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Stories of the Bobocracy, the governments of empty characters


Máximo Kirchner suffers from 'Hiroshima heat'. And Parrilli says that the next government will only be legitimate if you vote for who he says you have to vote for.

The government of the ignorant is very efficient in expanding ignorance, historical illiteracy and therefore the absence of present ideas.

It advances in a spiral based on empty indoctrinations It is very strong to call it

"Bobocracy", the power of fools

, but one must never underestimate the power of human stupidity when for apparently incomprehensible reasons it assumes the upper hand.

It is curious to observe, and the thinker Paul Tabori observes it very well in his book titled precisely "History of Human Stupidity" the fact that there are great historical efforts for stupid gangs to access capital doses of power.

Tabori presents the material he will study in his analysis:

“This book is about stupidity, foolishness;

imbecility, inability, clumsiness, vacuity, narrow-mindedness, fatuity, idiocy, madness, delusion.

Study the stupid, the foolish, the beings of diminished intelligence, the dim-witted, the idiots, the fools, the fools, the superficial;

the goofy, the novice and the dodgy;

the simple, the unbalanced, the crazy, the irresponsible, the brutalized.

In it we propose to present a gallery of clowns, simpletons, fools, fools, wimps, idiots, bodoques, pazguatos, dunces, stolids, cretins and madmen of yesterday and today "


One must be careful not to omit the self-examination and consider oneself per se apart from one of these characteristics.

Sometimes stupidity is covered up by arrogance, but it exists.

Now then: when

Máximo Kirchner

states in an act that he suffers from "some Hiroshima heat" it is difficult to stop wondering how someone is capable of enunciating such an appreciation in a public act.

Max has power.

What qualification is it worth?

In Hiroshima thousands and thousands died, and thousands and thousands more were melted down and injured forever.

It was the result of a consecutive horror.

The Japanese at one time had murdered hundreds of thousands of Chinese first, and then allied themselves with the Nazis and all fascisms to expand their empire.

Those were the darkest times when horror prevailed.

All this is known of course,

perhaps not by Máximo


I could excuse it by stating that anyone has a whore. Was it a whore or was it a clear emergency of the Bobocracy with power?

It would be interesting for Máximo to analyze the discomfort of Shoshito Matsushige.

With astonishing heroism, on Monday, August 6, 1945, he took his camera and headed towards the epicenter of horror, towards the exact place where Little Boy had fallen, the atomic bomb, and witnessed and exhibited the melting, calcining



It is an atrocious and true portrayal of history, it was a feat of photojournalism.

These images show from the inside what so many do not know, Máximo apparently among them.

Now, Oscar Parrilli affirmed that

the next government will not be legitimate if the ban on CFK is not lifted

and therefore he proposes suspending the elections until that happens.

But, there is no proscription and yet it proposes to interrupt the course of democracy.

What conceptual category can serve to designate such a proposal?

Irresponsibility, it can be one.

There is a vocation for falsehood also because it is a lie that there is a ban, although it is true that there is a judicial sentence on the vice president.

For Parrilli, given this "proscription" the next government will not be viable.

It closes the future from a semantic, legal and political nonsense.

And he threatens with an admonition: "Nobody will be able to govern with a proscription."

In other words, those who do not vote for whom he considers to be exculpated and then vote, would be prevented from representing their eventual voters.

Juan Perón was banned, but for political reasons.

The fallacious argument of the ban goes back decades

, just like the operational clamor to beg CFK to run in the next elections.

The cries organized by the political apparatuses are as old as the Argentine failures.

the Bobocracy would then consist of the distribution with loudspeakers of historical nonsense, of evident falsehoods and above all of the absolute absence of proposals to solve real problems.

The Bobocracy is not an exclusively Argentine problem.


fools with power have existed and with great frequency and damage capacity


But it is time to warn that Bobocracy is the exact antonym of democracy.

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