburg has also been missing.

So far there is no trace of the young people, the police are also looking for their case with helicopters and help from the fire brigade.


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