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Étienne returns to "Pékin Express": "I had a very bad experience of the broadcast of my abandonment last year"


INTERVIEW – The doctor, an unforgettable participant in season 15, makes a surprise return to the M6 ​​adventure game this Thursday evening.

Étienne is one of the characters who marked the game “Pékin Express”.

This general practitioner, participant in season 15 of the M6 ​​adventure show, won over viewers with his humor and his grumpy side.

He, who formed the pair of strangers with Vanessa, had however decided to give up, psychologically exhausted, at the end of the third stage, just before the final duel.

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He returns tonight to play a very special role.

He will participate in an entire stage, this Thursday, March 16, alongside Angie and Nathalie.

The two women failed in the final duel last week but were rescued in extremis thanks to the red envelope indicating that the stage was not eliminatory.

If they can therefore continue the adventure, they must do so, as is the rule, with a handicap that will be none other than Etienne!

The latter, who regrets his retirement from last year, is delighted to return to the game.


- How did you find yourself back in the game?


- Last year, I gave up because I was drained, more psychologically than physically.

After a month or two, when I digested all that, I contacted the production again, telling them that I was a little disappointed with my choice and I explained myself.

Then they contacted me again to see if I was interested in a role in the new season.

I gave them ideas about what I had experienced but they preferred to offer me to be a handicap for a pair.

I therefore assume this role tonight with Angie and Nathalie but also next week in “Beijing Express: Route Bis” with Tarik and Ahmed.

They are the two funniest and we got along very well.

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What do you think of this handicap role?

The word handicap does not bother me.

I told myself that it wasn't going to be complicated and that I wouldn't have to force myself a lot because I knew that I wouldn't progress as quickly as others.

I was also aware of the difficulty of having to hitchhike to three candidates plus a cameraman... Especially since I'm not good at finding cars!

When you fight all day not to be eliminated it's super stressful whereas there, I knew when I arrived and when I left, there was no stress.

Acting is perfect for me.

Did you know which team you would be the handicap?

I didn't know anything at all.

I discovered Angie and Nathalie when I came out from behind the tree.

As they are strangers and they have gone far, I told myself that they must get along well.

“Nathalie and Angie put a little too much pressure on me”

Étienne, former candidate of "Beijing Express"

What was your exact role?

I had to take care of the hitchhiking and find the houses.

When there were games for two, Angie and Nathalie decided who was going to participate with me.

For half a day, things went badly and there were tensions because they put a little too much pressure on me.

I was fed up... But otherwise, I did things as I would have done for myself.

I came back on “Beijing Express” to relive an adventure.

So you are also the handicap of Tarik and Ahmed in “Beijing Express: Route Bis”, how did that happen?

They were very surprised to see me.

But, they liked me because, since Vanessa had chosen them for the final duel and she would surely have won, they always thought that I had been their savior with my abandonment.

They don't mind each other.

We laughed a lot.

It was very nice.

We stayed in touch.

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Last year, you didn't really like Kyrgyzstan.

Were you happy to go to Paraguay?

I had never been to Latin America.

Afterwards, you will say that I am only complaining (laughs) but these are not destinations that suit me.

Paraguay, nobody knows and nobody goes there but I understand why (laughs).

These are big countries...

It's prettier towards Brazil.

Personally, when there's no sun and a bit of sea, I'm lost!

But all this is not very serious in itself, it is the discovery which is important.

Did you watch the season you participated in last year?

I definitely didn't want to see the episode where I give up because it represented too many bad memories.

Afterwards, we watched the other two with Christine, my wife, but we didn't finish.

She thinks I'm completely stupid on the show so we turn off the TV!

I watched it on replay.

Afterwards, the other pairs didn't interest me, I didn't particularly want to know the rest of their adventure.

I hadn't made any particular friends except with Vanessa.

"I think the fact that I'm coming back to the program disappointed her a bit."

Étienne, about Vanessa, his partner from last year

Are you still in touch?

Yes, but I think the fact that I came back to the program and didn't tell her – since I had been asked not to talk about it – disappointed her a little.

I haven't called her back yet because I got her shortly before it was announced and I'm not necessarily very comfortable.

Our lives are different and maybe the production will remind her too, I don't have to feel guilty but maybe she's not very happy.

Since I shattered his dream… I'm a real handicap, to say the least!

What do you remember from your participation last year and your abandonment?

When I came back, I was happy because the pressure was lessening.

But, after eight or ten days, I analyzed things.

I knew that the others were continuing the adventure and I would have been as far as Jordan, that was my goal.

Obviously, I had regrets and then afterwards, I was afraid of the broadcast.

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How did it happen ?

I experienced it very badly.

People liked the first and the second episode, well not everyone of course because I'm the kind of person you love or hate.

I thought all the rhetoric was pretty funny.

Even if people make fun of me, when it's done with humor, it doesn't bother me at all.

I was uncomfortable for the third episode because I knew what was going to happen.

It was more complicated for me to manage on an emotional level.

I was disappointed for Vanessa and I passed for the one who did as he pleased, who did not think of the other.

After that it was.

Those who liked me approached me in the street.

As there was a second "Beijing Express celebrities" broadcast in stride, I was

talked about it for a long time.

My wife was fed up with “Beijing”!

"I would love to do 'Rendezvous in Unknown Land', with a stranger"

Étienne, former candidate of "Beijing Express"

And you ?

Me not at all, I love to tell stories.

People like to ask me how it's going, how we register... I've also been asked a lot what else I was going to do.

But I had no plan.

No one came looking for me to do anything.

It was a little disappointing… I would like to take part in two or three shows from time to time during the year.

Which ones for example?

I would love to do "Rendezvous in unknown land", with a stranger, it would be great.

I would also come back to do different roles in "Beijing Express" because there is no stress of competition but I think the production will be fed up with me!

Otherwise, I could see myself making an appearance in

Scenes of Households


I am going to be 55 years old, and, after having practiced general medicine for 29 years, I want to discover other things.

I don't have a career to make but I like to live new adventures.

If I was offered a small role in a series, it would be one.

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