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How to apply for Italian citizenship if a relative already has it: what are the requirements


This alternative reduces an important part of the entire process. Who can access and step by step, how is the process.

Italian citizenship has been, for several years, the most consulted and requested by Argentines who have some ancestor born in that country.

And it is that the


are many: from living, moving freely and working in Europe, to applying for

study scholarships

at international universities, and

entering the United States without a visa as a tourist


To start putting together the folder, which must then be presented at the Italian Consulate in Argentina, it is necessary

to collect specific documentation

and carry out certain procedures that, although they require more time, can be done personally.

But those who

have a relative who has already processed their citizenship in Argentina

have a

certain advantage

because they could, in some cases, join their folder or file and

save an important part of this whole process

With Italian citizenship you can live, study and work in Europe, and enter the US.

without visa.

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Who can become an Italian citizen?

Living on Italian soil for more than 10 years, for family reasons, political asylum or "iure sanguinis", that is,

blood ties

, is possible for all descendants of those born in Italy: they will only have to request recognition of the citizenship of that European country.

And you can do both through a

grandparent or great-grandparent

 as long as it is documented that one is a direct descendant of that Italian citizen.

There is no generational limit

that prevents applying for recognition of Italian citizenship.

That is, it can also be obtained by a great-great-grandfather or even more distant ancestor.

What does it mean to attach to a relative's folder or open folder?

It refers to those cases in which

a family member has already processed their Italian citizenship

and shares the same family members to obtain it.

It can be our brother, aunt, cousin, etc.

The important thing is that they share ancestors and have already made the

presentation at a consulate in Argentina


For these situations, what the interested party must do is 

attach the documentation that corresponds to his person


That is, the documents that are needed to complete your application, from the relative you have in common, to yourself.

Those who have a relative who has already processed their Italian citizenship have advantages to be able to obtain it as well.

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Apply for Italian citizenship if a relative already has it: what are the requirements


the Italian citizenship manager and comprehensive adviser 

Verónica Vega warned


, the possibility of applying for Italian citizenship with the folder or file of a relative

is not an opportunity for everyone

If another relative has already presented the documentation of the same ancestors at an Italian consulate in an Argentine city, the interested party

can only be attached to the family folder if


1) Belongs to the same consular delegation as your relative:

Citizenship applications must be made in the place of residence, which is determined by the person's last formally registered legal address.

Therefore, if one of your family members has already obtained their citizenship and you live in another city, it will not be possible to attach yourself to their presentation.

Each As an example: if your cousin presented his documentation in Bahía Blanca and you live in CABA, you will not be able to join his documentation.

This is because the consulates do not transfer or share files, documentation or information with each other.

Click here to see the list of Italian consulates in Argentina.

In addition, there is a page that tells you which is the consulate that corresponds to you according to the place where you live.

Click here to access.

2) Know or can locate the file number of your relative's file

This is the number of the file (or file) that will allow you to consult about a procedure presented at the Italian consulate in Argentina.

This number can be found on the paperwork certificate that the consulate delivered when your family member presented their folder.

It may appear as "Protocollo" or similar.

Once you know this number, you will be able to find out about the status of the family folder at the consulate where the presentation was made.

If you do not have this number, it will depend on the consulate if it can recognize the procedure.

3) The consulate still keeps the file open

To find out this information, it is advisable to go to the corresponding consulate with the file number and check the status of the file and conditions.

This point may vary depending on the consulate, since there is no general rule that contemplates how long a folder should remain open.

If for some reason the file was closed and attachments are not allowed, you will not be able to join the process.

You will only be able to join a family member's file if that folder is still open at the consulate.

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Italian citizenship: how does the process continue if I joined a relative's file?

The interested party must only 

attach the documentation of the family member they have in common

with whom they have already obtained Italian citizenship

and their own


If, for example, the presentation was made by the aunt, she must present the following documentation referring to her father or mother, his person and his wife and children, if any. 


Birth and marriage certificate of the father/mother.


Father/mother death certificate (if applicable)


Birth and marriage certificate (if applicable) of the interested party.


Birth certificate of the child or children of the interested party (if applicable).

In this way, with the same file, the applicant would already give citizenship to his offspring.

All these documents must be

translated into Italian by an official translator


To start the Italian citizenship process, you have to make an appointment at the corresponding consulate: it can be done online.

Photo: File.

Italian citizenship: how it is managed

To start the process, in any case, you must request an appointment at the corresponding Consulate according to the address that appears on the Argentine document.

It can be done online

, on the page of each consulate.

In the case of the Italian consulate in the City of Buenos Aires, in the following link.

Once the

notification confirming

that Italian citizenship has been granted has been received, it will be necessary to register in the Register of Italian Residents Abroad, known by its acronym “AIRE”.

This registration, which can be done online, is a record of Italians living abroad for more than one year.


sign up for the AIR

you have to go to

Then go to Registrazione, then the option “Consular Registry and AIR” and start with the registration.

The last step will be to process the passport.

For this, you will have to request a new shift at the same consulate where the process began for the first time.


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