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CDU politician Chialo attacks Silbereisen – and sinks his “dream ship” at “Lanz”


The whole world is courting Africa. So Markus Lanz discusses Africa in detail in his ZDF talk. He has invited expert guests for this purpose. 

The whole world is courting Africa.

So Markus Lanz discusses Africa in detail in his ZDF talk.

He has invited expert guests for this purpose. 

Hamburg – Impressive start: In the ZDF talk with Markus Lanz, the CDU politician Joe-Evans Chialo smugly corrects the crooked images that German entertainment television paints of the African continent.

The successful series “Das Traumschiff” does not come off well at all.

Chialo, who also works as a music manager, knows Florian Silbereisen from personal collaboration.

With relish, he reproduces the plot of a "Traumschiff" episode.

As he tells it, it only becomes apparent how absurd the world is that the "Dream Ship" screenwriters draw.

First story line: “Passenger falls victim to email scammer, money lost.

Second strand of the story: Niece of Captain Silbereisen has fallen unhappily in love with an African who is in common with poachers.

Then who saves the rhino?

A dashing deputy captain of the dream ship.” Markus Lanz has to laugh.

But there is more.

"Third story line: A whole village in deep concern because the diesel pump is not working.

Then comes a Central European who gets the diesel pump running with a wrench,

Lanz makes it laughable, but Chialo shows the serious background: "The problem is that over six million people watched this show.

And that of course conveys a distorted image that is never corrected." This has repercussions in politics and business, which the CDU man clearly shows: "If you then speak of Africa as a continent of opportunity, it is quite difficult to attribute it to a medium-sized company convince that things are professional there.”

These guests discussed with Markus Lanz:

  • dr

    Melanie Müller

    (researcher with a focus on Africa, (Foundation for Science and Politics)

  • Joe-Evans Chialo

    (CDU politician and music manager)

And things are highly professional in Africa.

Chialo talks about start-up companies that are celebrating global success.

But then German politicians fly there and want to convey some Western values.

Feminist foreign policy, for example.

"Many people agree with the content, but if you watch a diplomat explain to an African foreign minister what feminist foreign policy is..." Chialo pauses.

"Then it's relatively difficult to convey that."

CDU politician draws a sobering balance with "Markus Lanz" on ZDF

Lanz quotes a Kenyan student as saying: “You Europeans export morals.

But I'm interested in the electricity flowing 24 hours a day when I start a small business.

And I need cheap credit.

And the Chinese give me both.” How big are the chances of “getting a foot in the door” in Africa? Lanz wants to know.

The armaments group Rheinmetall already produces weapons and ammunition in a joint venture in South Africa.

"Do we have a good reputation?" Loans, grants and the like, "that's how you create connections," says Africa expert Melanie Müller.

And Chialo says: “Many Chinese speak great Swahili.

Not those who represent Germany.

The Germans do great conferences.”

His balance sheet is sobering: “Nothing ever went ahead in Tanzania, no matter how many billions we sent there.

That only changed when the Chinese suddenly started investing.” And there is definitely “an established, political, economic and also cultural relationship between Tanzania and China.

It all just went under the radar.” China was the first country to recognize Tanzania as a state.

Unfortunately, Europe still shows a kind of colonial attitude.

“When a development minister goes to Africa, they assume that they will meet the president, foreign minister, prime minister.

On the other hand, if an African prime minister turns up in Berlin on a Friday, he can be lucky to meet a head of department.” If diplomacy acts so undiplomatically, then there are consequences.

"That is something,

Africa has long ceased to be a supplicant, Müller makes that unmistakably clear.

New forces are at the start.

"Turkey has become a key player in Africa," reports Müller.

"It's clear that they say: Well then, let's see which one of you has the best offer." Appropriately, Lanz quotes the President of the Republic of Senegal, Chérif Macky Sall, with the remarkable sentence: "I think we'll go with them Find a good contact person in Germany.

But there are others too.”

Lanz has noticed a certain weariness with China and sees good chances that the African continent is open to doing business with Europe.

But Müller points out: "One could also say that there is certainly a certain tiredness with France in the Sahel." Result: China, Russia, the USA and Europe - all courting Africa, completing one state visit after the other.

Lanz: "Suddenly Africa is important for everyone."

CDU politician Chialo gives a clear recommendation for Baerbock on "Lanz".

And everyone comes with different approaches, Chialo makes it clear: "The Silk Road strategy runs until 2049." That shows how long-term the Chinese are thinking.

And “that China is pursuing a logic of interests and Germany is aligning the whole strategy with a value-based auxiliary logic”.

He has a clear recommendation for Annalena Baerbock and the other world travelers in the traffic light coalition: “Then you have to think about it beforehand: What do we actually want as Germany and not what values ​​do we want to export.

That is my point of accusation: that this auxiliary logic very often promotes the values, but the interests of Germany are not taken into account at all." Müller pushes in the same direction: "I have seen that a few times with African delegations, that they say: Yes, what do you want actually from us?“.

Lance laughs.

Africa does not sleep.

Chialo makes it clear that those who wave the LGBTQ flag must expect that the death penalty will also be discussed in the USA.

“We had a repeat election here in Berlin.

Everyone gets that.

We are in no position to raise a finger."

Conclusion of the talk with Markus Lanz

Only two guests, but – maybe because of that – an extremely interesting show.

However, Lanz is not entirely in control of his own broadcast schedule.

The video of Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner showing him vainly courting students at an African university is shown a second time at the end of the program without reason.

So it seems doubly tragic in form and content.

(Michael Goermann)

Source: merkur

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