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Lollapalooza 2023, LIVE: who plays on day 2, the schedules and everything you need to know about the second date of the festival


Yesterday the eighth edition of the festival started at the San Isidro Hippodrome. It will be three days full of music, but also good gastronomy and lots of fun. Details for today's session.

Lollapalooza Argentina started a new edition yesterday, Friday, March 17.

At the San Isidro Hippodrome there were 100,000 people and today the same number is expected, since the locations are sold out to see the best of rock, poo, trap and new trends.

LIVENews in Development

18.03.2023 10:53


Reminder: the festival can be seen by Flow

Catupecu Machu will play today Saturday at Lollapalooza and can be seen on Flow.

Photo: Martin Bonetto.

For those who cannot attend the San Isidro Hippodrome, they will be able to watch the festival live on Flow, from anywhere in the country, through its

four channels (605, 606, 607 and 608)


There, the shows of the different stages and also exclusive content, such as interviews with the bands and notes of color with the entire Lolla experience, will be broadcast from the beginning to the closing, which can be enjoyed through any device from 12:30 p.m. at 01 a.m.

The conductors

Mikki Lusardi and Clemente Cancela

will be the hosts of the recording studio specially set up on the property, while Sofi Carmona, Pauli Echeverria, Manu Buscalia and Sofi Altuna will be transmitting from different places on the property.

  • CHANNEL 605. Flow Stage + Exclusive Content.

    The main stage shows and exclusive Flow content will be broadcast with interviews with the artists, behind the scenes and other surprises.

  • CHANNEL 606. Samsung scenarios.

    The complete shows of the Samsung scenarios will be broadcast on this channel

  • CHANNEL 607. Alternative scenario.

    The live content of the Alternative stage will be broadcast, as well as notes and content linked to what is happening at that moment on the property.

  • ​ CHANNEL 608. Perry's Stage.

    On this channel you can see the Perry's stage shows and color content from the festival.

18.03.2023 10:41


Today's band schedules, Saturday 18

03.18.2023 10:43


Twenty One Pilots;

the duo formed by Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

Today they play on the Flow stage.

Photo Press Warner Music








Samsung stage

MELANIE WILLIAMS: 12:30 to 1:00

PM COLD: 1:30 to 2:15 PM

NAFTA: 3:00 to 3:45 PM

WALLOWS: 4:45 to 5:45 PM

JANE'S ADDICTION: 6:45 to 7:45 PM

TAME IMPALA: 8:45 to 10:15 PM

JAMIE XX: 08:45 to 09:45 PM

Alternative Scenario


13.00 to 13.30


14.15 to 15.00


16.00 to 16.45


17.45 to 18.45


19.45 to 20.45


22.15 to 23.15


SassyGirl scenario: 12.30 to 13.00

Brole Carrey: 13.15 to 13.45

Papichamp: 14.00 to 14.45

Ryan Castr0: 15.00 to 15.45

Rusowsky, Raplhie Choo: 16.00 to 17.00

Nora in Pure: 17.15 to 18.15

Mora: 18.30 to 19.30

Fred Again .. 19.45 to 20.45

PURPLE DISCO MACHINE: 21.00 to 22.00

BRESH: 22.15 to 22.45

18.03.2023 10:54


Everything that Day 1 of Lollapalooza left, here below 🤳

This was the minute by minute on Friday at the San Isidro racetrack. 

03.17.2023 23:22


From yapa, Cigarettes After Sex 

While Drake was doing his thing, with

the rarity of finishing 30 minutes before the agreed time

, in an Alternative setting turned into a parallel universe, the trio from El Paso

Cigarettes After Sex

pleased a large group of attendees -many of them leaning on the grass- that found a balm of nostalgic beauty and rhythmic slowness in that decadent, sensual, noise-stained dream pop that the band delivered with total ease.

A black and white show that was out of place for (very) well within so many high-profile proposals.

It only remained to wait for the final closing with Armin Van Buuren, at one in the morning.

03.17.2023 23:16


About the end of the day, the great drake


Photo Emmanuel Fernandez


appeared a few minutes late on one of the main stages, which was visually enormous for him.

The man

in his solitude and without

accompanying graphic devices put the public in the pocket first.

He even stopped the intro of the hit

Sicko Mode

 to celebrate his first time in Buenos Aires.

The dedicated public did not leave him stranded throughout the show, celebrated each intention and screamed in ecstasy when the fireworks went into action.

Not to mention the moment when the rapper

let out a shy “Muchaaachos…” and the whole world accompanied him with the unofficial anthem of Qatar 2022


The show ran through hits with billions of listeners, and Drake is clear about the type of show he offers: one for fans.

He does not seem to have the intention of generating interest in the public, only to celebrate with his unconditional fans who buy all the winks from him.

Without ruffling his hair but with undeniable sympathy and complicity with his family,

the popular rapper brought to fruition one of the most anticipated shows of the weekend.

03.17.2023 23:03


Rosalía started, with skill and intimacy

Rosalía, magnetic and captivating, at Lollapalooza Argentina 2023. Photo: Martín Bonetto.

After 9:00 p.m. and after an intro based on roaring engines,

Rosalía appeared on the Samsung stage seconded by her entourage of athletic dancers


"Girl, what are you saying?" She asked, and the great


 unleashed the justified delirium despite sounding low in volume, a problem that was repeated in the second song,



The Catalan made a show of her ability to achieve intimacy in a crowded show: she spoke to the public, referred personally and declared her love for Buenos Aires before her first flamenco performance (Bulerías), that place where she plays with excellence


being a kind of 22nd century folk artist.

Rosalía and her dancers on stage at Lollapalooza Argentina 2023. Photo: Martín Bonetto.

Beyond the persistently low volume level, the show worked in all the senses it sets out to:

Rosalía is many Rosalías throughout her set,

and each and every one of them (the urban, the flamenco, the dancer, the diva nearby, the spectacular singer) make the other revalue.

With the past version of


's rpms , the public is rekindled and the best thing happens: the sound improves little by little.

03.17.2023 21:06


Marilina Bertoldi, powerful and rocker

On the Alternative stage, while Chano and Tan Biónica did their thing, the rockier and harsher sound was left to the great Marilina Bertoldi, who gave a forceful and powerful show, despite struggling with some sound problems.

17.03.2023 20:35


Chano confirmed the Tan Biónica meeting

03.17.2023 21:15

9:15 p.m.

Chano, Bambi, Diega and Sebi: Tan Biónica reunited in 2023 at Lollapalooza.

Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

At 8:30 p.m., Chano stopped his show and said: "I have news: in five minutes Tan Biónica will return and the group will have one last magical night in a stadium in the City of Buenos Aires."

Immediately afterwards, the screen began a countdown, the classic

Seven Nation Army

began to sound , which always preceded the Tan Biónica shows, and suddenly the hit Ciudad Mágica started, with Chano dressed in his military jacket from a decade ago


17.03.2023 20:20


Will Chano reunite Tan Biónica?

With an audience that concentrated a large part of the total public of the first date, Chano began his show and after a few minutes said: "Stay because something historic is coming today."

The rumor was that Tan Biónica would meet on the Flow stage, but it was also said that he was going to announce the return of his historic band.

In minutes you will know...

03.17.2023 20:03





Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez

The rapper from La Boca had -until now- the largest attendance of the festival, some

50 thousand people


Right at the start, a tirade that ended with the phrase "I am the spokesperson for Diego" hooked up with

And what I want is for you to tread without the ground

of Catupecu Machu, to the uproar of all, in a show that had no respite for him or for assistance.

03.17.2023 18:13


Party with the Swedish Tove


At 6 pm (punctuality was a constant in the shows), the Swedish

Tove Lo

took the reins of the Flow stage with her danceable synth pop.

Although her proposal did not go out of place before sundown, her music gets along better with the night and the disco. 

However, his "mobs" were very well received by the crowd, although many began to line up at Samsung to wait for the start of Trueno, scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at Samsung.

03.17.2023 17:13


a look at the property

17.03.2023 17:00

five pm

hydration stations

17.03.2023 16:50

4:50 p.m.

First surprise of the day: Thunder sang with Dante

Together, Dante Spinetta and Trueno.

Emmanuel Fernandez

"The owner of rap in Argentina".

This is how Dante introduced


, and together they performed a pyrotechnic version of


, from

Mesa dulce

, the last work of the former Kuryaki.

Immediately followed by


, from IKV, who made everyone move the same thing.

The song


closed a hot concert, since -as Dante himself said at one point- "The heat is fought with more heat".

03.17.2023 16:23

4:23 p.m.

At 4:00 p.m. Dante


Dante Spinetta with his daughter Vida.

Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez

"And everyone with their hands in the air...!"

This is how a Dante Spinetta dressed in purple, in a wink/tribute to Prince, immediately harangued the audience that stoically endured the four o'clock sun, and the response was immediate.

The band that supports him carries funk in its soul, and there was no shortage of incendiary guitar solos.

Already in the second song, calm came and together with his daughter, Alma de él, made



03.17.2023 15:39


Sang Suki, Robert Pattinson's girlfriend

Model, actress, photographer and singer: it is clear that

Suki Waterhouse

is multitarget.

"Thank you very much, it's my first show at Lollapalooza!" She said, and little by little she captivated people with her dream pop and that beauty that she also fell in love with Robert Pattinson.

"I love them!".

The public too, Suki


"I've dreamed of this for years," he said happily in the middle of the first few songs of his set.

03.17.2023 14:48

2:48 p.m.

Simultaneous to full: Paz Carrara and Silvestre & La Naranja

Silvestre and La Naranja at Lollapalooza Argentina 2023, Flow stage.

Tu veneno

was the opening song of the

Silvestre y La Naranja

set on the Flow Stage, while

Paz Carrara

did her thing, simultaneously, on the Alternativo.

Two bets on the author's pop song with a good response from the audience.

Paz, for her new song

Although I never tell you,

 she invited Santi Celli to interpret it with her.

At this point in the day, around 2:30 p.m., each stage already had more than 2,000-3,000 people willing to endure the heat and enjoy the long day of music.

03.17.2023 14:11

2:11 p.m.

Chair of soul and funk with An Espil

An Espil in his dressing room, before taking the Flow stage.

IG photo

El intenso calor no fue un impedimento para que los madrugadores del festival se dieran cita en el Escenario Flow para el atractivo cóctel de neo soul y R&B que ofreció la cantante An Espil. Acompañada por un "bandon" (sic), su show en el Lolla sirvió de como estreno formal de Tu vereda, su nuevo single. Se retiró ovacionada, a las 14 horas.

17.03.2023 13:39


Guille Beresñak inauguró en escenario Alternativo

Lista de temas de Guillermo Beresñak

El músico oriundo del Oeste del Gran Buenos Aires, de gran trayectoria y reconocido también por sus trabajos como productor, abrió el escenario alternativo del Lollapalooza Argentina 2023, sorprendiendo a todos los presentes con un potente show. Presentó las canciones de su nuevo disco de reciente estreno, Morón, el octavo disco de estudio de su trayectoria solista.

Tocó con una banda formada por músicos también nacidos en el Oeste: Herman Bourguet en guitarra, juan Ignacio serrano en guitarra y voz, Luciano Mazer en guitarra, Luciano Chiesa Pastor en teclados y sintes, Santiago Capriglione en bajo y Martin Leon Benito en batería. La audiencia en este escenario ya superaba las 200 personas, mientras muchos más seguían ingresando bajo el tremendo sol.

17.03.2023 13:18


Repaso: mapa y accesos

Mapa Lollapalooza

INGRESOS GENERALES Para poder ingresar al festival, el público deberá canjear previamente su ticket de compra por la pulsera que le dará acceso al Hipódromo de San Isidro. Sin la pulsera no se podrá ingresar.

Lollapalooza abre sus puertas a las 11.30 hs y contará con tres accesos: ​​
Acceso 1: Esquina Av. Santa Fe y Av. Márquez.
​Acceso 2: Av. Márquez 900, entrada Paddock del Hipódromo ​​✨ ​Acceso 3: Av. Márquez, entrada Oficial del Hipódromo

Esquina Av. Santa Fe y Av. De Unidad Nacional.
​​​Estacionamiento: Esquina Av. Márquez y Fleming.

*Ambos estacionamientos cuentan con ingresos para personas con discapacidad
​Dentro del Estacionamiento General ubicado en la esquina Av. Santa Fe y Av. De Unidad Nacional habrá un estacionamiento gratuito para bicicletas (cada espectador deberá llevar su propia cadena para sujetar su bicicleta).

Aquellas personas que posean certificado de discapacidad, dentro del predio, en la zona de cada escenario habrá una plataforma para poder observar los shows. No hay un cupo limitado. Para ingresar, van a poder hacerlo por Av. Márquez al 900 (entrada Paddock del Hipódromo).

17.03.2023 12:44


Nani fue la primera artista en cantar en Lolla 2023

Nani en el escenario Flow.

Nani, quien hace poco fue elegida como soporte por Ricardo Montaner y LP, fue la primera voz que sonó en los escenarios de Lollapalooza Argentina 2023. Subió a las 12.15 al Flow y dio por iniciada la jornada. Cantó temas propios y hasta sorprendió con una gran versión de (You make me feel like) A natural woman, un clásico de Carole King popularizado por Aretha Franklin.

17.03.2023 12:23


Qué comer en el festival, y a qué precio

Año tras año, la propuesta gastronómica de Lollapalooza crece. Y, prácticamente, en el festival se puede comer de todo y para todos los gustos. Aquí, una nota que te puede dar buenas ideas por si querés salir de la típica hamburguesa de los recitales. Y, por supuesto, con todos los precios. Leer más. 

17.03.2023 11:52


Chano canta y se guarda

Luego de haber estado internado en terapia intensiva, Chano Moreno Charpentier mostró una evolución rápida y positiva y dio dos conciertos en La Plata el fin de semana pasado. Hoy a las 20 cantará en el escenario Flow, en lo que -prometió- va a ser su último show por un tiempo prolongado. Al parecer, trabajará en un nuevo álbum.

Chano, el fin de semana pasado, en el estadio Atenas, de La Plata. Foto Martín Bonetto

17.03.2023 11:36


Cómo se paga en Lollapalooza

La pulsera del festival (la foto es de uno anterior) sirve para cargar dinero y pagar en el predio.

Un dato importante: el único medio de pago habilitado dentro del hipódromo es LollaCashless, un sistema que permite al público asistente cargar su pulsera para comprar comidas y bebidas y adquirir merchandising oficial durante los días de festival.
​Los organizadores recomiendan cargar crédito a la pulsera a través de la web de LollaCashless antes de asistir al predio para evitar filas. Por supuesto que también habrá puntos habilitados dentro del hipódromo para cargar la pulsera mediante efectivo, tarjeta de crédito y débito.

17.03.2023 11:15


Bizarrap se encontró en el aeropuerto con dos artistas del Lolla

Skrillex, en el aeropuerto Ezeiza. Se encontró con Biza. Foto Ramiro Souto.

Bizarrap, en Ezeiza. Coincidió con Skrillex y con Perry Farrell. Foto Ramiro Souto. n

El DJ y productor estrella argentino volvía de los Estados Unidos, donde se había presentado en el show de Jimmy Fallon junto a Shakira. Y en su regreso al país, en Ezeiza, se cruzó con Perry Farrel, el creador de Lollapalooza y cantante de Jane's Adiction, y con el multivendedor DJ Skrillex. Hubo selfie para todos. Leer más.

17.03.2023 10:58


Batman (Robert Pattinson) vino a ver a su novia 

Robert Pattinson, en Buenos Aires. Un buen novio.

Sorprendió que el actor Robert Pattinson fuera visto ayer jueves, en una conocida parrilla de Palermo. ¿Qué hacía en la Argentina? El misterio se resolvió rápido. Batman vino a ver a Suki Waterhouse, su novia, que es modelo, actriz y cantante. Y que actúa hoy en el escenario Samsung, a las 13.45. Leer más.

17.03.2023 10:42


Se puede ver por Flow

El festival se podrá ver en vivo a través de 4 canales de Flow que transmitirán los shows completos de los diferentes escenarios, entrevistas exclusivas a los artistas y notas de color con toda la experiencia Lolla. 
La totalidad del festival se podrá ver en vivo por la transmisión que realizará Flow por 4 de sus canales (605, 606, 607 y 608 ) en los cuales transmitirá, desde el inicio hasta el cierre, todos los shows completos de los diferentes escenarios y también contenidos exclusivos, como entrevistas a las bandas y notas de color con toda la experiencia Lolla, que se podrán ver desde cualquier lugar del país y a través de cualquier dispositivo. En la última edición, Lollapalooza tuvo más de 1MM de views a través de la plataforma de entretenimiento.

Billie Eilish canta el domingo 19. Si no tenés entradas, la podés ver por Flow.

17.03.2023 10:28


Cómo llegar y cómo irse

​-Colectivos: Se reforzarán los servicios de las líneas de colectivos cercanas al Hipódromo y alrededores. Las líneas de colectivo que circulan por las inmediaciones del Hipódromo de San Isidro son la 60, 203, 333, 343, 365, 371, 338 y la 707. 
-Tren Mitre (Ramal Tigre) - Estación San Isidro: Trenes Argentinos y el Ministerio de Transporte brindarán los servicios nocturnos del tren Mitre desde San Isidro hasta Belgrano C, con una o más paradas intermedias. Las formaciones adicionales empezarían a circular luego de la finalización del festival. Leer más.

17.03.2023 10:14


Los horarios de las bandas de hoy

Escenario Flow: Nani, de 12.15 a 12.45; An Espil, 13.15 a 13.45; Silvestre y la Naranja,14.30 a 15.15; Willow, 16 a 17; Tove Lo, 18 a 19; Chano, 20 a 21; Drake, 22.15 a 23.45.

Escenario Samsung: Platilina, 12.45 a 13.15; The Change, 13.45 a 14.30; Suki Waterhouse, 15.15 a 16; Aurora, 17 a 18; Trueno, 19 a 20; Rosalía, 21 a 22.15; Armin Van Buuren, 23.45 a 1.

Rosalía. La española cantará en el escenario Samsung este viernes 17 a las 21.

Escenario Alternative: Guillermo Beresñak, 12.15 a 12.45; Paz Carrara, 13.15 a 13.45; Guitarricadelafuente, 14.30 a 15.15; Dante Spinetta, 16 a 17; The Rose, 18 a 19; Marilina Bertoldi, 20 a 21; Cigarettes After Sex, 22.15 a 23.15.

Escenario Perry's: Panther, 13.15 a 14; Flaca, 14.15 a 15; Oscu, 15.30 a 16.15; Villano Antillano, 16.30 a 17.15; Young Miko, 17.30 a 18.15; Álvaro Díaz, 18.45 a 19.15; Danny Ocean, 20 a 20.45; John Summit, 21 a 22.15; Alison Wonderland, 22.30 a 23.30.

17.03.2023 09:54


Arranca Lollapalooza Argentina 2023

Lollapalooza Argentina va por su octava edición.

The wait is over.

Fans of pop, rock, rap and the like count hours, minutes and seconds, because between today, Friday and Sunday (March 17, 18 and 19), starting at 11:30 a.m., a new edition of Lollapalooza Argentina will start.


As always, at the San Isidro Hippodrome.

Estimated public?

Judging by the very good sales of subscriptions, about 100,000 people are expected per day.

That live.

From home, Flow


will be able to join the party.

look too

Exclusive: Robert Pattinson is in Buenos Aires, why did he come?

San Isidro once again received the massive Lollapalooza, which started with 100,000 people

Source: clarin

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