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Elections 2023, LIVE: despite Estela de Carlotto's request, La Cámpora calls for a march on March 24 for the "proscription" of Cristina Kirchner


Electoral assembly, launches, cross statements and surveys, in live coverage. The Frente de Todos, Juntos por el Cambio, leftist and liberal spaces define their candidacies for the 2023 elections and confront each other with crossed statements. I followed the coverage minute by minute on the way to PASO and the general elections in October. LIVENews in Development 20.03.2023 20:01 20:01 Horacio Rodríguez Larreta highlighted de Loredo's decision to withdraw from the cand

The Frente de Todos, Juntos por el Cambio, leftist and liberal spaces define their

candidacies for the 2023 elections

and confront each other with crossed statements.

I followed the coverage minute by minute on the way to PASO and the general elections in October.

LIVENews in Development

20.03.2023 20:01


Horacio Rodríguez Larreta highlighted de Loredo's decision to withdraw from the candidacy in Córdoba

He did it with a message on his Twitter account in which he also rectified his support for Luis Juez.

​"The interests of the people at the forefront. A great example of @rodrigodeloredo demonstrating that the base of JxC is in unity. All my support for @ljuez, I am convinced that this is the path that the people of Cordoba need," wrote the head of Buenos Aires government.

20.03.2023 19:07


Ignoring Estela de Carlotto, La Cámpora convenes the act of March 24 with slogans about the "ban" of Cristina Kirchner

"For a

democracy without mafias

", was the slogan that La Cámpora launched to call the march on March 24, in a clear Kirchnerist reference to the judicial situation of Cristina Kirchner. 

From Grandmothers, Estela de Carlotto herself had criticized that the organization led by Máximo Kirchner - in tune with the idea expressed by the vice president months ago - called for the date of the Memory with another agenda.

However, from

the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

- the association headed by Hebe de Bonafini -

 even more partial slogans arose.

"No to the Proscription, Cristina Conduction"

, they raised in networks, even arousing the rejection

of relatives of the disappeared


20.03.2023 18:56


With a video, Rodrigo de Loredo announced that he is getting out of the fight for the governorship of Córdoba

The deputy who was disputing to be the candidate of Together for Change to govern Córdoba took a step back to prioritize the candidacy of Luis Juez.

He announced it through a video posted on his social media.

"Rodrigo has not yet defined if he is going to present himself in any candidacy. He will be where he should be," his spokesmen told Clarín. 

De Loredo and Juez had requested a survey to define which of the two had the best projection of votes and thus define the candidacy.

But after the report showed a dead heat, the former head of ARSAT announced that he will support the senator's nomination. 

In addition to being one of the provinces with the largest electorate, Córdoba was key in 2015 for the triumph of Mauricio Macri.

With Juan Schiaretti embarked on the presidential race, now the force seeks to impose its governor.

20.03.2023 18:50


Confirmed: Luis Juez will be the candidate for governor of Córdoba for Together for Change

Luis Juez will seek to be the next governor of Córdoba.

Photo Javier Cortez

20.03.2023 18:00


During his visit to Rosario, Macri added a photo with Ritondo

The former president is in the city of Santa Fe, in the midst of the controversy over drug violence, where he presented his book.

He shared an activity with Cristian Ritondo, former Buenos Aires Minister of Security who seeks to win the candidacy for governor of the Province under the wing of Patricia Bullrich


20.03.2023 17:35


Ernest Azarkevich

Elections 2023: Peronism splits in another province and targets a former minister of Alberto Fernández

Corrientes Peronism, which has been intervened for more than three years, broke up less than three months before the legislative elections, and a sector announced that it will go with its own front, outside the structures.

Mercosur leader and parliamentarian Alejandro Karlen admitted that it is "impossible" to achieve a list of unity for the midterm elections scheduled for June 11.

Read more.

20.03.2023 16:29

4:29 p.m.

The UCeDé prepares to relaunch the party

The UCeDé, the historic liberal party associated with Álvaro Alsogaray, is preparing to relaunch its stamp with national projection within the framework of the new wave of militancy that has gained ground in Argentine politics.

Although the party retained legal status in some districts, the new liberal wave promoted the national rearming of the emblematic force, they raised from the seal.

In the last elections they had approached the assembly of Together for Change.

With Andrés Passamonti as president of the National Promotion Board, together with the presidents of the districts of Córdoba, Corrientes, Catamarca and La Rioja, the party is hours away from relaunching with its own label.

Passamonti has raised before different leaders the need to unite all the liberal forces.

"Including everyone as far as possible," he said, although they acknowledge that it will be a "complicated" task due to some personalities, but not impossible.

UCeDé had remained on the media agenda due to some of its former supporters who had become Kirchnerists, such as Amado Boudou and Sergio Massa.

The idea behind the revival is to reissue what was the Alianza de Centro in 1989, which was the third national political force.

The UCeDé is preparing to relaunch the party.

UceDé press photo

20.03.2023 15:40

3:40 p.m.

Rodolfo Lara

Gesture by Axel Kicillof to Máximo Kirchner and photo with Insaurralde and De Pedro to block the Province from Alberto Fernández

The unity that seeks uniformity.

Máximo Kirchner, Axel Kicillof, Wado de Pedro and Martín Insaurralde, the four architects of the "cry" for the candidacy of Cristina Kichner, sent a message from a bricked-up province to the re-election aspiration of Alberto Fernández or any "muletto" presidential candidate.

The four of them squeezed together for the photo at the inauguration of the Immediate Diagnosis Hospital in Lomas de Zamora.

A formality that required a couple of Buenos Aires officials, but due to the urgency of the official internal party, it required the presence of this senior staff of the FdT.

It is a vehement suggestion to indicate to the president that his campaign entry in Buenos Aires is prohibited.

Read more.

Kicillof, Máximo Kirchner, Insaurralde and Katopodis in a hospital in Lomas de Zamora.

20.03.2023 15:15


Mauricio Macri in Rosario: he avoided talking about his possible candidacy and said that Alberto Fernández "has been complicit in the growth of crime"

Mauricio Macri in Rosario with Mayor Pablo Javkin.

Photo Juan Jose Garcia

As expected, Mauricio Macri continues without confirming whether he will be a presidential candidate.

"I have not come to talk about it," he said this Monday in Rosario after the presentation of his book.

However, he met with the mayor Pablo Javkin and promised that Together for Change will once again push back against drug trafficking.

Read more

20.03.2023 14:35

2:35 p.m.

Larreta, about the exchange rate: "If you release it on day 1, the dollar goes to $2,000"

The candidate for president of the PRO spoke about the decisions that he would make at the beginning of his administration in case of being elected and pointed to a battery of measures to control the economic situation.

In this sense, he spoke of unifying the exchange rate but denied that it was on the first day of his government.

"As soon as we can rebuild trust, we are going to unify the exchange rate. It will not be day zero, when it is possible. If you do not release the cepon and the dollar goes to $2,000," he said in an interview with América TV.

He also denied that he was thinking of an anti-inflationary plan like the Austral Plan and Raúl Alfonsín.

"When it was done, it lasted a single year. We need a plan that will be sustained over time," he said. 

20.03.2023 14:06

2:06 p.m.

20.03.2023 13:29


20.03.2023 12:40

12:40 p.m.

Alert in the Government: a new survey shows Juntos vote to vote with the ruling party in the Province 

It is known, by political logic but above all mathematics, the importance of the province of Buenos Aires in a national election.

With close to 38% of the votes in the entire country, the result in that district has a decisive impact on the presidential election.

For this reason, a new survey that measured there thinking about this year's elections ignites another strong alert for the Frente de Todos.

According to the study carried out by Clarín this Monday, the fight with Juntos por el Cambio in Buenos Aires territory is vote to vote.

With an extra risk: can Peronism lose the governorship again?

I kept reading...

20.03.2023 11:46


The people of Cordoba will elect a governor on June 25 

The Government of Córdoba published this Monday the decree calling for provincial elections for June 25, the date on which governor and vice president, 70 legislators for the unicameral parliamentary body and members for the Court of Accounts will be elected.

Governor Schiaretti, with presidential aspirations, called elections in Córdoba.

Photos Emmanuel Fernandez.

Decree No. 320 maintains that the call is made within the framework of compliance with articles 43 and 44 of the Provincial Electoral Code -Law No. 9571- and its amendments, and that the date of June 25 is issued within the deadlines stipulated by current regulations.

In addition to the governor and vice president, 44 titular provincial legislators and 22 substitutes will be elected, considering the province as a single district for this purpose.

26 legislators will also be elected, one for each of the departments that make up the provincial geography: Calamuchita, Capital, Colón, Cruz del Eje, General Roca, General San Martín, Ischilín, Juárez Celman, Marcos Juárez and Minas.

I kept reading...

20.03.2023 11:10


Hugo Yasky: "Alberto Fernández's candidacy was already" 

The deputy of the Frente de Todos Hugo Yasky on Monday flatly ruled out the possibility that President Alberto Fernández could seek a second term and said that in the next elections Kirchnerism must avoid "becoming a miniature."

Other times, when Alberto Fernández met with Yasky at the Casa Rosada.

Presidency photo.

“Alberto Fernández's candidacy has already been.

It is clear that he is simply playing a speculative game, but I believe that there is absolutely no possibility, thinking about it rationally and seeing what is the reality of what Alberto Fernández collects in the polls as a candidate", Yasky declared in an interview on Futurock radio.

“I think he has to finish his term, and the doors will open so that we have an opportunity and above all the possibility of offering the people who vote for us an alternative that moves them and that means not dispersing our force.

Not turning Kirchnerism into a kind of miniature of what we were all these years," added the deputy for the province of Buenos Aires.

20.03.2023 10:32


The Frente de Todos wants to "build an alternative" to fight in the City against the PRO 

The deputy of the Frente de Todos (FdT) Leandro Santoro reiterated on Monday the need to "build a political alternative" to fight against the PRO in the City of Buenos Aires.

"We are going to continue working as a group to find alternatives for the City. There is a misgovernment in the city of Buenos Aires, that is why we have to build a political alternative that ends these 16 years of macrismo," Santoro said in statements to Radio 10.

In this way, the legislator made the intention of the Buenos Aires opposition clear, after the meeting he had with the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matias Lammens;

the Buenos Aires legislator Claudia Neira and the director of Legal Affairs of the Senate, Graciana Peñafort, to build a space for convergence in the district.

20.03.2023 09:30


The Frente Vamos Con Todos of Río Negro launched its campaign for the election to governor 

The "Vamos Con Todos" Front of Río Negro, which promotes the formula integrated by Silvia Horne for governor and Leandro Costa for vice president, launched its campaign for the provincial elections on April 16 with a call for Peronism to "return to the Government" of that district. 

María Emilia Soria, re-elected as mayor of General Roca, joined the campaign of the Vamos Con Todos Front to win in Río Negro.

The event, which took place on Sunday at the Círculo Italiano de Cipolletti, was attended by the mayor of General Roca, María Emilia Soria, re-elected a week ago with 60% of the votes, who made a fiery call to the militancy to work for a "new triumph" in the provincial elections.

20.03.2023 08:56


"70/30 in La Falda", the unusual celebration of Luis Juez, Rodrigo de Loredo and the mayor Javier Dieminger for the victory in the town of Cordoba

Javier Dieminger, current mayor of La Falda, achieved his re-election with 71.07% of the votes and Rodrigo de Loredo, together with Luis Juez, joined the celebration with a particular celebration.

"70-30 in La Falda", published by Loredo.

The national deputy and head of the Evolución Radical bloc, along with Judge and the re-elected community chief, celebrated by toasting with a Fernet con Coca.

20.03.2023 08:25


Patricia Bullrich posed with Ricardo López Murphy and makes more noise in the inmate of Together for Change

Ricardo López Murphy and Patricia Bullrich, at this Sunday's barbecue with members of their teams.

Patricia Bullrich took another step in her understanding with Ricardo López Murphy, with a lunch at Villa Elisa and the dissemination of photos on her social networks, in another strong signal to the inmate of Together for Change.

The former Minister of Economy announced that he will begin touring the City as a candidate for head of Government and that he will support the head of the PRO in the dispute with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta for the presidential nomination.

In the convoluted electoral scenario of the Capital, Bullrich assured that he will promote Jorge Macri, the mayor of Vicente López -with a license- and current Buenos Aires minister as successor to Rodríguez Larreta.

"I am very grateful because López Murphy said that he is going to accompany me, for me it is an honor. Jorge Macri is my candidate in the City. I have said and I want to be consistent, that our candidate is going to be from the PRO", ratified the former Minister of Security a few days ago, in an interview on LN+.

Read more. 

20.03.2023 07:43


"Politics is a circus without people": María Eugenia Vidal and a self-criticism for the disconnection between candidates and society 

María Eugenia Vidal in Congress.

Photo Juano Tesone.

De lleno en la campaña, la precandidata a presidenta María Eugenia Vidal, de Juntos por el Cambio, hizo un mea culpa de la política argentina al reconocer que hoy se priorizan los debates internos de los partidos por sobre los problemas de la sociedad. En ese sentido, recurrió a una peculiar metáfora: "La política es un circo sin gente", sostuvo y, como si fuera un gag que necesitara remate, explicó: "Todos los días hace una función pero la gente está afuera de la carpa".

En declaraciones a Todo Noticias, la diputada que aspira a terciar entre las candidaturas de Horacio Rodríguez Larreta y Patricia Bullrich y de la cual se dice es la favorita de Mauricio Macri para ese puesto, planteó que al ciudadano común "no le importa Milei, ni el Chino Navarro, ni Cristina, ni yo, ni Larreta, ni Bullrich". Leer más. 

20.03.2023 07:20


Elecciones 2023: Juntos por el Cambio arrasó en La Falda, pero votó muy poca gente

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Gerardo Morales, Luis Juez y el intendente Javie Dieminger en un festejo alocado para Juntos por el Cambio. Foto Twitter

Juntos por el Cambio consiguió este domingo una contundente victoria en las elecciones municipales de La Falda y referentes del espacio celebraron al caer la noche. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta y Gerardo Morales llegaron a la localidad cordobesa para sumarse al festejo con Luis Juez, Rodrigo de Loredo, Mario Negri y otros dirigentes provinciales. Patricia Bullrich, en cambio, decidió viajar mañana. Otra diferencia entre los dos competidores por la candidatura presidencial del PRO.

Javier Dieminger, current mayor, achieved his re-election by a large margin.

With a very low level of participation (51.73% of qualified voters) and with all the polling stations counted, the Together for Change candidate reached 71.07% of the votes.

His rival was Miguel Maldonado, a provincial legislator from the Frente de Todos, who obtained 28.93% of the vote.

Read more. 

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