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Autumn Equinox 2023: Astrological and Spiritual Meanings


Beatriz Leveratto explained to Clarín why this phenomenon will be crucial and will be accompanied by other "intense celestial movements" that will have an impact in the coming years.

The autumn equinox of the year occurs this Monday

, March 20, at 6:25 p.m.

(Argentine time).

The event marks several changes: for astrology, the year begins with the entry of the Sun into the sign of Aries;

At an astronomical level, in the southern hemisphere of the planet the arrival of autumn is heralded and in the northern hemisphere spring begins.

One of the particularities of the event is that only during the days of the equinox —twice a year— the Sun distributes its light equally to both hemispheres.

Generally, the predictable movement of the Earth around the Sun causes changes in the proportions of sunlight that our planet receives.

But this will not be a conventional equinox, it also announces a fundamental planetary transit that had not changed for more than two centuries.

The astrologer, author and tarot reader

Beatriz Leveratto



what are the implications of the seasonal phenomenon and what is its meaning according to astrology.

“Equinox indicates that the nights last the same in both hemispheres, on equinox days the Sun's rays fall perpendicular on the equator line to produce this phenomenon of 'equity of days and nights' to later modify the distribution of sunlight.

In the southern hemisphere the days darken and in the north spring makes the days brighter and warmer”, Leveratto explained.

The autumn equinox 2023 receives the square with Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, which begins its transit and marks the beginning of the astrological year.

(Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

The astrologer also ruled out some theories that, close to the great annual events, break into social networks and question the order of the zodiac wheel, naming, for example, the Ophiuchus constellation, something that astrological knowledge rules out for various



"There are twelve game pulses on the path between the Sun and the Earth that have nothing to do with the constellations that once seemed to lie behind the Sun," she explained.

Leveratto maintained the following: "The constellations no longer matter because the Sun and the Earth have been moving, they have been moving. What is going to be important for astrology are these twelve moments between the Earth and the Sun that begin precisely


Aries in this equinox". 

Why will this autumnal equinox come with more intensity?

The astrologer assured that it is a very particular equinox because "it is accompanied by

other intense celestial movements

with an unusual synchronicity, which suggests an urgent need to awaken consciousness."

According to Leveratto, one of the main

meanings of this autumn equinox

lies in the force with which this zodiacal year begins, which will seek to make us quickly realize "our actions, what we are doing to our planet and "Therefore, ourselves. The need to activate greater light, greater solar consciousness in each individual seems imminent."

The astrologer explained the following: a few hours after the equinox,

on Tuesday, March 21 , at 1:02 p.m. (Argentina time),

the new Moon

will be perfected


This lunar phase will happen "in a particular and initiating degree 0 of Aries."

What does this mean?

According to Leveratto, due to the simultaneity of both events, a forceful climate of "beginnings" is reinforced.

"Even more intensity is added to these two events (of the equinox and the new Moon) that

both receive a square (or tense aspect) of Mars

, the planet associated with war, action and courage," explained the author and tarot reader. .

Pluto in Aquarius: the great transformer of the cosmos

Pluto's full orbit spans 248 years around the Sun. (Photo: Illustration Shutterstock)

Two days after the autumn equinox,

at 12:24 p.m. on Thursday, March 23, Pluto enters the sign of Aquarius

, something that has not happened for two and a half centuries.

Leveratto affirmed that this planet leaves Capricorn after a transit of fourteen years and its movement will not go unnoticed in the global panorama.

"Pluto is the name of the Roman god of the underworld, it is associated with death, rebirth and transformation," explained the astrologer, "when it changes sign it produces enormous cosmic changes."

The ruling planet of Scorpio has a long orbit of 248 years around the Sun and its transit from one sign to another can vary from 11.5 to 30.5 years, due to its "highly elliptical" orbit, the astrologer clarified.

Pluto returns to the sign of Aquarius

after a long period of two and a half centuries.

The last time he was in this sign was in the eighteenth century, at the time of the French Revolution.

He will stay in Aquarius until 2043 and Leveratto indicated that he will suggest "the beginning of a new revolutionary era".

“It will probably confront us with what we have been able to capture as humanity, with those ideas of the French Revolution that promoted freedom, equality and fraternity.

Two and a half centuries later, it seems that we have not yet reached them, and it could lead us to update these fraternal and egalitarian concepts as real objectives and not as utopias ”, he interpreted.

The last time Pluto was in Aquarius, the French Revolution occurred, the astrologer indicated.

(Photo: Creative Commons)

In the words of the renowned author and teacher of astrology, in this 2023 we will see "advances of the next chapters" of what

Pluto in Aquarius

can mean , since the planet will move several times between Aquarius and Capricorn in 2023 and 2024.

Pluto will transit the penultimate sign of the zodiac between March and June.

As of the 11th of that month, he will return retrograde to Capricorn and will remain there until January 2024, when he will enter Aquarius again.

Between September and November 2024 he will return to Capricorn for the last time and,

starting in November of next year, he will remain in Aquarius for 19 and a half years


“At the end of 2024, when it enters Aquarius, it also withdraws from the Earth element,” Leveratto affirmed, “and will enter the Air element of Aquarius, suggesting a new social vision in which knowledge, technology, spiritual development, and human relations will be fundamentals”.

2023 and 2024: Pluto's predictions for these two years

“Pluto is the archetype of transformation,” Leveratto explained. (Photo: Illustration Shutterstock)

In the words of the astrologer, one of the most important characteristics of this transit is that Pluto "will show us what is coming, the next lessons for humanity."

Pluto is the archetype of transformation

, and when it changes its sign, it changes its tonality to generate a strong human transformation.

We are beginning a great time, a time of crisis or of

a chrysalis

,” he said.

How could we see reflected this great transformation that is coming?

Leveratto explained that he is likely to face us with the final fall of the patriarchal system, since "Aquarius rules independence and equal opportunity."

The penultimate sign of the zodiac wheel is also usually associated with technology and innovations.

In this sense, the specialist showed: “New forms of work will emerge, a certain community logic will be updated and there will be innovation in all communications.

The true role and potential of social networks will be revealed and

the world of communications will be radically changed


We will experience great revolutions around technology, air travel, social and community organizations, borders, money management and natural resources.

Another area that will not undergo changes at the individual level is that of relationships, sexuality and reproductive systems, explained Leveratto, who added that "roles will have to be redefined and rules about people and their rights changed."

Relationships, sexuality, and reproductive systems will be affected by Pluto in Aquarius.

Photo: illustration Shutterstock

"Since the great pandemic of 2020,

humanity has been transmuting,

" the astrologer said.

Pluto's transit


also shed light on outdated forms of government.

For the astrologer, if something has not been able to be manifested and has generated social unrest, it will surface with the desire to have more participatory systems.

Quantum topics will become more massive

, medicine and genetics will be in constant recycling and evolution.

Faced with so many changes, there will also be a generalized future vision crisis, we are going to have to face the terrible environmental pollution that we have generated, with overpopulation and with the possibility of threats of cyberwars”, warned Leveratto.

In any case, instead of feeling fear, the astrologer and tarot reader not only underlined the potential of the upcoming transformation, she also stressed that "

understanding ourselves accompanied by astrological climates

can lead us to experience this complex transition with less fear and with greater consideration for us and for others."

The astrologer, teacher and tarot reader Beatriz Leveratto (on Instagram, @bealeveratto) advised.

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