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Russia-Ukraine war, LIVE: they denounce that Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol


After the arrest request of the International Criminal Court, the Russian president toured part of the territory in conflict.

After the request for the arrest of the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Vladimir Putin for war crimes in Ukraine, the Russian leader appeared in public on a lightning trip to the Crimean peninsula, on the occasion of a new anniversary of the annexation of Moscow of the territory in the Ukrainian south.

It was at night, when he took the opportunity to greet neighbors and chat with soldiers from the pro-Russian area.

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19.03.2023 10:13


kyiv denounces Putin's "cynicism" after visit to Mariupol

Ukraine on Sunday denounced the "cynicism" of Russian President Vladimir Putin after his surprise visit to the city of Mariupol, captured last year by Moscow forces, and denounced that he made it at night as a "thief".

"The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime (...) the murderer of thousands of families in Mariupol came to admire the ruins of the city and (their) graves. Cynicism and lack of remorse," wrote the presidential adviser Ukrainian Mikhailo Podoliak on Twitter.

This was Putin's first trip to the occupied zone since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine in February 2022. Mariupol, in southeastern Ukraine, fell to Moscow in May 2022 after months of siege and shelling devastated the city.

03.19.2023 09:04


The EU seeks to promote measures to speed up the delivery of ammunition to Ukraine

The EU foreign and defense ministers expect to close a political agreement tomorrow on a plan to speed up the manufacture and delivery of ammunition to Ukraine, as well as undertake joint procurement and increase the production capacity of the European defense industry.

The heads of Foreign Affairs and Defense will meet with an objective in Brussels but diplomatic sources do not rule out that the political pact will be reached today in a meeting of the ambassadors of the countries before the EU.

The first path of the plan proposes to deliver to Ukraine as soon as possible the ammunition reserves, mainly 155 mm, that the community countries already have or that they have already commissioned from the industry and for this, the high representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell has proposed using 1,000 million euros from the European Peace Support Fund (FEAP).

The FEAP is a program that, outside the community budget and made up of contributions from the Member States, is being used to finance the delivery of arms to kyiv.

To secure additional support for Ukraine and guarantee EU countries that their arsenals will be replenished, the plan's second track calls for the European Defense Agency to make joint purchases of 155mm ammunition or for at least three member states to partner up. to carry out those acquisitions.

03.19.2023 08:22


Ukrainian authorities in Mariupol denounce visit of "international criminal" Putin

Ukrainian authorities in Mariupol denounced the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the port city, which fell under Moscow's control in May 2022 after a long siege.

"International criminal Putin visited occupied Mariupol at night "probably so as not to see the city murdered for his 'liberation' in daylight," the municipal council wrote on Telegram


03.19.2023 08:00


Putin visits the Ukrainian-occupied city of Mariupol

Putin met with residents of the areas annexed by Russia.

(Pool Photo via AP)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited the port city of Mariupol, Russian state news agencies said on Sunday morning.

It would be his first trip to Ukrainian territory that Moscow illegally annexed in September.

Putin traveled to Crimea, a short distance southwest of Mariupol, on Saturday to celebrate the ninth anniversary of the annexation of the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula.

Mariupol became an international symbol of defiance when Ukrainian forces, outnumbered and outgunned, held out at a local steel mill for three months until Russia finally took control of the steel plant in May.

The visits, in which he was shown chatting with residents of Mariupol and visiting a children's center and art school in Crimea, were a challenge from the Russian president a few days after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant against Putin. , whom he accused of war crimes.

Putin has not commented on the arrest warrant, which aggravates his international isolation, though it is unlikely he will face trial anytime soon.

Putin arrived in Mariupol by helicopter and then drove himself to tour "monumental places" in the city, the concert hall and the coast, according to Russian reports.

19.03.2023 01:28


Two civilians killed and 10 wounded in a Russian attack on Kramatorsk

Medical personnel carry the wounded in Kramatorsk, in Donetsk Oblast, after a Russian attack.

Two civilians died and another 10 people were injured after an attack that Russia carried out this Saturday on Kramatorsk, in the Donetsk oblast.

This was reported by the governor, Pavlo Kyrylenko, who specified that the Russian troops used cluster bombs.

He also assured that in Kostyantynivka there was damage to 10 private houses, 9 high-rise buildings, a school, a children's store, a dozen private cars and garages, and that six other civilians were injured.

03.19.2023 00:12


Russia and Ukraine extend grain export agreement

An unprecedented wartime deal that allowed grain to be shipped from Ukraine to countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia — where hunger looms and high food prices cause greater poverty — was extended shortly before its expiration date, officials said. .

The United Nations and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the extension, but neither confirmed how long it will last.

The UN, Turkey and Ukraine had advocated for 120 days, but Russia said it was willing to accept 60 days.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov tweeted on Saturday that the deal will run for four months.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told the Tass news agency that Moscow "agreed to extend the agreement for 60 days."

"Any claim that it lasts for more than 60 days is wishful thinking or deliberate manipulation," said Russia's deputy ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky.

18.03.2023 22:19


Wagner will recruit 30,000 mercenaries

Prigozhin says Wagner will recruit 30,000 mercenaries by mid-May Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin says Wagner's recruiting centers, which he said last week opened in 42 cities across Russia, hire between 500 and 800 people per month. day.

He did not give any evidence to back up his claims.

18.03.2023 21:55

9:55 p.m.

“If we disarm Poland, we will become the trophy of an aggressive neighbor”

Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak stressed that a strong army is needed for a peaceful life and Poles must be ready to fight for their country.

"If we disarm Poland, we will become the trophy of an aggressive neighbor. Of course, we are in NATO, but we must understand that no one will defend Poland instead of the Poles," Blaszczak said.

18.03.2023 20:55


“Ukrainian nights praised by poets...”

“Ukrainian nights praised by poets...10 Ruscist tanks and 1 armored personnel carrier were destroyed by special forces of the Security Service of Ukraine in just one night.

This is more than a video, it is a song whose lyrics have not yet been written", is the text with which the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine accompanies the video that shows how Vladimir Putin's units are destroyed.

18.03.2023 20:08


Canada asks Turkey to approve "as soon as possible" the admission of Finland and Sweden to NATO

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly believes that Turkey should approve not only Finland's but also Sweden's application to join NATO as soon as possible.

"Canada welcomes Turkey's decision to start the ratification process for Finland's accession to NATO and stresses the importance of Sweden's rapid completion of the accession procedure," Jolie said.

18.03.2023 19:22


"The war in Ukraine is one of the biggest since World War II," Zelensky said.

“The war in Ukraine is one of the largest armed conflicts since World War II.

The active front line is 1,500 km.

The battles are in fields, forests, in the water, in the sky and cities.

We continue to fight for our homeland.

The liberation of all the occupied territories is ahead.

Ukraine will definitely do it,” the Ukrainian president wrote.

03.18.2023 18:09


Canada sends armored vehicle to Ukraine

A video released by Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand showed a cargo plane loaded with a Bergepanzer 3 vehicle, which can tow heavy armored vehicles, transport or evacuate troops, and clear obstacles.

03.18.2023 17:10


"Those who produce weapons for terror against Ukraine can only be marginal to the world"

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, assured it through his social networks.

“All those who produce weapons for terror against Ukraine, who help Russia to incite aggression, in particular by supplying Shahed drones, who support Russia's destruction of international law, can only be marginal to the world. ”, said the president.

18.03.2023 16:55

4:55 p.m.

kyiv denies sending unprepared troops to the front

"Actually, mobilized troops who haven't served before are sent to training centers," said Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar.

18.03.2023 16:46

4:46 p.m.

Estonian Defense Minister: "The war is far from over"

Hanno Pevkur, the Estonian Defense Minister, in an interview with the kyiv Independent, spoke about the threat Russia poses to his country and why he supports Ukraine.

According to Pevkur, Estonia and other NATO members are responsible for helping Ukraine because it fights for the free world.

According to Pevkur, the war is far from over.

"We all understand that Russia is still capable of threatening NATO because it still has enough firepower," says Pevkur.

18.03.2023 16:35

4:35 p.m.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church calls to get rid of the “yoke of Moscow”

The monks can remain in the kyiv Pechersk Lavra if they give up Moscow.

In a statement, Metropolitan Epifanius said that religious services will continue at the monastery, in Old Church Slavonic and Modern Ukrainian.

The head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church called on Kiev religious figures to help throw off the "yoke of Moscow", calling Moscow's religious authority in Ukraine "non-canonical" which is used for anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

18.03.2023 15:55


Ukrainian Defense Ministry dedicates parody to Putin

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense published on its Twitter account a false magazine cover with which it celebrated the arrest warrant that the International Criminal Court issued against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Sometimes, magazine headlines are written by life itself.

A life based on justice”, says the message that accompanies the image, establishing a play on words between “life” (“life” in English) and Life magazine.

03.18.2023 15:29


Ukraine accuses Russia of new drone attacks

Ukraine reported this Saturday that it suffered a new wave of Russian drone attacks and that some hit areas that were almost on the margins of the conflict, such as the Leopolis region.

"Around 9:00 p.m. on March 17 (Argentina's 2 today), the Russian invader attacked Ukraine with Iranian-made kamikaze drones of the Shahed-136/131 type," the Air Force reported on Telegram.

Eleven aircraft out of a total of 16 were destroyed, the statement added.

"Around 1 in the morning our region was attacked by Shahed 136 type kamikaze drones. According to preliminary information there were six of them," Leopolis regional governor Maksym Kozytski reported.

03.18.2023 15:03


The UN confirms the extension of the agreement for the Ukrainian cereal but without specifying its duration

The United Nations confirmed this Saturday the extension of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the pact that facilitates the export of grain and other food products from Ukraine despite the Russian naval blockade, although without specifying the duration of the extension.

The original agreement was signed last year in Istanbul.

Photo: Reuters/Umit Bektas.

"The Black Sea Grain Initiative, signed in Istanbul on July 22, 2022, has been extended," the organization said in a statement, shortly after Turkey and the Ukrainian government announced the news.

The UN did not indicate in its announcement how long it is extended, although in recent days it had insisted that the extensions provided for in the initial agreement were always 120 days.

While Ukrainian officials ratified that deadline, Russia has said it will only be extended by 60 days.

03.18.2023 14:31

2:31 p.m.

Japan and Germany reaffirm cooperation to pressure Moscow and support kyiv

Japan and Germany ratified this Saturday their willingness to continue applying sanctions to Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and to maintain support for Kiev, at a summit held in Tokyo between Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Scholz and Kishida held a meeting in the Japanese capital.

Photo: EFE/Nicolas Datiche.

Kishida stressed the shared willingness to "continue to cooperate to apply sanctions to Russia and support Ukraine with a view to ending the invasion of Ukraine as soon as possible," during a joint media appearance after the meeting.

Kishida también señaló que Japón "observará con interés" los desarrollos en la investigación de la Corte Penal Internacional (CPI), que en la víspera emitió una orden de detención contra el presidente Vladímir Putin como "presunto responsable" de la deportación ilegal de niños ucranianos y su traslado de zonas ocupadas en Ucrania a Rusia, lo que supone un crimen de guerra.

18.03.2023 13:57


EEUU dice que encontró municiones chinas en Ucrania

Estados Unidos confirmó que en los campos de batalla en Ucrania se usaron municiones chinas y sospecha que fueron disparadas por las fuerzas rusas, dijeron fuentes gubernamentales a la agencia de noticias Kyodo de Japón.

La Casa Blanca determinó que las municiones encontradas en Ucrania fueron fabricadas en China después de analizar su composición y otros factores, dijeron las fuentes, pero no revelaron el tipo de municiones encontradas. Todavía no está claro si las municiones fueron suministradas por China.

"Es algo sobre lo que estamos atentos y continuamos observando de cerca", dijo un funcionario del Departamento de Estado de Estados Unidos al medio japonés.

La confirmación llega poco antes de que el presidente chino, Xi Jinping, viaje a Moscú para una visita de estado a partir del lunes.

18.03.2023 13:25


Rusia dice que prorroga el acuerdo de granos sólo por 60 días

Rusia informó este sábado que ha informado a todos los participantes del acuerdo que permite exportar cereales por el mar Negro que prorroga ese pacto sólo por 60 días.

"Volvemos a decirlo. La Federación Rusa dio su acuerdo a una prórroga de solo 60 días", afirmó la portavoz del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores ruso, María Zajárova, citada por la agencia oficial TASS.

La declaración de la diplomática rusa se produjo poco después de que el ministro ucraniano de Desarrollo Comunitario, Territorios e Infraestructura, Oleksandr Kubrakov, anunciara en su página de Facebook que el acuerdo de grano "ha sido prorrogado por otros 120 días".

18.03.2023 12:57


Ministerio ucraniano publica video de destrucción de tanques rusos

18.03.2023 12:24


Turquía anuncia una extensión del acuerdo de granos de Ucrania

El presidente turco, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, anunció el sábado la prolongación del acuerdo que permite la exportación de granos de Ucrania, negociado con la mediación de Ankara y Naciones Unidas tras la invasión rusa a ese país para aliviar la crisis alimentaria global.

Ese acuerdo permitió exportar millones de toneladas de maíz, trigo y otros granos, bloqueados en los puertos desde el inicio de la invasión rusa. Ucrania era uno de los principales exportadores mundiales de granos antes de la guerra y esa situación atizó un alza de los precios de los alimentos en todos los continentes.

"Tras conversaciones con las dos partes, aseguramos la extensión del acuerdo que debía expirar el 19 de marzo", informó el mandatario turco en un discurso televisivo. El ministro ucraniano de Infraestructuras, Oleksandr Kubrakov, informó que el acuerdo fue prolongado durante 120 días.

18.03.2023 11:41


Fiscal de la CPI ve posible que Putin sea juzgado por crímenes de guerra

El fiscal de la Corte Penal Internacional (CPI), Karim Khan, dijo este sábado que es posible que el presidente ruso, Vladimir Putin, sea juzgado por ese tribunal tras emitir ayer una orden de detención por la presunta deportación de niños en zonas de Ucrania ocupadas, lo que constituye un crimen de guerra.

Khan estuvo en abril pasado en Ucrania, visitando los sitios donde se hallaron fosas comunes en la localidad de Bucha. Foto: Fadel Senna/AFP.

"Quienes creen que es imposible" que el líder ruso rinda cuentas "no entienden la historia", aseguró Khan en declaraciones a la cadena CNN, y pidió recordar juicios contra criminales de guerra como los nazis, el expresidente yugoslavo Slobodan Milosevic, o el exlíder liberiano Charles Taylor, entre otros. "Todos ellos eran individuos fuertes y poderosos y, sin embargo, se encontraron en los tribunales", agregó.

Khan señaló también que, mediante la orden de detención contra Putin y contra Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova, comisaria presidencial para los Derechos de la Infancia en Rusia, se quiere enviar un mensaje claro: "Nadie debe sentir que puede cometer un genocidio o crímenes contra la humanidad con impunidad".

18.03.2023 11:04


Activistas se manifiestan frente a embajadas de países "hostiles" en Moscú

Activistas partidarios del Kremlin protestaron el sábado en Moscú frente a las embajadas de 20 países que Rusia considera "hostiles", con motivo del noveno aniversario de la anexión de Crimea, dijo un movimiento juvenil.

Estos países -entre los que se encuentran Estados Unidos, el Reino Unido y Francia- "apoyan a Ucrania (...) y entregan activamente armas letales al régimen ucraniano", explicó el movimiento "Molodaia Gvardia" ("La Joven Guardia") en un comunicado. Los militantes pro Kremlin que se movilizaron eran 5.000 en total, según el movimiento.

La manifestación frente a la embajada estadounidense reunió a unos 400 militantes que agitaban pancartas en las que se podía leer "Estados Unidos siembra la muerte" y "La Crimea con Rusia para siempre", constató un corresponsal de la agencia AFP. Otras 200 personas se congregaron frente a la embajada británica.

18.03.2023 10:27


Putin llega a Crimea en el noveno aniversario de su anexión

El presidente de Rusia, Vladímir Putin, llegó hoy a península de Crimea, que celebra este sábado el noveno aniversario de su anexión por Moscú, según las imágenes emitidas por la televisión estatal.

Putin visitó la Escuela de Arte y el centro infantil Korsun en Quersoneso, en las afueras del puerto de Sebastopol, la principal base de la Flota rusa del mar Negro.

18.03.2023 10:00


Rusia reitera que está abierta a "propuestas serias" de Occidente y Ucrania

Rusia reiteró hoy que está abierta a "propuesta serias" de Occidente y Kiev para un arreglo político-diplomático al conflicto en Ucrania, pero recalcó que no tolerará ultimátums.

"Más de una vez hemos declarado que estamos abiertos a propuestas serias de Occidente y Ucrania para el arreglo político-diplomático de la crisis, sin embargo para nosotros es intolerable el lenguaje de los ultimátums", afirmó la portavoz de la diplomacia rusa, María Zajárova, en un comentario publicado en la web de Exteriores.

Destacó que para conseguir una paz estable es necesario lograr "el cese de envíos de armamentos y mercenarios a Ucrania, el fin de las acciones militares y que Ucrania vuelva al estatus de país neutral, al margen de bloques".

18.03.2023 09:25


Ucrania: "No renuncio a buscar la paz", dijo el Papa

El papa Francisco se reunió hoy en el Vaticano con un grupo de refugiados llegados por los corredores humanitarios y lo consideró como una "historia de recibimiento y de un compromiso concreto por la paz".

​"Hay muchos refugiados ucranianos entre ustedes, quiero decirles que el Papa no renuncia a buscar la paz, a esperar la paz y a orar por ella. Lo hago por su país mártir y por los demás afectados por la guerra", destacó el Papa.

18.03.2023 08:47


Rusia sigue con sus ataques a Ucrania tras el pedido de detención de Putin

Un soldado ucraniano en medio de un bombardeo ruso en Avdiivka. Foto AP.

Rusia continuó con sus ataques generalizados en Ucrania tras la decisión de la Corte Penal Internacional de emitir una orden de detención contra su presidente, Vladímir Putin, y la comisionada rusa para los derechos de la infancia.

Ucrania fue atacada por 16 drones rusos el viernes en la noche, dijo la Fuerza Aérea ucraniana en la madrugada del sábado. En un mensaje en Telegram, explicó que 11 de los aviones no tripulados fueron derribados “en regiones del centro, el oeste y el este”. Entre las zonas atacadas estaban la capital, Kiev, y la provincia occidental de Leópolis.

El jefe de la administración de la ciudad de Kiev, Serhii Popko, indicó que las defensas antiaéreas ucranianas derribaron todos los drones que se dirigieron allí, mientras que el gobernador de Leópolis, Maksym Kozytskyi, apuntó el sábado que se derribaron tres de seis, y que los otros alcanzaron un distrito fronterizo con Polonia.

18.03.2023 08:10


La orden de arresto contra Putin es un paso hacia la Justicia, dice Amnistía Internacional 

La orden de arresto emitida por la Corte Penal Internacional (CPI) contra el presidente ruso, Vladímir Putin, por la deportación ilegal a Rusia de niños ucranianos, supone un paso hacia la Justicia para las víctimas de crímenes de guerra en Ucrania, señaló la organización Amnistía Internacional (AI).

La CPI emitió este viernes esa orden contra Putin y contra María Lvova-Belova, Comisionada para los Derechos del Niño en la Oficina del Presidente de Rusia, que afronta la misma acusación.

La secretaria general de AI, Agnès Callamard, señaló que la orden es "una señal importante", tanto para Ucrania como para el resto del mundo, de que los presuntos responsables de delitos en Ucrania "serán arrestados y juzgados", sin importar el poder que tengan.

"El presidente Putin es ahora oficialmente un hombre buscado. Tras la acusación de la CPI del presidente Putin y la comisionada de la Infancia Lvova-Belova por el crimen de guerra de traslado forzoso de niños, la comunidad internacional no debe detenerse ante nada hasta que sean arrestados y llevados a juicio", agregó Callamard en un comunicado divulgado por la organización humanitaria.

"Si el presidente Putin o Lvova-Belova abandonan Rusia, los Estados deben negarles un refugio seguro arrestándolos de inmediato y entregándolos a la CPI", puntualizó.

18.03.2023 07:42


Fiscal de la CPI cree que Putin irá al banquillo de los acusados

El fiscal de la Corte Penal Internacional (CPI), Karim Khan, ve posible que el presidente de Rusia, Vladímir Putin, enfrente un juicio por presuntos crímenes de guerra, según dijo este viernes en una entrevista con la cadena CNN.

"Quienes creen que es imposible" que el líder ruso rinda cuentas por los actos cometidos en Ucrania "no entienden la historia", aseguró Khan en declaraciones al medio estadounidense.

El fiscal citó como ejemplos los Juicios de Núremberg (1945-1946) -por los crímenes de guerra en la Alemania nazi- y el proceso judicial por el genocidio de Ruanda.

"Todos ellos (implicaron a) individuos poderosos e imponentes y, sin embargo, acabaron en los tribunales", agregó Khan.

18.03.2023 07:00


¿Puede la Corte Penal Internacional detener a Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin con Maria Lvova-Belova, comisionada presidencial para los Derechos de la Infancia en Rusia. La CPI pidió la detención de ambos.

Después de que la Corte Penal Internacional (CPI) emitió el viernes una orden de arresto contra Vladimir Putin por crímenes de guerra en Ucrania, surge la interrogante de si es posible que el presidente ruso vaya a estar algún día en el banquillo de los acusados en La Haya.

Los 123 países que firmaron el Estatuto de Roma están obligados a ejecutar los mandatos de detención contra Putin y María Lvova-Belova, comisionada presidencial para los Derechos de la Infancia en Rusia, también objeto de una orden de arresto.

The arrest occurred in the event that one of the two travels to one of these countries. "It's true," ICC prosecutor Karim Khan told AFP, when asked if Putin could be arrested.

But the Court founded after the Rome Statute does not have its own police force.

The execution of the mandates "depends on international cooperation", according to the president of the ICC, the Polish jurist Piotr Hofmanski.

Another key fact is that neither Russia nor Ukraine are members of the ICC.

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